Five Incredible Places to Visit in the Philippines



Looking for a destination to add in your bucket list? You might want to consider visiting the Philippines next. Here are some of the great places that tell you why…




Located at the northernmost tip of the Philippines, Batanes is an island province in the Cagayan Valley region which is frequently ravaged by typhoon. Moreover, it has stood the test of time becoming more breathtaking as it was before. Batanes is a home of the Basco Lighthouse, stocky stone houses, endless rolling hills, white-sand beaches and stunning coasts where waves gracefully crash. You can rent a bike around the ancient villages that display the Spanish rule or just sit in one of those hills getting lost while viewing the dramatic scenery in front of you. Batanes has unique culture to discover and you should not miss it. A piece of heaven, it definitely is.

Underground River, Palawan

Underground River, Palawan

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River or Underground Rives is a UNSECO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. It is said to be the longest navigable river in the world covering a distance of 8.2 kilometers. The river passes through St. Paul Underground River Cave and underneath a mountain range. There are also other islands in Palawan that is known for their gorgeous white sand beaches and snorkeling areas. Island hopping at Honda Bay, Coron and El Nido is also a must-try.

Boracay Island

Boracay Island

Crystal clear waters, fine white sand, fun water activities, romantic sunsets and amusing nightlife– these are the reasons why Boracay is one of the top destinations in the Philippines. With four kilometers of powder white sand, anyone would enjoy bathing under the heat of the sun. Because a lot of tourists across the globe visit the island every year, Boracay has variety of food choices that people can enjoy ranging from American, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, French, Swiss, Italian and Moroccan food. Various resorts are also sprouting in the island and whether you are a budget traveler or a luxury one, you would find a place that you can afford. Budget accommodation starts US $17 and you can go all the way to US $300 per person at primary resorts.

Heritage City of Vigan

Heritage City of Vigan

Vigan is one of the top 21 finalists for the New 7 Wonders- Cities in the World. It has been one of the top tourist destinations in the country because of its Spanish-era architectural structure and rich culture. There are many things to do in the city which includes exploring Calle Crisologo, visiting Father Burgo’s House and the Syquia Mansion, cruising the Mestizo River, tasting local foods, climbing up the Bell Tower and riding the carriage which is a primary mode of transportation in Vigan. Learn more about how Vigan came to be by paying a visit to this place in your next travel.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol


Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Just hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last year, Bohol remains to be a top destination in the Philippines. One of Bohol’s highlights is the Chocolate Hills in Carmen. This tourist spot covers more than 1, 268 grass-covered limestone domes that looks green in rainy season and turns chocolate brown during dry season. You can also tour the hills riding an ATV. Now, there are extreme adventures that people can enjoy in the site as well, including zip line and bike on air passing through the hills. Bohol is also the home of the smallest primate in the world, the tarsiers.

These are just 5 of the many travel destinations in the Philippines that you can discover, explore and enjoy. Indeed, true to what the country’s tourism industry promotes, “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.

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Credit Card Myths Debunked (#ThrowBack Thursday)

There are many different credit card myths that convince people to avoid lines of credit like the plague. Discovering the truth may convince you that a credit card can actually be beneficial in some circumstances.

Credit Card Company Owners are Crooks

This credit card myth is just plain senseless. It’s impossible to lump all credit card companies and executives into a single category. The revelation that one credit card company was using dishonest practices to abuse customers does not mean that all credit card companies are engaged in similar practices. Credit card companies come in many different shapes, sizes, and methods of operation.

Your job is to do your research, compare and then decide on which credit card company you’d trust before signing up with any of them.

Credit Cards Always Create Financial Disaster

Credit cards do not always spell financial ruin for customers. The ruin comes from misusing a credit card, failing to make payments on time, or accumulating a sum of debt that is simply too large to be paid back effectively. If credit cards are used responsibly and sparingly, they can actually be quite beneficial to a person’s financial outlook.

Credit cards can improve one’s credit score, spread payments for large items over several months, and offer a solution in the event of an emergency. To enjoy the benefits though, ensure that you pay your balance in full at the end of every month. This will shield you from compounding interest rates on the card as well as late repayment charges.

Beware that credit card interest rates are higher compared to other forms of debt such as mortgages, car loans etc.

Credit Card Interest Rates are Always Too High

There are credit cards with shockingly high interest rates, but these credit cards are not the norm. Interest rates are determined by industry standards, and labeling these rates as “too high,” is failing to take into account the globally accepted industry practices.

Credit Card Perks are Worthless

One common credit card myth that needs to be discussed is the myth that credit card perks are really just worthless incentives used to convince ignorant customers to choose a specific credit card. Of course, there are some credit card perk programs that fail to offer anything of real value to the customer.

This isn’t the case with most perk programs, however. For example, credit cards that work with airlines to offer the accumulation of airline miles are actually offering something quite valuable to the consumer. Capital One is one of the most well-known credit cards with airline benefits.

With this card, you can accumulate miles through regular use of the card, and then you are able to use those miles whenever and however you wish.


The credit card industry is plagued by myths and false accusations. It’s important for a consumer to make his or her own decisions about the credit card industry before deciding to never open a line of credit. And at the end of the day, its you who is solely responsible for the use of that credit card. You determine whether it will be for your good or if it will lead to debt.

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Things to Know About International Travel, Passports, and Customs

International Travel

International travel is very different from domestic travel. You’ll be required to have different documentation, jump through different hoops before entering and leaving a country, and deal with cultural barriers and even uncomfortable situations while traveling. The more prepared you are, the better equipped you will be to handle the unexpected while traveling abroad.

Acquiring a Passport

International travel requires a passport. A passport is a form of photo identification issued by your home country. It’s important to apply for passports well before your date of departure, as the process can take several weeks or even months.

Going Through Customs

When you enter and depart from a foreign country, you’ll be required to fill out customs information. Customs is a department in a country that monitors what items are being brought into and taken out of the country. You’ll get forms, either on the plane or in the airport, that allow you to itemize all of the items you purchased within the country.

Some items, like live animals, food products, and alcohol, are strictly regulated with regard to international transport. Be sure that your home country allows items from various countries to be transported across the border before you make a big purchase overseas. Most people, however, have no trouble getting through customs.

Avoid the Ugly American Scenario

There is a term often applied to American tourists who show little regard to foreign customs. “Ugly American” is a slang phrase used to describe a tourist who expects the foreign cultures of the world to accommodate his or her own personal world view. Foreign cultures are just that: foreign. This means that you should expect things to run a little differently when you are visiting a different culture.

Your food may not be prepared the way you’re used to. You might have to deal with language barriers, shopping differences, and even lodgings that aren’t up to your standards. Instead of fussing and stressing about these adjustments, you should do your best to remember that you are a guest in another country. Try to learn about a foreign culture and absorb the differences, and allow travel to broaden your world view.


International travel can be an incredible and educating experience. Many people assert that they hadn’t yet begun to live until they witnessed the daily lives of people in other cultures throughout the world. If you have credit card airline miles, using them to plan an overseas vacation is a great decision.


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5 Travel Tips that will Keep You and Your Family Safe on Vacation

Traveling as a family can be a great way to promote family togetherness and form unshakable family bonds that will last throughout a lifetime. With a credit card that offers the potential to accumulate airline miles, you can save a considerable amount of money on air travel.

Many families use their credit card miles to purchase airline tickets to destinations that they would be otherwise unable to afford. Even though traveling to exotic locations can be a fun-filled and educational experience, it can also present considerable risks to families that are not prepared.

Travel safety tips are incredibly important considerations for families, especially families that are not used to traveling to foreign countries. These five safety tips will help keep you and your family away from harm while you are enjoying a family vacation.

Choose Reputable Lodgings

Saving money on lodgings may be an important consideration when planning your family vacation, but it should not be the first consideration. Choosing reputable lodgings in a public part of the city will help to keep your family safe on vacation. Cheap hotels are often located in less reputable parts of town, and traveling to and from these cheaper hotels may put your family in unnecessary danger.

Protect Your Money and Credit Cards

Always wear a money belt while traveling to prevent pickpockets and thieves from having access to your personal documents, money, and credit cards. Money belts fit snugly around the waist, and the pouch that contains valuables can be tucked beneath the waist band of your pants.

Stay in Public Places

When traveling in foreign countries, it’s a good idea to stay in public places at all times. Your sightseeing ambitions may draw you away from public locations, but this can also expose you to dangers for which you will be unprepared. There is plenty of sightseeing to do in public, so try to stick to these areas when traveling.

Don’t Venture Out too Late

Even though you may want to enjoy the nightlife while vacationing, it’s a good idea to keep reasonable hours while on vacation. The later you stay out, the more likely you are to run into dangerous trouble while on vacation.

Stay Together

Above all, ensure that the members of your family stay together at all times. Separating into smaller groups will expose your family members to greater risk. Never, without exception, let a family member head off by themselves.

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Finding Vacation Accommodations For Your Next Vacation

If you have a credit card that offers airline miles in exchange for frequent credit card purchases, you may be looking at the opportunity to travel for free in a few short months, depending on how often you use your credit card. Airline miles are some of the most popular credit card benefits simply because people love to travel throughout the world.

Travel, however, can be quite expensive, and many people simply cannot afford to travel as frequently as they would like. If you can save money on airfare, the most expensive part of most journeys, you’ll have more money to devote to sightseeing, museums, theaters, concerts, restaurants, shopping, and accommodations when you arrive at your destination.

Vacation accommodations are typically the second most expensive part about planning a vacation or a sightseeing excursion. Depending on the types of accommodations you choose, you may be spending anywhere from a hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars on your next vacation. If you’re wondering what your vacation accommodation options are , here is a breakdown of some of the most popular options in order from least expensive to most expensive.

The European Hostel

The cheapest way, by far, to find vacation accommodations while traveling is to secure a hostel for the night. Hostels are very popular in Europe, but they can also be found in other locations throughout the world. Hostels have very few services, and they often feature large rooms with multiple beds. Also, there may be an age limit for individuals who can lodge in a hostel.

The Motel or Inn

A motel or inn is one step up from a hostel. These facilities provide guests with their own private living quarters, but they do not offer regular service to guests. So, you’ll be responsible for making your own bed, securing your own linens, and ensuring that your stay is comfortable.

The Hotel

At a hotel, a maid service is provided every day to keep the room fresh and well-stocked. Hotel rooms are usually larger and more accommodating than motel or inn rooms, as well.

The Bed and Breakfast Experience

If you want to truly experience luxury and charm, a bed and breakfast is a great way to enhance your vacation. Bed and Breakfast establishments are usually quaint and cozy. They may be run by a family, and you’ll likely be waited on hand and foot while you stay in these accommodations.

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