How To Plan Your Vacation Thinking Modestly About Money

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Vacation is something that just about all people dream about. After all, who wouldn’t want to escape the day to day stresses associated with work, family, friends, bills, and so much more? The only issue is that…well, traveling can be expensive. But, what if I told you that you could have an extravagant vacation on a fairly modest budget? Well, you can! Here are a few tips to help you plan your next vacation while thinking modestly about money!

Tip #1: Plan To Use Rewards – We talk about rewards credit cards quite a bit here at Modest Money, and we do for a reason. The reality is that tens of thousands of people take free flights, get free hotel stays, car rentals, and more every year; using rewards credit cards! So, if you don’t already have one, think about applying for one that will help you to achieve your vacation goals! You may be surprised at how much help they prove to be!

Tip #2: Buy Your Tickets At GoEuro – There are tons of places to buy your transportation, whether it would be bus, train or plane. You can use a search engines such as GoEuro to make your transportation arrangements. If you shop around, you’ll quickly realize how much markup is placed on flight. The reality is, by getting your tickets from trustworthy sources that don’t spend millions of dollars a year on TV ads often times leads you to the best deal.

Tip #3: Plan The Free – That’s right, I typed out the word Free in a vacation article. The truth is that you really don’t have to pay for everything you do on vacation. For instance, let’s say that you’re going to take a vacation to a mountainous region of the world. If that’s the case, I can almost guarantee that you can have a blast for 2 or 3 days at least absolutely free. The activities could include hiking, rafting (Although it’s not free, you can get a raft at Wal-Mart for $30 before you go!), picnics and more! All you need to do is think of amazing things you could do where you’re going that don’t cost you a penny!

Tip #4: Plan In Advance – I’ve got a few friends that like to do things very spontaneously. When they travel, they pack, buy tickets, and go. They never really plan where they’re going to stay or what they’re going to do. By planning where you’re going to stay before you go, you can save a killing on your hotel room. By planning what you’re going to do in advance, you can budget around your activities and make sure you don’t spend too much. So, always remember to take a few hours to plan activities, hotel stays, and car rentals before you go.

Tip #5: Consider Travel Insurance – Anything can happen at any time. Unfortunately, if you’re traveling, and you don’t have insurance, if something gets lost or stolen, you’ll have to cut it as a loss. Fortunately, travel insurance is fairly cheap and can cover you against the risk of losing items while you’re gone.

Final Thoughts

Vacations really don’t have to be expensive. By planning your vacation properly, you can fly for a low cost, often times free; find great things to do that are low cost or free; and make sure that you stay on target with regard to your budget. So, what are you waiting for, start planning your next trip!

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Four Reasons to Purchase a Leather Bag for Your New Job

Did you just get a new job? Congratulations. This is an exciting time in your life. Although you are probably just focusing on showing up to work on time and getting the job done correcting, it is important to fine-tune your image before you show up. Presentation is half the battle in the workplace. When you show up looking presentable, you will make the transition to a new job that much easier. One accessory to invest in is a leather bag. You can choose a simple briefcase or consider something more fashionable like a leather attaché case for women. Regardless of the style, the bag will help you succeed for the following four reasons.

 1 – You Will Look Like You Care

When you show up to work with work related accessories, you look like you care. Sure you can bring a typical purse or nothing at all. However, a leather briefcase or a laptop case indicates that you are serious about performing well on the job. These accessories also enable you to have a more professional image when you are walking into the office. First impressions are everything. You will make a great one with the right bag in hand.

 2 – Easier Time Transporting Work to and From the Office

At most jobs, people have to work from home or on the road. When this happens, they need a functional bag that allows them to transport their work. A basic purse will not do the job, nor will a suitcase. Instead, women will need a suitable briefcase that looks feminine and appropriate. Men will need a bag that protects their laptop and other belongings. When they have this bag, life is easy on the go.

 3 – Protect Your Work Life

Another reason to use a leather bag at work is because it can help your protect your actual work life. For example, if you have documents that you need to transport to a client, a briefcase will protect them from damage. Laptop cases and tablet covers also protect portable devices as you transport them to and from the offices. These devices probably have important work documents on them. They are also needed to get your work done. With a cover, you can ensure that you can use them when you need to.

 4 – Longer Lifespan

Leather bags also have a longer lifespan than traditional bags. This way you will not need to invest in a new briefcase in a few months. Instead, you can have the bag for the duration of your job. You might simply decide to purchase a new briefcase because you need a change. However, as you use the bag, you will appreciate the durability of the bag. It will hold up to various weather conditions, heavy objects, and other abuse. The durability is probably one of the main reasons people prefer leather to other fabrics. Leather is also easier to clean, and it has been known to look better as it ages.

Before you head to your new job, consider investing in a great leather bag. These are just four reasons why it is worth the investment. You will be glad you invested in your new career.

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