Traveling on the Cheap: 4 Secrets Travel Agents Don’t Want You to Know About

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Many travelers use professional traveling agents to book their trips from start to finish. Some travelers may have accumulated airline miles through a credit card program. Because they want to make sure they use these free miles wisely, they employ the services of a professional agent. However, there are some travel secrets that agents don’t want you to know about. You can use these trade secrets to make your vacation more affordable and more enjoyable.

Traveling Out of Town for Lodging

Skip the city center for your lodging and head out of town. You’ll be able to get dramatically reduced pricing on comparable lodging for the night.

Peak Tourist Season Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Even though your agent wants you traveling during the peak season, the crowds and the higher prices may not be worth your while. Go during the off-season for greater savings and a more pleasant, laid back experience.

 Skip the Paid Tour and Pick up a Guidebook

Paid tours are the traveling agent’s modus operandi. Instead of shelling out big bucks for a paid tour that takes all day, pick up a guidebook with great reviews and visit the city on your own dime.

Cut Down on the Number of Cities You Plan to Visit

Many traveling agents will try to convince you that you can see Paris, Rome, and Athens in just a week of vacation. They’ll explain to you that the close proximity of nations in Europe or other foreign continents means that you can pack more into a single vacation. They’ll discuss the importance of making the most of your vacation by cramming as much sightseeing and travel as possible into a single holiday. What they aren’t telling you, though, is that they are making a higher commission by booking you in different hotels each night, purchasing bus and train tickets for your vacation transportation, and making more money by sending you to a new place every day of your vacation. You will actually save money by cutting down on the number of cities you plan to visit during your vacation. You’ll also dramatically reduce your stress levels and create a more relaxing, and affordable, vacation for you and your family.


Travel agents aren’t trying to rip you off, but they are trying to make a profit. If you’re looking to experience a foreign culture without draining your bank account, these travel secrets will help you out.

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    Yes. That’s why I prefer to travel during the off season.

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