Are You Qualified for a Credit Card with Airline Miles Benefits?

Credit cards are quite popular amongst consumers simply because they make purchasing larger items or preparing for emergencies more convenient. With a credit card, you can purchase expensive items without having to save up for the total price of the item. Essentially, a credit card has the potential to ease the financial burden of big purchases.

Airline Miles Benefits

Credit cards can also be beneficial because they provide consumers with additional perks and benefits. For example, some credit cards allow you to accumulate airline miles benefits with every purchase made using the card. A customer can save up these airline miles benefits and exchange them for an airline ticket to the destination of his or her choice.

Airline credit cards are some of the most popular credit cards on the market today. Many consumers want these credit cards because they are looking for ways to save money on travel. Before you can get a credit card, though, you must make sure that you are qualified for a line of credit. Here are a few things that will help you determine whether or not you are qualified.

Qualification Involves More than Your Credit Score

First, it’s important to understand that qualification for a credit card involves much more than just your credit score. A credit card company will issue credit cards to consumers with credit scores in a specific range, but you need to perform your own qualification check to ensure that you are personally ready to accept and manage a line of credit.

Are You Financially Stable?

In order to determine whether or not you are personally qualified to have an airline mile benefits credit card, you need to evaluate your current financial situation. Financial stability involves a steady job and the ability to make regular monthly payments for recurring bills. If you cannot afford your bills from month to month, you probably aren’t qualified to have a credit card.

Have you Created a Budget?

Creating a budget and practicing good financial management is another important step in determining whether or not you are qualified to have a line of credit. Individuals who pay very little attention to their own finances or who haven’t practiced creating a budget and sticking to that budget are far more likely to exceed their means and create a bad debt situation for themselves.


Evaluating these factors will help you determine whether or not you are qualified for an airline mile benefits credit card.

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5 Ways To Save Money On Vacation

Going on a vacation doesn’t have to be a pricey event that completely empties your bank account. There are some great ways to save money on vacation simply by making a few subtle changes to your itinerary and your plans.

Avoid the Peak Tourist Seasons

If you want to save money on hotel expenses, travel expenses, and even ticket prices at popular tourist attractions, consider planning your vacation during the off-season. The prices of attractions change dramatically in the winter months when tourist numbers are down.

Use Complementary Airline Miles Credit Cards

If you have an airline miles credit card, with continued use of the card, you can save those miles and exchange them for a huge discount on the cost of airfare. Air travel is extremely convenient, but it’s also one of the most expensive ways to travel. Any discount can make a huge difference.

Visit a Grocery Store for Some Meals

Dining out for every meal can quickly become expensive while on vacation. If you are planning a long vacation, you might consider stopping at a local grocery store to pick up some snack foods and easy meal items. Substituting just a few restaurant meals for cheap groceries is a great way to save money on your next vacation.

Choose Free Attractions

It may be tempting to pay big bucks to see live concerts, catch a theatrical show, visit a high cost museum, or shell out cash for yet another expensive tourist attraction. However, these aren’t the only options for vacationing. Most tourist locations have free tourist attractions that are just as exciting and culturally interesting as paid attractions. Instead, of riding an escalator to the top of the Eiffel Tower, for example, you can walk around the base and take beautiful snapshots of the structure.

Opt for the Low-Cost Transportation Option

If you are visiting a big city like New York City or London, you might be tempted to give your feet a rest and take public transportation or hail a cab. However, the fees required to access these modes of transportation can add up quickly. You can save money, in fact you can spend nothing at all, by choosing to walk to your next destination rather than catch a ride. You’ll get some great exercise, and you’ll also be more likely to take in the everyday sights of these bustling metropolises.


Your next vacation doesn’t have to be expensive, there are a myriad ways to save money on vacation. You just have to get creative, do your research and compare deals before you buy.

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The Best Airline for Your Business Travels

There are many reasons for international or even domestic air travel. Some people travel to visit family members or friends who live a great distance away. Others may choose to use air travel in order to visit an exotic destination or faraway location for pleasure purposes.

One of the most common reasons for frequent airline travel, however, is for business purposes. Business travelers often have to take hundreds of flights while on the job, and these individuals are likely to rack up impressive airline miles if they use a credit card with miles benefits. The question becomes, how do you chose the best airline for business travel?

Best Airline For Business Travels

If a professional has an airline mile credit card, he or she may need to choose the best airline for business travels. Choosing the right airline can make a huge difference in the quality of travel that an individual experiences. Cheap flights or cramped flights can make air travel exhausting, and a businessperson may show up to an important meeting feeling tired, irritated, or frazzled. If you are looking for the best airline for business travel, there are some criteria that you can use to choose.

Speedy Check-In

Most important is the speed at which businesspeople can check in for their upcoming business flight. A businessman or businesswoman may be crunched for time when it comes to business travels. Often, meetings in one location last longer than expected, and then the individual will be forced to rush to the airport to catch an important flight. Some airlines have special check-in lines for repeat customers or business executives, and these lines can dramatically expedite the check-in process.

Comfortable Seats

The second-most important consideration, in choosing the best airline for business travels, is the level of comfort offered in an airline’s seats. A businessman may have to fly for hours at a time, especially if he works for an international business. When airline seats are comfortable and roomy, it’s far easier to catch some much-needed sleep on a leg of the journey.

Business Lounges

Some airlines even offer relaxing business lounges for repeat customers, so businesspeople can wait for their plane to taxi off the runway in a comfortable, quiet lounge. This is a great time to catch up on extra work or simply experience some down-time immediately before the stressfulness of a packed flight.


If you have airline miles from a credit card, you might consider splurging on an upgraded airplane seat or a ticket on the best airline for business travels!

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Vacation on a Budget: Cutting Cost Doesn’t Mean Cutting Fun

You can vacation on a budget and still enjoy yourself. Many people think that a good vacation is one where they are able to throw caution to the wind and spend money with reckless abandon. They assume that vacationing on a budget involves a lot of penny-pinching and sitting on the sidelines while other tourists enjoy foreign cities the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

This is simply not true. In fact, when you know that you are saving quite a bit of money on your vacation, you may even find that you’re enjoying yourself more because you don’t have to panic about money.

Experience Local Fare at a Farmer’s Market

Instead of dining at an expensive four star restaurant, you can still sample local cuisine and experience something new by shopping at a farmer’s market or picking something up from a street vendor. The fare offered at these kiosk-style eateries is just as cultural and unique as the cuisine offered in a restaurant. In fact, eating local “fast food” fare may be a better way to experience the real everyday lives of members of a different culture.

Make a List of Three Attractions and Choose One

Instead of trying to do every single touristy thing in a city, vacation on a budget by making a list of your top three attractions and choose a single attraction that costs money. Then, fill out the rest of your day with sightseeing, hikes, strolls through the city park, and people watching: events that don’t cost money. This way, you’ll only be spending money on the one tourist attraction that you’ve been dying to see.

Take an Off-Hour Flight

One great way to vacation on a budget, and make your accumulated credit card airline miles go a bit further, is to choose a flight during the off-hours. Flights during the peak hours of the day are often priced more expensively than flights late at night or very early in the morning. You may have to wake up before the sunrise to catch your flight, but if you can save a hundred bucks on the airfare, setting your alarm clock earlier will be well worth the hassle.

Enjoy Vacation on a Budget

You don’t have to sacrifice fun on your next vacation just to save a little money. These simple tips will let you vacation on a budget, keep entertained without resulting in a “freak out” moment, when you return home and check the balance of your bank account.

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Flying with Kids: Great Tips for a Stress Free Flight

If you’ve accumulated some airline miles with your credit card, you might be considering cashing in those miles for the family vacation of your dreams. What, though, can you do with rambunctious children on a long flight? Here are some tips on flying with kids and making the journey as stress free as possible.

Prepare Activity Packs to Keep Kids Entertained

Packing an activity pack for your children will keep them entertained during a long and tedious flight. Coloring books, MP3 devices, portable movie players, and portable video games are great ways to keep children quiet and occupied.

Bring Chewing Gum

It may sound strange, but bringing a pack of chewing gum is a necessity for parents who are flying with young children. The change in cabin pressure that occurs during an airplane flight can cause a child’s ears to “pop” painfully. A bubble of air is created in the ear canal, and this can be uncomfortable or confusing to a child. Chewing gum can help to relieve the pressure in the ears.

Never Medicate Your Children

While some parents give their children sedatives to help them sleep through a plane journey, this is a dangerous and ill-advised decision. Medicating children who are not sick can be quite dangerous, and there are plenty of other ways to relax when flying with kids.

Be Courteous to Other Passengers

While parents may encounter airplane passengers who are easily frustrated or irritable regarding you flying with kids on a plane, most airline passengers are quite understanding when it comes to child passengers. A simple apology, a smile, and a word of gratitude for the patience of your fellow travelers will go a long way. There is a story of one couple traveling with an infant who courteously handed out ear plugs to their fellow airplane passengers because they knew, in advance, that the child would likely cry on the journey. You don’t have to hand out party favors to your passengers, but you should be polite and gracious when traveling with children.


Taking a vacation with your kids is a great way to expose them to new places and ideas at a very young age. Studies have shown that children who see the world are well-rounded and even possess greater intelligence and better social skills. Don’t let the fear of a confined airplane discourage you from traveling with children. A little preparation can make the flight mostly stress free.

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