Are Credit Card Companies Out to Get You?

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Credit card companies are not out to get you. In fact, most credit card companies are honest and have a great deal of integrity. They offer a service to customers and may even offer valuable rewards like complementary airline miles.

Credit Card Companies are Profitable Businesses

It’s true that credit card companies are profitable businesses, but so are hospitals, dentist offices, grocery stores, banks, investment firms, and even the United States post office. A desire for profit is not a sign of corruption. Credit card firms aren’t trying to milk the economy dry. They are simply made up of executives and shareholders looking to create a successful business.

Credit Card Firms Thrive on Good Customer Relationships

Credit card businesses would not be able to thrive if they relied on wrecking customer lives and leaving them bankrupt. In fact, credit card enterprises make a profit when they establish long-term customer relationships where both parties are satisfied. That’s why so many credit card companies offer valuable perks and rewards to customers like airline miles.

Credit Card Organizations are Often Patient and Flexible

There is a misunderstanding that credit card organizations are cold and inflexible, demanding payment on time, every month, with no exceptions. This could not be further from the truth. Many credit card companies have programs to reward reliable customers. If the unexpected comes up and you need to skip a payment, your credit card company will likely work with you.

Credit Card Companies Will Work With You to Get You Back on Track

If the worst happens and you do fall behind on your credit card payments, the credit card executives aren’t just going to sit back and start laughing about your misfortune. When your credit card is maxed out and you’re no longer able to use it for purchases, the credit card company is actually losing the chance for profits. For this reason, credit card companies will often do their utmost to get you back on track and work with you to create a reasonable payment plan. As long as you stay in communication with your creditors and attempt to make payments on-time, you shouldn’t have any trouble working with your credit card company.


Many consumers think that credit card companies are villains out to steal their money and walk away with massive profits. While credit card companies are profitable businesses, they are actually just trying to provide a service to consumers.

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  1. David Ryan says:

    I stopped using credit cards like a year ago..

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