How to Avoid Overseas Theft While Traveling

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Traveling to a foreign country is one of the most exciting and beneficial experiences that an individual can have. Foreign travel expands one’s world view, exposes a person to new cultures, and creates colorful memories that will last a lifetime. These memories, however, may not always be good memories. An overseas theft can leave you stranded in a foreign country with no means to get home again. If you’ve saved up your credit card airline miles for an exciting overseas vacation, the last thing you want to experience is a vacation-derailing theft. Here are some ways on how to avoid theft overseas.

Wear a Money Belt

When traveling, always wear a money belt tucked beneath the waistband of your pants or shorts. Many people make the mistake of putting a wallet filled with credit cards and cash in a purse or back pocket. These are two of the easiest places for thieves to access. When money is worn across your abdomen, however, thieves are far less likely to gain access to your belongings.

Avoid Crowd Situations

It’s also important to avoid situations where crowds of people are present. Crowds are a breeding ground for pickpockets and overseas thieves. Because tourists often unwittingly stumble into pressing crowds, thieves are quite easily able to lift wallets, billfolds, and purses from the unsuspecting tourists. Keep space in between you and other people, and you will be far less likely to experience the theft of your personal belongings. If you do experience a theft, contact your financial institutions, banks, and credit card companies immediately.

Be Understated Tourists

One of the easiest ways to engineer a run-in with overseas thieves is to present yourself as a flashy and ignorant tourist. Thieves in foreign countries are always on the lookout for tourists who don’t take their vacations seriously. If you are loud and obnoxious while traveling, you will expose yourself to potential thieves who may view you as an easy target. Be professional and courteous while traveling, and try your best to blend in with the culture around you. You might be tempted to let loose and act crazy while traveling, but thats not how to avoid theft overseas. You do so by being understated and blending in seamlessly with your surroundings. Why risk your accumulated credit card airline miles on a moment of senseless frivolity?


There is no way to guarantee safety from thieves, but there are methods of reducing the likelihood of experiencing a theft. These simple tips can help keep you safe while you are traveling.

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2 Responses to “How to Avoid Overseas Theft While Traveling”

  1. Yeah, being understated tourists is very important. Also, one should not carry too much of cash.

    • Totally agree…its best to carry a credit/debit card and just enough money to get settled. Valuables eg jewellery is not for the tourist 🙂
      Appreciate you stopping by.

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