The Best Airline Meals

Almost everyone complains about how dreadful airplane food is. These days many airlines don’t even provide a complimentary meal on shorter flights. Smart people often pack their own meals when flying, but that isn’t always possible with cross-border flights. The airlines that have made a conscious effort to improve their food quality may be setting themselves apart.

We’ve put this poll together to figure out which airlines have the best and worst in-flight meals. Please vote in the poll and share your experiences in the comments below.




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Cut Out the Middle Man

Travelling to your holiday destination – do you love it, or do you hate it? I’m somewhere in the middle, to be honest; I like the excitement, I hate the waiting, and I worry about possible things that can go wrong.

Usually, nothing goes wrong and it’s all very straightforward, but we worry all the same.  Perhaps it’s just human nature.  Or maybe I just get stressed out easily, but I doubt I’m the only one.

The main concern I used to have was what if I missed my flight because I didn’t get to the airport on time. I had a near miss once with a delayed train, and from that point onwards I decided to drive myself and park up at the airport. The first time I booked Gatwick Airport parking, I wondered why I hadn’t done it before! Cheaper for me than public transport, much less hassle, and so convenient, this is a service that I now use regularly. Wherever you fly from, check out what services are available at your airport, as this is a nationwide thing.

Once you’re firmly at the airport, right where you need to be, and in my case with time to spare, you’ll relax much more and be able to kick start your holiday mood, without the worry of being stuck waiting for a bus that is late, or a train that is delayed. Airport taxis can also be quite costly when you compare the price of driving yourself, so this is a definite cost saver, and well as a stress saver.  If there’s a potential source of stress that I can control and save money, it’s a win-win.

The airport itself can be a stressful business, especially if you’re travelling within a large group and people keep wandering off, and even more so if you’re trying to keep your children occupied whilst waiting. The key is to keep calm, try and introduce as much normality as possible, such as a sit down meal etc, and to keep everyone’s minds occupied with activities etc. This is where an iPad or tablet will be invaluable!

Once the stress is cut out of the airport saga then you truly can look forward to your holiday. Head to a restaurant, relax, have a few drinks, but not too many, and try and relax! A good way to add a little glamour into your wait is to look at airport lounges, as these include free food and drink, as well as a quiet sanctuary within the madness of the departure lounge, just be sure to leave yourself enough time to explore duty free!

Cut out the middle man, cut out the stress? I think so!

How do you try to cut stress out of your time at the airport?  Do you take advantage of discounted airport parking?



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Embrace the Situation

If you’ve ever looked at last minute holiday deals, or even those further away in terms of dates, you’ll probably have seen that it’s more often than not cheaper to fly from London than any other regional airport. It’s quite frustrating for those of us that don’t live within easy reach of the capital, however I’ve decided to embrace the situation, and use it to my advantage.

I recently booked one of those holidays. Jetting off from Heathrow, and even with the cost of one of the hotels near Heathrow Airport, I got a good deal on holiday insurance also, the holiday was still cheaper than the same break, departing from my local airport. The major advantage wasn’t just the money saved, because it also meant I started my holiday sooner, had a night’s relaxation in a nice hotel, and I got to see some of London along the way!


Of course, travel costs and the price of staying overnight won’t always combine with the holiday price and still be cheaper, so it is a case of weighing it up before you book, however there are many occasions when it will be a definite option, and in that case, I say book it!

If travelling further, with the risk of delays or disruption, worries you then you can easily check up to date, real-time information on your airport in the days running up to your departure, and on that very morning. I did this, by constantly checking information on Heathrow departures, and was suitably informed. I also found out important information, such as my terminal number, as well as more sociable things, like where to eat and drink whilst waiting for my flight.

All important stuff!

You will probably also see that there are more destinations on offer from London airports all year around, with good flight times. Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, and to a lesser degree, Luton, are all busy, huge airports, so it’s advisable to get there early and settle yourself in, especially if you’re not used to airports on this size scale. Of course, being there early means more time to peruse duty free, which is never a bad thing! Cutting out the stress with organisation means a much less stressful, and calmer start to your holiday too.

So, the next time you see that cheap deal, and you get downhearted because you see it’s not from your closest airport, think outside the box. Travelling a little further afield gives you more flexibility, experience, and also the chance to save money, and these days, it’s always better in your pocket.

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