4 Vacation Packing Strategies – Pack Lighter, Enjoy More

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Using credit card airline miles to get free or reduced-price airline tickets is a great way to enjoy new sights and experiences on a vacation. Instead of driving to the same destination you visit every single year, you can experience something different by redeeming credit card miles and exploring the far reaches of the world.

Vacation Packing Strategies

If you plan on visiting an exotic location or taking an extended vacation, however, you need to know a few vacation packing strategies. Efficiency and organization are key elements of suitcase packing. Without organization, you may find yourself in a foreign country without a much-needed item. Tourist shops and supply stores in other countries often grossly overcharge for common travel products simply because they know tourists will be forced to pay high prices to replace a forgotten item.

If you are planning a tour and need to pack a suitcase, here are four great vacation packing strategies that will help you travel compactly and efficiently. Remember, the fewer suitcases you have, the less money you will have to pay to transport suitcases on an airplane. Many airlines are hiking up extra-bag charges to make up for reduced airline ticket fare.

Roll Clothes, Don’t Fold Them

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them into small bundles. Rolled clothes fit more effectively in a suitcase, and you’ll be able to access your clothes without difficulty while you are traveling.

Include an Adapter

If you are traveling to a foreign country, be sure to include a power adapter so that your electronic devices will work overseas. Different countries have different types of electric current, and if you use a device without an adapter, you will ruin the device.

Pack Light

You might be tempted to pack a heavy winter coat if you’re traveling during the winter months or a clunky hair dryer or curling iron, but the weight of these items can translate into added cost at the airport scale. Choose light clothing items, and keep the heavy electronic devices and appliances at home.

Be Reasonable

Always be reasonable when packing your suitcase for vacation travel. While you may be tempted to pack your entire collection of music or several books for reading while vacationing, you need to think critically about what you will actually use while on vacation. If in doubt, leave it at home. The lighter and less crowded your suitcases are, the more efficient your travel experience will be.


Keeping those vacation packing strategies in mind will help you pack lighter and efficiently and save you money, whether at the airport or at your vacation destination. You will have the necessary items you need to enjoy yourself.

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