Weekly Roundup – Long Road Trip Tips

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Tips For A Long Road Trip

Driving on the road for long could be very tiring and if not carefully managed, can lead to a great disaster. Many people cause accidents on the road due to accumulated sleep, fatigue, lack of alertness among other reasons. To avoid this, here are few tips to consider while taking a long road trip.

Get enough Sleep
Sleeping while driving can lead to a very fatal and serious accident as one lacks concentration. To avoid this always ensure that you get enough sleep before hitting the road.

Have a spare tire
Ensure that you always have a spare tire in your car on a long road trip. Having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere can be frustrating and a time waster.

Take a break after a couple of hours
To refresh your alertness, take breaks after a couple of hours. Get fresh air, stretch your body, grab a snack or take a quick nap.

Never take drugs while driving
One beer many not intoxicate you but may slow down your alertness.

Keep your Energy Levels up
Take with you lot of water, juice, sandwiches and health snacks to keep you going.

Plan Long Road Trip Route
Carry with you a detailed map or a mapping app on your smartphone for better navigation.

Pump it up
On unfamiliar roads, you never know where the next gas station is. Always refill your tank as soon you hit quarter mark of the tank.

Traffic Updates
Keep posted on traffic. Get updates from traffic websites , radio ,television among others.

With those tips, hit the long road and enjoy!


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  1. Max Arthur says:

    Thanks for the tips! Will keep them in mind when traveling.

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