Popular Destination Spots in South America

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Travelling the world is a great way for an individual to expand his or her own world view, explore new cultures and civilizations, absorb a little history from around the world, and experience new challenges and ideas. World travel has long been considered one of the great investments that a person can make. Many people live their entire lives without venturing from their own hometown. While there is nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own location, avoiding travel can severely limit your understanding of the world at large.

Destination Spots in South America

Some people avoid world travel because they simply cannot afford to pay the airfare required to get them to their desired destination. Air travel is becoming more and more expensive, and many airlines are adding additional expenses that hike up the cost of traveling. Some consumers, however, are discovering the incredible benefits of using credit cards with airline mile benefits. When consumers spend money using these credit cards, they are awarded free airline miles to be used however they see fit. This is a great way to put the money you are already spending to work on your behalf. If you have accumulated some airline miles for personal use, one of the most incredible places to visit is the South American continent. While this continent shares part of its name with the United States of America, it is culturally and physically unique. Here are some of the most popular destination spots in South America.


Brazil is, by far, one of the most popular tourist destination spots in the South American continent. Brazil is the largest nation in South America, and it is filled with both busting urban environments and exotic, untamed jungles. Whether you are looking to experience a tropical excursion in the beautiful Amazon rain forest or hope to take in the nightlife or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has something for everyone.


Chile may not be the biggest nation in South America, but it is the longest. Stretching along the entire western border of the continent, Chile is home to beautiful and historic ruins and civilizations, incredible mountainous regions, and amazing camping and hiking opportunities. Chile boasts some of the most impressive vistas in the world.

These are only two of the nations in South America. The continent is filled with beautiful attractions and vacation opportunities, which make this continent a great place to spend your credit card airline miles.

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