Weekly Roundup – Couple Travel

Couple Travel

Couple travel is exciting but it can also be stressful if not carefully managed. It enables you to figure out how the other party interacts with others, manage money, handle stress or deal with conflicts when the two of you are neck to neck.

Here are some tips to best enjoy vacation your couple travel.

Make couple travel decisions
Share ideas together before coming to a concrete decision. In many relationships, it seems like one always takes control while the other is satisfied following. This can workout fine for simple decisions such as where to go for a cup of coffee, but when planning for couple travel, both of you should contribute in making decision.

Having your own time
As much as we cherish each others company, sometimes we need time to ourselves. It can be as simple as taking a walk along the beach, shopping or taking a whole day excursion on your own. By the end of the day you will be missing your lover dearly.

Talking about your problems is the key to any relationship. You need to deal with problems as they arise. This will save you from bad situations when you should be having a time of your life.

Expect bad days while traveling
When traveling, there is a lot that might be out of control; bus delays, person at the information desk doesn’t speak English, poor WiFi Network among others. Handling these hiccups as a couple will strengthen your bond and brighten your couple travel trips.

Share responsibilities
Responsibilities like booking, cooking, laundry, shopping among others need to be shared. This prevents quarrels between you and your partner.

Make time for romance
Do something special for your partner i.e. take a long moonlit stroll under the city lights, give her or him that unique gift or share a kiss in a park.

With those tips, plan the trip with your partner and enjoy.


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Weekly Roundup – Travel Tips

Travel Tips

1. Have sound knowledge on where you want to visit. The place should be known or you can do research concerning the place. Inquire through the phone or make a pre-visit.

2. Make sure you know how bookings and payments are done. Do they take couples, families, group of people? Which age and how long you intend to stay? Other recreational activities too, like swimming so you carry a swimming kit.

3. Just in case you are traveling to a strange place for the first time, ensure you know the climatic conditions. This way you can pack suitable attire; if it is cold, carry warm clothes and if its warm carry light clothes.

4. Is the place near a market? Can you buy necessities whenever in need? If it’s far you should buy everything you need to use in advance.

5. Ask about basic necessities e.g, food and whether they cater to special dietary needs.

6. Carry extra money in case of an unforeseen event. Things don’t always work out as planned when you hit the road

7. Set your own clear rules in case you are traveling as a group. Ensure fellow travelers are aware of and respect them.

8. Carry a simple medical kit. In case of minor accidents you can give first aid to the casualties before rushing them to hospital.

9. Thoroughly research the destination, and its neighboring places. Are they friendly? What is the mode of transportation?

With those travel tips, plan your vacation and enjoy!


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Weekly Roundup – Fincon#13 Edition

Another two months and the year will have summarily come to an end! Its certainly a time for reflection on whether you have accomplished your beginning of year resolutions and goals and determine what you need to do to ensure you accomplish the remaining ones.


It has been a busy week on all fronts, traveling, learning tonnes at Fincon13, and meeting amazing bloggers. There is a lot that goes into blogging, and while writing is the main thing, it doesn’t even begin to cover the blogging spectrum.

You will also have to deal with promotion, social media engagement, seo and marketing for your blog. It can get overwhelming fast unless you set up systems earlier on on how to deal with the deluge of work.

Being a Blogger

One thing though, its fun being a blogger. You learn a lot, meet and engage with amazing people from diverse backgrounds and perform your share of “changing the world” for the better. At day’s end, you are happy you have touched, educated or entertained your readers and impacted their lives significantly.

Lessons on Blogging

A key lesson I’ll be taking from Fincon13: Give, Give, Give without expectation of ever getting back. Promote others, share their content, feature them on your blog, collaborate with them and share your tricks. You won’t get a thing in return in the short run, but in the long run, you will have earned credibility, respect, and that open doors to far bigger opportunities.

Heres the weekly roundup of some awesome bloggers I enjoyed reading this week.

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Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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