Best Airlines Stewardesses

Stewards are members of an aircrew employed by airlines primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers aboard commercial flights, on select business jet aircraft and on some military aircraft. With the competition surrounding Airline industry, different airlines are hiring beautiful, charming and well dressed stewardesses to attract customers. The airlines with the best cabin crew may be setting themselves apart.

We’ve put this poll together to figure out which airlines with best stewardesses. You are most welcome to vote in the poll and share your experiences in the comments below.

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There’s still some kindness in the world.

For most of us, traveling is a nightmare, especially when traveling by plane. For one man who was flying Southwest this week, it was a godsend.

Sources have shared this moving story of a grandfather who was trying to get to his gate at the airport so he could say goodbye to his 3-year old grandson. The poor boy was brutally body-slammed by his daughter’s live-in boyfriend and the doctors were preparing to take him off life support. The story goes that this poor, grieving man struggled through the airport security, despite arriving early, with none of the TSA agents offering him assistance in making his flight. After he finally made it through security, he ran for his Southwest gate, in only his socks, hoping to make it in time to board. He was 12 minutes late.

Here’s where we expected the worst for this man, but ended up remembering that there are still decent people in the world. According to the man’s wife, who shared the story with sources, when her husband arrived at the gate, he was informed that the pilot knew about his loss and had held the plane for him so that he could make it to see his grandson. As the man boarded, he was greeted by the pilot, who said to him, “They can’t go anywhere without me and I wasn’t going anywhere without you. Now relax. We’ll get you there. And again, I’m so sorry.”

When asked to comment on the story, a Southwest rep said they were “proud” of their pilot and stood behind his decision.

Amazing. Just when you’re sure the world has given up on compassion for others, you hear a story like that.

We send our condolences out to this poor man who lost his grandson and our thanks to to pilot who gave the man the chance to spend those precious last moments with him.

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Airlines with Best Amenities

To attract customers and keeping them satisfied, airlines are adding amenities that keeps you relaxed and rested while flying. These days most airlines provide in-flight Internet service, TV programs, multiple movies, Full-size pillow, onboard lounge among other amenities. Airlines with best amenities may be setting themselves apart.

We’ve put this poll together to figure out which airlines have the best in-flight Amenities. Please vote in the poll and share your experiences in the comments below.

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Top Attractions in Birmingham

Though it has a rich, varied and significant history, vibrant culture and central location, Birmingham is often unfairly overlooked by holidaymakers in favour of cities further north or the bright lights of London.

As a result, it’s a city that is ripe for discovery with fantastic restaurants, great shopping facilities and world-class attractions. Though Birmingham has long vied to for title of Britain’s second city with nearby Manchester, the new energy, investment and optimism palpable in the city seems to be swinging the pendulum in the West Midland’s favour.

So if you’re planning a visit to Birmingham anytime soon, you’re sure to find a flight as Birmingham airport connects to the world. You can travel with Flybe for instance, that offers cheap flights to any UK destinations. Here are some not-to-be-missed Brummie attractions.

The Bull Ring

With its distinctive architecture and central location, the Bull Ring has been an important feature of Birmingham city life since the Middle Ages when a market was established on the site.

Shopaholics will be in heaven as the centre houses one of only four Selfridges department stores in the country as well as the fourth largest Debenhams in the UK.

The latest shopping centre on the site was opened in 2003 and in its first year saw over 35 million people walk through its doors.

 Cadbury World

If you’re a chocoholic, this is one attraction that is not to be missed during your Brummie adventure.

Cadbury World is made up of 14 zones that visitors can explore to learn all about the history and the making of chocolate. There are also interactive displays, demonstrations and activities, including the chance to create a chocolate of your very own.

Birmingham Back to Backs

 Like many cities in the Midlands, Birmingham has a strong industrial history and the 19th century saw hundreds of homes built to house local workers.

The Birmingham Back to Backs, located at 50-54 Inge Street, is home to the last surviving back-to-back homes in the city and offers a fascinating insight into life over the last 200 years.

Now owned by the National Trust, the houses have been transformed into a museum that vividly brings the past to life and makes a great day out for kids and grown-ups alike.

With much to see and do, Birmingham is a great destination for a weekend away and it’s easy to reach this central metropolis whether you’re coming from London, Manchester or worldwide.


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A Very Generous Airline Miles Donation

Alan and Jan’s love story is special and unique.

They met at Regis University in 1988 where they both were completing their degrees. From their first coffee date to their 21st wedding anniversary, Alan and Jan shared an indescribable connection that would last a lifetime.

“Our love was an exception,” said Jan. “We were always able to work out any issues and go to bed happy – I truly feel blessed to have known this kind of love.”

After their first year of marriage, the couple started their own computer company, which allowed them to start saving for their future. The company continued to thrive into the early 2000’s. The success of their company brought numerous business trips around the country, allowing the couple to attain thousands of frequent flyer miles, which they agreed to save and use for personal travel upon their 25th wedding anniversary.

But in 2008, Alan passed away from a sudden lung aneurism at the age of 51, just three years short of their 25th anniversary and plans to travel the world together. The couple’s frequent flyer miles sat untouched for several years until one morning in December when fate intervened and showed Jan what to do with them.

“It was an odd morning to begin with,” said Jan. “My dog, Thunder, woke me up earlier than usual to go to the bathroom, so I decided to turn on the local news, something that I NEVER do in the mornings, for some background noise.”

When Jan turned on the television, the 7NEWS morning broadcaster appeared and eagerly asked viewers to call in and donated their unused frequent flyer miles to help Make-A-Wish Colorado wish kids.

“It was perfect timing,” said Jan. “So I dialed the number, spoke to a Make-A-Wish volunteer and instantly broke down into tears. These airline miles were so important to Alan and me that it was very emotional for me to be donating them all to charity because it truly meant that we would never be using them together as planned.”

After collecting herself, Jan announced to the volunteer that she wanted to donate 323,083 airline miles.

“Alan and I were saving these frequent flyer miles for our future,” said Jan. “But, donating them was the best decision I’ve ever made because now kids and their families will be able to fly to their wish destinations and create lasting memories together.”

Jan is reminded of Alan’s kindhearted spirit every day and knows that he supports her decision to donate the airline miles to Make-A-Wish Colorado.

To donate your airline miles to help wish kids take flight please visit here.

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