Are Travel Agents Really Obsolete in 2016?

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The digital world has revolutionised travel booking over the years and turned it into something that anyone with access to the Internet can do. This has led to many people predicting the demise of the traditional travel agent.

This demise has not really happened though. It’s true that the number of travel agents has reduced, due to the number of people booking their own accommodation. It is not true that this demise has been anywhere near complete. Traditional travel agents are still very much in existence and it does not seem as though they are going anywhere.

We are going to take a look at the rise of online travel booking. We are also going to examine why this has not led to all travel agents becoming obsolete.

The digital world and travel

There is no doubt that if you want to find that really cheap holiday one of the best ways to do it is go online. You do not have to visit a high street travel agent, or even pick up a phone to call one. All you have to do is search sites like Expedia for all the best deals and savings. You can book your travel, accommodation and other holiday requirements without leaving your home. It’s something that more and more people have done over the years. After all, being your own travel agent is not that difficult, right?

Why travel agents are here to stay

The answer to that question is one reason that there will always be a need for travel agents. Although it may seem very simple to become your own travel agent this is often not the case. The first thing you will notice is that you have hundreds of potential holiday deals to choose from and you have to go through them all, checking out the fine print. This takes time and you can soon start to lose the enthusiasm for your trip.

Once you have booked you also have to deal with any issues around the holiday, by yourself. You do not have the privilege of being able to pick up a phone and get a travel agent to sort everything out for you. The thing with travel agents is that they are trained to know how best to deal with all eventualities. You can click here to see what sort of training they receive. They may be able to sort out a problem in minutes that it takes you hours, or even days, to deal with.

The number of travel agents in existence has decreased since the emergence of online booking. Many people are prepared to deal with all the hassle themselves in return for booking holidays at a really great price. The interesting thing is that this is not the case for everyone. Although people now have the ability to book their own travel and accommodation many prefer to pay extra and have a travel agent do all the searching for them, and deal with all the problems. This is why travel agents are likely to always be around.

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