Weekly Roundup – Common Air Travel Myths

Air travel is a common  and mysterious mode of transport. Riding on a plane is enjoyable but it can be scary especially if you have wrong information about the whole concept of flying. I hereby share with you a few  and common air travel myths believed by so many people across the world.

Planes Dump Human waste While in Air

I can’t believe i was a victim of this myth. In real sense, planes use vacuum system which suctions the waste when the toilet is used and stored on-board in a sewage tank. Waste can drip out of tank due to a breakage or leakage resulting to a “Blue Ice“-Frozen sewage material leaked mid-flight from commercial aircraft lavatory waste systems, a bio-waste mixture of human waste and liquid disinfectant that freezes at a high altitude. Blue ice will always melt and evaporate before hitting the ground.

Modern Commercial Jets fly themselves, Pilots serves as a backup in case of trouble

Ever since i was young, people around me used to claim Modern Commercial Jets fly themselves. Pilots served as  a back up in case of an arising problem. This is totally untrue, though airline computers and electronic control systems allow pilot to fly hands off  immediately after takeoff, through out the flight route. That doesn’t mean the plane fly itself, the pilot is always there to tell it what to do, how to do it and when to do it or rather to control it.

Recirculated Air in Planes do Spread Disease

Most Commercial planes use recirculated air. The myth claims that recirculated air spread disease which is untrue. Air in those planes is filtered by True High Efficiency Filters that eliminate bacteria, fungi and dust thus the air pumped into the cabin is free from disease.

People Get Drunk Fast While in the Air

This is another beautiful myth where people tend to believe the lack of oxygen in an airplane makes alcohol get to brain more easily. This is untrue because according to research, there is no significant difference when drinking in a bar or up in the sky.

Do you believe in myths? Share with us those air travel myths you have ever heard.

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Cut Out the Middle Man

Travelling to your holiday destination – do you love it, or do you hate it? I’m somewhere in the middle, to be honest; I like the excitement, I hate the waiting, and I worry about possible things that can go wrong.

Usually, nothing goes wrong and it’s all very straightforward, but we worry all the same.  Perhaps it’s just human nature.  Or maybe I just get stressed out easily, but I doubt I’m the only one.

The main concern I used to have was what if I missed my flight because I didn’t get to the airport on time. I had a near miss once with a delayed train, and from that point onwards I decided to drive myself and park up at the airport. The first time I booked Gatwick Airport parking, I wondered why I hadn’t done it before! Cheaper for me than public transport, much less hassle, and so convenient, this is a service that I now use regularly. Wherever you fly from, check out what services are available at your airport, as this is a nationwide thing.

Once you’re firmly at the airport, right where you need to be, and in my case with time to spare, you’ll relax much more and be able to kick start your holiday mood, without the worry of being stuck waiting for a bus that is late, or a train that is delayed. Airport taxis can also be quite costly when you compare the price of driving yourself, so this is a definite cost saver, and well as a stress saver.  If there’s a potential source of stress that I can control and save money, it’s a win-win.

The airport itself can be a stressful business, especially if you’re travelling within a large group and people keep wandering off, and even more so if you’re trying to keep your children occupied whilst waiting. The key is to keep calm, try and introduce as much normality as possible, such as a sit down meal etc, and to keep everyone’s minds occupied with activities etc. This is where an iPad or tablet will be invaluable!

Once the stress is cut out of the airport saga then you truly can look forward to your holiday. Head to a restaurant, relax, have a few drinks, but not too many, and try and relax! A good way to add a little glamour into your wait is to look at airport lounges, as these include free food and drink, as well as a quiet sanctuary within the madness of the departure lounge, just be sure to leave yourself enough time to explore duty free!

Cut out the middle man, cut out the stress? I think so!

How do you try to cut stress out of your time at the airport?  Do you take advantage of discounted airport parking?



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How to Rack Up Air Miles Without Ever Stepping on a Plane

It used to be that to rack up air miles you had to buy a ticket, hop on a plane and fly to your destination. Not anymore. Now you can collect airline miles from your daily activities. Some people have accumulated points that enabled them travel all over the globe. From just using their cards on the ground. Learn how by following just a few strategies you too can rack up air miles and join the ranks of elite milers. All from the comfort of your home!

Sign Up Bonuses

Look for rewards cards that offer sign up bonuses. This is by far the easiest strategy to rack up air miles from the ground. Most credit card companies offer free mile points on sign up as an incentive for customers to apply for the cards. You can land a credit card with a low minimum spending limit and low annual fees through a bit of research. Most cards offer bonuses of up to 40000 points, enough for at least a free domestic flight.

Pick a Points Program and Stick With it.

Racking up air miles is a long term strategy. For the best results, pick a single program or credit card and stick with it. It could be an airline with a hub near your base of travel, or a credit card that offers benefits that cater to your needs. If you fly frequently on an airline or particular route; consider a program with that airline. With time, most programs promote you to elite status where you can earn double or triple the miles for money spent.

Reward Cards For Daily Expenses

Look for cards that allow you to earn miles for charging transactions to the card. With this strategy, you can purchase everyday items like groceries and gas and charge to the rewards card. These are items you would have purchased anyway. You get to earn miles for living your normal life. Be creative with what you charge to the card. Your morning latte’, charge it. You can also charge phone, electric, cable, utility bills and even rent if your landlord approves of it.

Rack up Air Miles Making Big Purchases

Thinking of buying that 56″ smart tv. Charge it to your rewards card and watch your miles triple. So is it with other big purchases. Home appliances, a car (if you can charge it to your credit card), expensive pieces of art etc can all be charged to your rewards card. One caveat though, pay all your credit card balances at the end of each month. If you can’t afford an item, don’t charge it to your airline miles credit card just for the miles.

Purchase Gift Cards

This is closely related to making purchases on your air miles card. You can buy a gift card with your rewards card when there is a limited offer, or a bonus that requires a minimum spending limit. Gift cards are a perfect choice since they are usually discounted. For example, you can get a $100 gift card certificate for just $90. With a coupon code you can further slash your bill. The beauty of gift cards is that you can use them whenever you want. Thus, you rack up air miles at a discount for a gift card you can use for your future expenses.

Donate to Charity.

Yes. Some programs allow you to earn miles donating to your favorite charity. Most donations are a tax write off. You get to earn bonus miles at the taxman’s expense. Simply charge your donation to your airline miles credit card and keep proper records so you can estimate your taxes accurately. Also, check with the charity to confirm whether donations to them are tax deductible.

Shop Online

Most air miles programs and airline miles credit cards have arrangements with shopping portals and outlets. They let you earn miles for purchases made. First, confirm the arrangements your program has with major retail portals and brands. Then when shopping online, use those portals and your air miles program details. You will receive bonus points for just shopping through them.

You Can Always Fly or Float!

Yes, I said it. Flying still remains the easiest strategy to rack up air miles. You don’t have to go on expensive trips. Choose cheap destinations to visit and use your airline miles credit card for your expenses and rack up air the miles.

If flying is not your strong suit, then consider getting a cruise rewards card instead. It’s more just like an airline miles credit card but you earn points and rewards for the amounts you spend on a cruise. Cruise reward cards are a great way to enjoy exotic ocean front destinations while getting something back.


You can rack up air miles in a variety of ways without necessarily flying. You just need to research available offers and make a decision based on your needs. Sign up to airline newsletters and follow them on social media. They usually have bonuses and offers that you can take advantage of and increase your frequent flier miles. Additionally, look for programs that allow you to earn miles from dining at select restaurants or staying at particular hotels. Remember, use your credit cards responsibly as you rack up the air miles.

What other methods have you used to rack up air miles without flying? Please share in the comments.

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Weekly Roundup – Aerophobia

Many people suffer from Aerophobia. Statistics shows that aerophopia has affected 25% of population worldwide. I would like to go further in explaining aerophobia, its symptoms, causes and how it can be managed.

What is Aerophobia?

Aerophobia is the fear of being on airplane or other flying vehicles while in flight. Also referred as Pteromerhanophobia, Aviatophobia or aviophobia.

Symptoms of Aerophobia

Symptoms of Aerophobia varies from person to person. However, the most common symptoms are; Heavy breathing, considering not to board the plane in the first place, muscle tension, palpitations, sweating, shaking, dizziness, inability to think clearly, fake smiles to passers-by or flight attendant.

Causes of Aerophobia

Aerophobia is triggered by number of factors. Fear of crashing, terrorism, fear of turbulence, fear of height especially when flying over waters or mountains. News from social media, friends, relative or passengers about a plane disaster. Trepidation – a feeling of about something that may happen, travel delays and also trauma for example caused by divorcee can trigger aerophobia in children while flying  are the most common causes of Aerophobia.

Aerophobia Management

Aerophobia can be OVERCOMED even if the underlying cause is not known. Reading a book, listening to music, playing games or watching video makes one relax thus diverting minds from your fears. Sharing with someone helps a lot in reducing your fears. It’s good to visit airports, watch motionless planes, those taking off and landing, this will help to get familiar with planes and their environs thus reducing your fears of flying. Also visit a psychiatrist if you are Aerophobic in order to be diagnosed and determine if you have any concurrent disorders. This will help to individualize treatment plans.

Aerophobia can have a devastating effect in your life but you can manage it as long as you are determined to do so.

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Embrace the Situation

If you’ve ever looked at last minute holiday deals, or even those further away in terms of dates, you’ll probably have seen that it’s more often than not cheaper to fly from London than any other regional airport. It’s quite frustrating for those of us that don’t live within easy reach of the capital, however I’ve decided to embrace the situation, and use it to my advantage.

I recently booked one of those holidays. Jetting off from Heathrow, and even with the cost of one of the hotels near Heathrow Airport, I got a good deal on holiday insurance also, the holiday was still cheaper than the same break, departing from my local airport. The major advantage wasn’t just the money saved, because it also meant I started my holiday sooner, had a night’s relaxation in a nice hotel, and I got to see some of London along the way!


Of course, travel costs and the price of staying overnight won’t always combine with the holiday price and still be cheaper, so it is a case of weighing it up before you book, however there are many occasions when it will be a definite option, and in that case, I say book it!

If travelling further, with the risk of delays or disruption, worries you then you can easily check up to date, real-time information on your airport in the days running up to your departure, and on that very morning. I did this, by constantly checking information on Heathrow departures, and was suitably informed. I also found out important information, such as my terminal number, as well as more sociable things, like where to eat and drink whilst waiting for my flight.

All important stuff!

You will probably also see that there are more destinations on offer from London airports all year around, with good flight times. Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, and to a lesser degree, Luton, are all busy, huge airports, so it’s advisable to get there early and settle yourself in, especially if you’re not used to airports on this size scale. Of course, being there early means more time to peruse duty free, which is never a bad thing! Cutting out the stress with organisation means a much less stressful, and calmer start to your holiday too.

So, the next time you see that cheap deal, and you get downhearted because you see it’s not from your closest airport, think outside the box. Travelling a little further afield gives you more flexibility, experience, and also the chance to save money, and these days, it’s always better in your pocket.

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