Money Saving Tips When on a vacation

While on vacation, many are the times we find ourselves in tight budget. However, you don’t have to break a bank to have that extra money.

With your budget, can can accommodate all your family needs and maybe be left with some extra bucks.

There are many ways you can handle you budget with and still be left with enough for your vacation.

Here are some of the easily attainable ways of saving money on your next vacation.

Save on Travel

1)Make your own reservations.

Make your reservations in advance. There are a lot of many hotels and airlines which offer discounts on online bookings. Doing a good research about the hotels and airlines can help you have a good list of variety of services you may want to get from them and compare the discounts being given.

2) Use a rental car.

It is fairly cheaper to consider renting a car rather than using the airport shuttle. This has an added advantage of having a flexible and available transportation. Renting a car is also cheaper as compared to using a personal car. It evades the extra wear and tear cost on your own car.

3) Carry light luggage.

Airlines are known to charge if you have two or more bags. Try to keep at most one bag per person. It can be great too if you all keep the bags packed up so as to minimize the number of bags being carried.

Save On Food

1) Make cooking for yourself fun.

Cooking while on family vacations can be a great fun.Considering the new experience of having yourself cooked meals  Though not many people do this while on vacation, it is a plus on your budget since you avoid paying for the same quality of food at that expensive restaurant .

2) Bring along individual refillable water bottles. 

As water is a basic need, we cannot avoid having some while on vacation for whatever use. It is much expensive to keep buying water from supermarkets, while you could have just carried some in a bottle which can be refilled from the available water fountains.

3) Have some meals away from the hotels.

There are high chances that there are other food joints near some hotels which are much cheaper. If you don’t mind a quick ride away, you can save several bucks and even enjoy a moment away from the hotel.

Save On Accommodation

1) Locate Vacation homes.

If you are traveling with your family for some days, its is advisable to stay in a vacational home rather than staying in a hotel all through. They will be probably cheaper, less expensive and more comfortable for your family.

2) Stay in a nearby towns

If you are going to a new country, consider staying in towns that are not far from the airport, could be a 15 minutes drive. This may tun to be relatively cheap.

3) Find friend living near your touring destination.

Friends or family members living near or at your travel destination can offer you cheap or free accommodation. So next time you are planning to go on vacation, look whether there might be someone you know living in that area.

Reader Question.

What other money saving tips do you use while on vocation? Please leave your reply on the comment box below.

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The Best Ways to Carry Money When Visiting Multiple Countries

While traveling in multiple countries, the first thing that comes in you mind is how you will go about spending while on your travel. Speaking of spending, you have to think of what you will will have to use to get yourself moving.

Money is very essential that  every traveler should give a thought when it comes to security. It becomes very sad when you lose your money to slick fingered pick-pocket  or some opportunistic thief.

When this happens especially overseas, it puts a big dent to the traveler trip, especially when you figure out the time you need to get access to more funds.

Travelers must make an option of how to carry their money, with security in mind, and also minding accessibility of your money and how you will go about paying for your goods and services. You don’t have to spend more time searching for that note in your pocket, or even go to a point of stripping all your clothes because you cannot  really tell where you last placed your wallet.

With all that in mind, lets have a look at the best ways to carry your money when traveling in multiple countries:

#1 Keep your money in your clothes

We can call this one favor in body storage. In this case you can uses your under-clothing accessories such as sick neck pouches and money belts. Other options include bra stashes, as well as long johns, underwear, and undershirts with built-in pockets for safe storage.

However, apart from the on-body accessories being more vulnerable to thievery, they are more useful since you don’t have to seek for a secure place to have access to you money.

#2 Withdraw Just enough for your use

Withdrawing or changing large amount of money means you will have to pay less for exchange fee. However, you may end up having a lot of local currency hence carrying more money that you would initially have at your home. As you go on packing your luggage, make sure you pack small amounts of bills and coins for purchases such as food and miscellaneous expenses.

#3 Carry theft proof bags

This one goes for backpacks, purses and travel purses.  This usually targets to slow down and maybe deter opportunistic pickpockets.  Backpacks which are reinforced with slash-proof fabric, locking zippers and steel-cable-reenforced shoulder straps are the best for the security of your luggage especially money..

#4 Trim your wallet

If you own multiple credit cards, it s very essential to carry a universal card in your wallet. This will not only make your traveling light but also makes you to have less to replace in case your wallet gets lost or stolen.

Reader Question:

What other ways do you think is applicable in carrying money while traveling in multiple countries?

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Loopholes To Get Unlimited Miles On Travel Tickets

There are many stories that goes around the globe of how people in once case or another have used loopholes to gain airline travel miles and cheap or free tickets. At times such incidences happens when there occurs human errors or a system failure.

When people realizes such an issue, its a jackpot for them to gain massive mails on low costs or entirely for free! Such beneficially may escape with their tricks while others got themselves in a fixed state when airlines realizes and decides to dishonor their tickets or denies them airline travel miles. Incident

Last year, Mashable reported visitors to were able to “trick” the site into thinking they had more frequent flier miles than they actually did. By booking a reservation in two different tabs of a browser, customers could game a loophole and redeem unlimited miles.

The loophole allowed customers to purchase tickets at insane prices, with a roundtrip fare from Newark, N.J., to Dublin, for example, coming to just $49.40, the cost of taxes.

International Business Times succeeded in reserving a last-minute roundtrip flight from Newark to London’s Heathrow Airport, normally priced at about $1,278, for virtually no cost.

After an incident sometime later resulted in substantially reduced fares through, the airline decided to honor the tickets, many of which had been sold for between $5 and $10 each. A Wall Street Journal article at the time argued United’s decision to eat the cost of those tickets was a smart move, though the airline could have challenged their validity if it wanted to.

However, subsequent month’s tickets were sold for next to nothing because of human error; specifically, incorrectly entered information!!

Source of the story.
Have you ever had an incident where you earned free miles or at a relatively low cost due to a loophole?

Please share with us your story in the comment box below.

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US Airlines With Most Comfortable Coach Seats

Every time you wish to fly, there is a number of considerations that you put into place. A good seat not only increases your comfort, but it also keeps you wanting to fly with the airline once more.

Seats differ with different variables such as front or back of the seat, bulkhead or exit, aisle or window or leg room.

These factors contribute to make or break of any flight. Therefore we have created a list of flights in the US. Please participate in voting the one which you feel has the best and most comfortable coach seats.

Do you feel like we have left your favorite flight or just a flight you know well about? Please contribute by adding it or by leaving your reply below.

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Weekly Roundup – Five Family Beaches To Visit In US.

Five Family Beaches To Visit In US

When it comes to vacations, people tend to choose beaches as the first priority to spend their time. Apart from enjoying the summers’ cool breeze, beaches host a number of activities that you and your family could have a pretty good time together.

Family campfire nights, nature walks, surfing and swimming are just a mention of great activities you could be enjoying on your next travel to the beach. However when it comes to family outings, not all beaches could be favorable enough for each family to feel comfortable together.

To beat the challenge of finding the best beach to fit your family, I have complied the best places for your family to enjoy the waves and the beach hotels.

 Outer Banks

The Outer Banks (also known as OBX) is a 200-mile (320-km) long string of narrow barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina and a small portion of Virginia

The Outer Banks is a major tourist destination and is known for its temperate climate and wide expanse of open beachfront. The Cape Hatteras National Seashore has four campgrounds where visitors may camp.Enjoy the great summer weather on OBX. The beach also provides rental condo ideal for your family time and beach access.

Coligny Beach Park

The beach is located at Hilton Head, South Carolina.

The beach offers the best swimming facilities suiting every family member. There are small tidal pools that form during low tides. Also they will love hunting for sea shells and other beach treasures.

There are plenty of activities like sand biking and entertainment such as magic shows. Just a few steps from Coligny Beach Park, you will find Holiday Inn Oceanfront which organizes free poll and beach side games.

Kama’ole Beach Park III.

The beach is located on the sunny south side of Maui.
The is one of the best beaches which is ideal for your family, especially for young kids. It has the largest park, with a beautiful grassy area for relaxing, picnicking and people-watching.  There are picnic tables, restrooms and outdoor showers in the parks beside each beach.  Each of the three parks has a free parking lot or adjacent free street parking.

Kids might spot sea turtles or even puffer fish! This could turn to be the best retreat for your family.

The beach offers a budget friendly rental condo.This is more favorable if you had a plan of spending the night there.

Coronado Central Beach

The beach is located just from the 5 freeway just south of downtown San Diego, through the Coronado Bridge  over the bay to Coronado Island.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic island getaway with your partner, or a fun-filled family beach vacation for your family, you’ll find the idyllic beach paradise in the “crown city” and its neighboring regions.Enjoy cool breeze and tide pools filled with sea creatures form in front of the famous Hotel del Coronado.

The beach provides a parking space and a designated lot for those staying in the hotels.

Safety is guaranteed in the beach by availability of lifeguards and the beach patrons.

The only resort along this stretch of sand, the Victorian-style Hotel del Coronado offers family s’mores nights, a drop-off kids’ program for 4- to 12-year-olds, and babysitting.

 Coquina Beach Park, Bradenton, Florida

Coquina Beach, located on the south end, is the longest stretch of beach on Anna Maria, with plenty of free parking, lifeguards, concessions, picnic tables, a playground, restrooms and showers.

Remnants of old piers jutting out into the water (dividing sections of the beach) make it awkward for running, but a choice spot for surfers.  It’s also the place where you’ll mostly find younger groups of people gathering around a boom box, sunbathing, or playing Frisbee on the sand.
The Tradewinds Resort, just a 1-mile trolley ride from the beach, gives families a seashell guide and loans out buckets, sand tools, and floaties. A great money saver: Each room has a full kitchen.

Which beach can you recommend for a family vocation? Please leave your reply in your comment below.

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