4 Great Ways to Travel Around Europe

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The European continent is one of the most attractive tourist destinations throughout the world. This continent is attractive to travelers because it is chock full of exciting places to visit. The countries of Europe are relatively small, and yet each country has its own unique culture and collection of tourist attractions. Many tourists are able to visit two or even three European countries in a single vacation. This is a great way to experience some of the foreign countries on your “bucket list” while still saving money on your vacation.

Travel Around Europe

If you have a credit card
that provides the benefit of accumulated airline miles, you can use those miles to pay for a your travel around Europe. Once in Europe, you can rely on other modes of transportation to get to your favorite destinations. There is no reason to schedule a flight from Paris to Rome because Europe includes a variety of alternative travel options for the excited vacationer.

Here are just a few of the great ways to travel around Europe.

Take the Train

The train system that connects the countries and cities of Europe is one of the most advanced and reliable of its kind. This train system is often called the Eurail or the Euro-rail, and consumers can buy comprehensive passes that allow an individual to use the train system an unlimited number of times in a specific time period. You can catch the train from Germany to the Czech Republic, and then use the same pass to catch a train to France or Spain. Traveling by train is an exciting way to travel around Europe because you are able to view the European countryside as you are whisked from nation to nation. Train travel is efficient and affordable, and travelers can even pay a little extra to take an overnight train while sleeping in a small carriage with beds known as a couchette.

Do a Little Walking

If you travel around Europe, consider walking to as many destinations as possible. Walking is free, and you can tackle most of the sights in a single city on foot.

Travel by Tourist Bus

If you are tired of walking, many European cities have open air tourist buses that travel around the city and make frequent stops at the most popular tourist attractions.

Rent a Bicycle

One of the best ways to see the European continent and visit some of the less-touristy villages in the European nations is to rent a bicycle. Cycling is quite popular in Europe, and you’ll fit right in during your vacation.

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