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Jeremy Biberdorf

Jeremy at Airline Miles ExpertsJeremy Biberdorf originally started his career in the financial industry in 2003.  By late 2004 he decided to focus on credit cards.  What had long been an industry with a bad reputation had since evolved into a powerful financial tool that rewards cardholders.  Jeremy realized that while credit cards were now much more beneficial, there were still major problems.  Too many were irresponsibly using their credit cards, racking up big interest charges.  In some cases it even lead to mountains of credit card debt.  Then there were the people who were simply too wary of credit cards to take full advantage.  So Jeremy set out to help educate consumers and businesses about how to make the most of credit cards.
In early 2012 he decided to branch out and start a personal finance blog ModestMoney.com.  This would be an outlet to help people with general financial issues.  With the lack of financial education in the school system, so many people are learning to manage their finances through lessons from their mistakes.  So Jeremy wanted to try to help people learn from his own mistakes and from everything he has learned along the way.

Valerie Mellema

Valerie at Airline Miles ExpertsValerie Mellema is a business owner, writer and author who loves to travel and explore new destinations. In 2010, she launched TrueTravelreviews.com and has traveled to Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Venice, the Bahamas, Mexico and various locations around the US for free and all on credit card rewards programs. On AirlineMilesExperts.com she shares her knowledge of the credit card rewards as well as some useful travel tips and information.

Simon Elstad

Simon at Airline Miles Experts

Simon Elstad is an ardent traveler, entrepreneur, writer, online get-it-done-guy and a lover of life. He has traveled across Europe, Asia, South America as well as taking some crazy African Safaris.

On airline miles he seeks to give expert travel advice, guides you on clever ways to accumulate airline miles, or spend them, reviews best airline miles credit cards, guides you to the best travel experiences and once in a while, takes you along behind the scenes on one of his tours.

He also writes at SimonElstad.com, where he helps entrepreneurs, (bloggers too), add sizzle to their businesses and get grow the smart way!

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