5 Modern Ways to Keep In touch While Traveling

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Traveling is enjoyable. Sharing your travel experiences with your family or friends makes it more pleasurable. The biggest challenge for travelers and backpackers is to keep in touch with their loved ones but the modern technology has made it possible to keep in touch in various ways. I would like to talk about popular modern ways to keep in touch with your people irrespective distance or place they are.


This is my favorite mode of communication and the most interesting part about emails especially Gmail you can attach and share photos of your travel with your friend, family and fellow bloggers. The only disadvantage without internet you can’t access your email account.


Blog is an informal site that consist discrete entries or posts. Whenever you are writing about your travels, uploading that video or posting a picture those at home, friends and your audience see what you are up to, which side of the globe you are hiking or thing you are doing on the other side.


This the most used and popular medium in keeping in touch with friends and family. It’s possible to interact with your audience, fellow travel bloggers by creating Facebook group or page. Facebook also offers instant messaging and video call.


One of the best medium for communication. All you need is a laptop or a computer and Skype program to call all around the globe. Smart phones do also have Skype program. It is possible to share travel photos with your family and your fellow bloggers. Get this program, sign up a Skype account and get to enjoy calling almost everyone around the globe.


This is another medium being used by almost everyone. Its easy to communicate via twitter. Just set up your account and then notify your family and friends. Share your photos or post an update about your where about or even sharing ideas with your fellow travel bloggers.

How do you keep in touch with your family and friends? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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One Response to “5 Modern Ways to Keep In touch While Traveling”

  1. These are all great. I really love Skype! It makes it so easy to talk to long-distance relatives. And I’m with you about Gmail!

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