10 Tips to Save Money While Traveling

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Based on things they do, countries they travel and food they eat, you may thinks travelers and backpackers are multimillionaires. The truth is most of them travel smart and frugal. They have ways to make their money last a bit longer while on the road. I hereby share with you tips to save money while traveling around the globe.

Travel Off-season

Traveling popular destinations during off peak will result to high cost being reduced. Not only will you get lesser crowd, but you are guaranteed to get cheap flights and hotels to stay.

Free Days

Take advantage of free days when museums and public galleries are open free to public. Major towns have them and by making use of them you will definitely save a lot.

Engage With Locals

If you want to know the cheapest and best places to visit, then interact and befriend locals. By interacting with them you also get an opportunity to learn their culture.

Take Advantage of Reward Programs

Grab yourself an airline credit card and start racking up airline miles. Take advantage of hotel and booking agencies rewards and make use of them.

House Sitting

Looking after someones property while they are away on a trip or vacation will not only be a source of income but an opportunity to travel. Example you are a Canadian house sitting in London, you get that opportunity to explore London.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guest house are cheap, clean and friendly. Travelers should take use of hostels and guest house to save money that can be used elsewhere while traveling.

Public Transport

Traveling from one point to another by use of public means is always cheap as compared to hiring a tax or a vehicle. So, ditch that taxi or cab and take a bus, a train, ride a bike or explore your destination on foot.

Take Your Own Food While Traveling

Making your own food is cheap compared to eating in a restaurant or a hotel. This can be better be applied in those expensive cities like Paris, London.


Negotiate for a cheap rate in those hotels and transportation. Negotiate with that local selling clothes or other touristy item in the market. Try to buy thing in bulk so to make that room for negotiation.

Skip the Guided Tours

Make your own ways to local attractions for a little price. It is advantageous cause you will enjoy the place longer and at your own pace.

Which strategies do you use to save money while on the road? Please, let us learn from each other in the comments below

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3 Responses to “10 Tips to Save Money While Traveling”

  1. Common sense tips that aren’t difficult to remember but often forgotten during the hustle and bustle of travel. Thanks!

  2. When I was younger I used to stay at hostels for free as a volunteer in exchange for work, or if it wasn’t possible and the hostel wasn’t full, there was sometimes a possibility to negotiate for a lower price. The idea with free days is great, I’m not sure if I’ve ever took this opportunity to make my trip cheaper, at least not intentionally. I’m usually too lost in an unknown city…

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