4 Reasons Why Travel With Friends is a Great Alternative to Traveling Alone

Posted by on Oct 16, 2013 in Travel Tips | 8 comments

Traveling with friends is advisable, first and foremost, because it is safer and less risky. Most of the dangers of traveling affect tourists who are traveling by themselves. Thieves and other individuals looking to cause harm are less likely to bother a large group of travelers. Also, when you travel with friends, you’ll have more sets of eyes to be on the lookout for dangerous situations. Here are some other benefits of traveling in numbers.

Travel with Friends Lightens Cost Load

When you travel with friends, you’ll save money on your vacation. Teaming up with others to rent lodging for the night requires each person to spend less on a room. When you take a cab, you can split the taxicab fare.

Travel is More Fun in Groups

Travel, quite simply, is more fun with a group of friends. When you are visiting a foreign country, experiencing the strange, new, and unexpected, and expanding your world view, it’s important to have someone you trust alongside you. A vacation with friends heightens the value of the experience.

Create Shared Memories with Friends

One of the best things about travel with friends rather than traveling alone is the ability to create shared memories that will last a lifetime. When you visit a foreign country or an exotic location, the first thing you’ll want to do is tell your friends about your experiences. Showing them photographs and trying to give them a play-by-play of your most exciting moments, though, is a tedious process. Your friends might get bored, and you’ll never feel that you adequately explained the joy of your vacation.

When you travel with friends, however, you’ll all have shared experiences that you can chat to one another for years to come. Each time you get together, you’ll remember the funny stories and interesting events that happened on your group vacation.


If you have a credit card that offers airline miles as a perk for frequent use, you might consider teaming up with friends to get the most out of your vacation. Even though you may not be able to spread the miles out amongst several different people, you can purchase as many tickets as possible using your airline miles and have everyone chip in to cover the cost of the remaining tickets.

You’ll enjoy your vacation so much more when you travel with friends.

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8 Responses to “4 Reasons Why Travel With Friends is a Great Alternative to Traveling Alone”

  1. I agree traveling with a group is so much more fun! But, your co-travelers should be as fun as you!

    • Indeed…I think its only fun when you share common travel goals and your temperaments are not at great odds. Find the right travel partners and you are on your way to a great trip.

  2. I always travelled with friends and while I enjoyed sharing costs I was never really happy with the arrangement. Then I started travelling alone and never wanted to go back. You meet a lot of people on the road (when you’re alone and forced to interact with strangers), you can do whatever you want to and have experiences you’d never even imagine if you were just hanging out with your friend. Coincidentally I’m travelling with the boyfriend now, but since we are similar and enjoy the same things it works out 😀

    • Traveling alone certainly has its advantages! I think one tends to enjoy experiences more without the constant chatter and commentary of friends. However, if one can find a good traveling partner…then it becomes totally worth it and enjoyable.
      Appreciate you stopping by.

  3. ken murika says:

    There is nothing that surpasses spending that with friends and memories of such are cherished for a lifetime

    • Definitely…family is forever and in any case, in the grand scheme of things its relationship that matters and traveling is an awesome way to solidify the ties.
      Appreciate you stopping by.

  4. As one who travels alone, I can vouch that you can have all the same happy memories traveling solo too 🙂

    • Definitely…there are those times when traveling alone is a joy…you absorb experiences more without the constant chatter of friends…it becomes almost like a pilgrimage of self-discovery and prepared right, you can actually do it on a budget!

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