Destination America – Popular Vacation Spots in the US

Many people are discovering the incredible benefits and opportunities that can be achieved by choosing destination America as their vacation territory. When people decide to plan a big vacation for themselves and their family members, they often consider going out of the country to places like Europe, Asia, South America, or Australia. However, there are incredible travel destinations within the United States, and very few people have visited all of the incredible regions of the US.

If you’ve accumulated some airline miles through a credit card bonus program, you may have miles burning a hole in your pocket. Instead of spending those miles to cross a vast ocean and visit a foreign country, you may be able to get more bang for your buck by scheduling a destination America vacation. Here are four great regions within the US that can turn a family vacation from drab to fabulous.

The Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is one of the least-visited regions of the United States. Many families avoid this region simply because it’s on the furthest edge of the North American continent. However, this region of the United States is one of the most colorful, exciting, and cultural places a family can visit. Cities like Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington are filled with incredible shopping opportunities, arts and theater performances, live music venues, outdoor markets, sightseeing, hiking and camping opportunities, and even extreme sports like white water rafting and kayaking.

The Northeastern Section

If you’re looking for the hustle and bustle of big city life, the Northeastern part of the United States is the perfect choice. This region is filled with cities like New York City and Philadelphia, and families will enjoy the impressive collection of sights and tourist opportunities by using credit card airline miles to visit these regions.

Destination America – Sunny Southwest

The Southwestern region of the United States is home to some of the most beautiful natural vistas in the nation. The impressive Grand Canyon offers trails, hiking, horseback riding, and camping, and the region is also filled with tourist locations, shopping opportunities, and beautiful hotels for enjoying the sunshine.

Ocean Views in the Southeast

Florida and the Carolinas are also popular destinations for families with available airline miles from a credit card. Beautiful beaches, balmy weather, and tourist attractions like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Resort make this an endlessly popular place for a family vacation.


Destination America offers scenic vacation spots catering to your pocket level and taste. Take the adventure today and explore the hidden treasures of this beautiful country!

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How Has Air Travel Changed in the Past Decade?

The air travel industry has changed dramatically in the past decade, and it’s important for travelers to be made aware of these changes before showing up at the airport.

Improved Security Standards

One change travelers will have noticed in the air travel industry is the improvements in safety standards that exist both on airplanes and in airports. Security checks are more thorough and comprehensive, new rules and guidelines dictating how far friends and family members can go within the airport have been created, and new rules about luggage and accessories for passengers have been implemented. These changes, while sometimes inconvenient, have all been developed to protect the safety of air travelers.

The Air Marshal

One change that has been implemented in the air travel industry that most travelers won’t even recognize is the presence of licensed air marshals on many commercial flights. An air marshal is kind of like a policeman in the sky. These armed and trained individuals purchase passenger tickets on airplanes. They are there to monitor passenger safety and intervene if something goes wrong on the plane.

Increased Air Travel Costs

One of the only negative changes to affect the airline industry in the past decade is the presence of constantly rising costs. Air travel today is incredibly more expensive than it was ten years ago, and there are a few reasons for these cost hikes. First, the fuel used to power the airplane engines themselves has increased in price. Huge airline companies have to purchase massive amounts of fuel, and when they are required to pay more “at the pump,” they have to pass those price increases on to customers in order to continue guaranteeing a profit. Airports are also charging airline companies higher fees because of the need for added personnel at the airport. Someone has to pay for increased security measures, and the person who ends up paying is usually the traveler.


In spite of the increase in air travel costs, most of the changes that have affected the air travel industry have been implemented to protect and serve the needs of the traveler. In spite of past airline tragedies, the airplane is still the safest method of transportation around. So, if you have collected a vast amount of credit card airline miles, it’s time to put your concerns aside, recognize the vast improvements that have been made, and schedule that dream vacation you’ve been longing for.

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5 Tips for Credit Card Management and On-Time Payments

While a credit card can be an exceptionally useful and convenient tool, some consumers fail at credit card management and wind up drowning in excessive debt. One of the easiest ways to avoid accumulating too much debt is to stop making late payments. Late payments are one of the easiest ways for credit card companies to make a profit from their customers. Late charges, often quite expensive ones, are applied to the customer’s account. These late charges are incorporated into the existing principal balance, and this means that the late charges themselves will start to accrue interest each month. If you are having trouble making on-time credit card payments, here are a few tips that may help.

Create a Payment Calendar

The easiest way to remember about a credit card payment is to organize a payment calendar for yourself. If you have a smart phone or a mobile device with a calendar application, you can create due dates for different credit card bills. You can even set up the device to give you an alert or alarm when a payment is due.

Set Up Automatic Payments

If you have a bank account with bill pay services, you can set up your account to make automatic payments on the credit card payment due date each month. Some credit cards even have recurring payment applications that will make an automatic withdrawal from your bank account a day or two before the due date. If you can afford to do this, it’s an easy way to guarantee that you never miss a payment.

Don’t Spend More Than You Have

If you truly want to avoid missing a credit card payment, be sure to spend less than you have in the bank. Many consumers believe that this defeats the purpose of having a credit card, but if you only charge what you have in the bank, you’ll never be caught at the end of the month with insufficient funds to cover minimum payments.

Set Limits below Credit Limits

Even if your credit card limit is quite high, try setting a personal limit for yourself that is below the limit on your credit card. This will help to prevent you from maxing out a credit card and experiencing monthly payments that are too high.

Have a Credit Card Management Partner

If you’re still having trouble making on-time payments, you might consider asking a friend or family member to help keep you accountable.

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Things to Remember on the Day of Your Vacation

When the beginning of your vacation rolls around, it can be difficult to keep everything organized and arrive at the airport without forgetting something important. Many consumers get stressed out by air travel, and this stress causes them to be absent-minded or panicked. Following these simple tips will help you get the most out of your first day of vacation.

Double-Check Vacation Reservations

Double check all of your reservations first thing in the morning. Call the hotel at which you will be staying to be sure that everything is in order. Log on to your airport’s website to verify your flight booking. You can often print off boarding passes from home to avoid waiting in lines at the airport.

Gather all the Necessary Documentation

Make sure to bring the necessary documentation with you to the airport. If you are traveling out of the country, you’ll need a current passport. You might also need to bring photocopies of a birth certificate, a social security card, another form of photo identification, as well as boarding passes and reservation information. One way to make sure you have everything is to create a documentation checklist the day before your vacation starts.

Wake Up Early

The worst thing you can do on the first day of your vacation is sleep in too late. Often, people exacerbate the stress of a vacation by sleeping through their alarm clocks. This throws the whole day out of whack and can cause unnecessary stress. You’ll be rushing while you finish packing, speeding on your way to the airport, and stressed out the whole time you are trying to get through the check-in line, the baggage check, and the security line. There’s no reason to stress yourself out on the day that you’re supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself. Waking up even a single hour earlier than you had planned will make sure that, if the unexpected arises, you have plenty of time to deal with it without throwing your whole day off schedule.


The first day of your vacation is by far the most stressful because you have to get to the airport and catch an important flight. If you’ve exchanged credit card airline miles for a free or reduced price ticket, you definitely don’t want to let all those saved miles go to waste. These helpful tips can make your first day of vacation as stress-free as possible.

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Places to Visit on a European Tour

If you’ve accumulated a large number of airline miles through a credit card, you may be looking for an exciting vacation spot that you wouldn’t be able to afford on your own dime. Many people use their collected airline miles to splurge on overseas travel and visit places that they may never get the opportunity to see again. Obviously, a European tour is an incredibly popular choice. The historical countries of Europe are great places for enjoying foreign food, viewing famous works of art and architecture, viewing unique countryside, and taking in one of the most impressive and important histories in the entire world. If you’re planning a European tour vacation, here are a few countries that you should consider including on your itinerary.


France is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. This country has a unique and powerful history. Whether you plan on visiting the charming, cultural center of Paris or exploring some of the outer towns and villages in the French countryside, you’ll love experiencing the beautiful French language, impressive artwork, and delicious French foods and desserts featured in this country.

Spain and Portugal

A great way to use airline miles from a credit card is by visiting the sunny countries of Spain and Portugal. These Spanish-speaking nations are popular with tourists who want to spend days on the beach, soaking up the sunshine and swimming in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Spain and Portugal are also home to delightful music and delicious food.


Germany is a popular nation for tourists because this country is home to beautiful and impressive castles with historic value. Germany’s history as a nation of the European continent is fascinating. Many people travel to this country for the historical experience.


The boot-shaped Italian nation is one of the most popular nations for tourists to on a European tour. Italy is known for its relaxed pace, its incredible variety of famous works of art, its beautiful architecture that inspires contractors today like Roofing USA, and its incredibly delicious food. There are many different regions in Italy, and it’s a good idea to use collected airline miles from a credit card to ensure that you take in the vast breadth of cultural variety within this European nation.

Take a European Tour

Visiting Europe is an excellent way to use up bonus airline miles. Many people look back on a European tour as a turning point in their lives and a memory that will never be forgotten.

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