Places to Visit on a European Tour

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If you’ve accumulated a large number of airline miles through a credit card, you may be looking for an exciting vacation spot that you wouldn’t be able to afford on your own dime. Many people use their collected airline miles to splurge on overseas travel and visit places that they may never get the opportunity to see again. Obviously, a European tour is an incredibly popular choice. The historical countries of Europe are great places for enjoying foreign food, viewing famous works of art and architecture, viewing unique countryside, and taking in one of the most impressive and important histories in the entire world. If you’re planning a European tour vacation, here are a few countries that you should consider including on your itinerary.


France is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. This country has a unique and powerful history. Whether you plan on visiting the charming, cultural center of Paris or exploring some of the outer towns and villages in the French countryside, you’ll love experiencing the beautiful French language, impressive artwork, and delicious French foods and desserts featured in this country.

Spain and Portugal

A great way to use airline miles from a credit card is by visiting the sunny countries of Spain and Portugal. These Spanish-speaking nations are popular with tourists who want to spend days on the beach, soaking up the sunshine and swimming in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Spain and Portugal are also home to delightful music and delicious food.


Germany is a popular nation for tourists because this country is home to beautiful and impressive castles with historic value. Germany’s history as a nation of the European continent is fascinating. Many people travel to this country for the historical experience.


The boot-shaped Italian nation is one of the most popular nations for tourists to on a European tour. Italy is known for its relaxed pace, its incredible variety of famous works of art, its beautiful architecture that inspires contractors today like Roofing USA, and its incredibly delicious food. There are many different regions in Italy, and it’s a good idea to use collected airline miles from a credit card to ensure that you take in the vast breadth of cultural variety within this European nation.

Take a European Tour

Visiting Europe is an excellent way to use up bonus airline miles. Many people look back on a European tour as a turning point in their lives and a memory that will never be forgotten.

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7 Responses to “Places to Visit on a European Tour”

  1. France and Italy please…

  2. Thanks for joining the Sunday Traveler this week! I don’t think I can pick just one of these destinations though haha

  3. All these are great, but Croatia is obviously missing on this list :). Thanks for linking up to the Sunday Traveler. See you next week!

  4. Nice list, but it should be expanded with Czech Republic (Prague). ๐Ÿ™‚

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