5 Ways Airlines Go Above and Beyond as Service Providers

Choosing the right airline involves different factors for different people. One way to choose the best airline for your next trip is to consider airlines that go above and beyond as service providers. Here are five ways that airlines can offer great service .

Helping Families or Underage Travelers

One way that many airlines go above and beyond when offering services to customers is making special arrangements for family travelers or underage travelers. Children traveling on planes often become discomfited or stressed because of the changes in cabin air pressure and the necessity of sitting in a narrow space for long periods of time. When children travel alone, they are often scared to be by themselves. A good airline will pair a flight attendant with an unattended child passenger, and this flight attendant will be personally responsible for seeing to the child’s needs and checking in with them during the flight. The flight attendant will also help guide the child to the individuals’ waiting to receive him or her at the destination.

Helping Passengers with Disabilities

Most flights are required, by law, to assist passengers with disabilities. Passengers who use wheelchairs or walkers to get around may be allowed to board the plane before other passengers. This is a safety issue for the disabled passenger and for other passengers. A high quality airline, however, will take disabled passenger accommodations to the next level by simply checking in with passengers to ensure that they are comfortable.

Assisting Business Travelers and Their Specific Needs

Business travelers have a variety of specific needs, and they often choose airlines that see specifically to these needs. A business section in a service-oriented airline may feature fully reclining seats and dimmable cabin lights for resting, convenient outlets and charging stations for electronic devices, and other personal luxuries that help weary business travelers relax while on a flight.

Increased Variety in Meals or Beverages

Another way that airlines can increase their service level is to provide a wider choice of meals or beverages to customers. Some airlines have stopped offering alcoholic beverages to customers in order to save money. An airline concerned more with meeting passenger needs rather than cutting costs is a worthwhile airline.

In-Flight Airlines Entertainment

Another added service that a quality airline will offer is in-flight entertainment such as music or movies. These added services can make a flight seem much shorter and more comfortable.

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Traveling on the Cheap: 4 Secrets Travel Agents Don’t Want You to Know About

Many travelers use professional traveling agents to book their trips from start to finish. Some travelers may have accumulated airline miles through a credit card program. Because they want to make sure they use these free miles wisely, they employ the services of a professional agent. However, there are some travel secrets that agents don’t want you to know about. You can use these trade secrets to make your vacation more affordable and more enjoyable.

Traveling Out of Town for Lodging

Skip the city center for your lodging and head out of town. You’ll be able to get dramatically reduced pricing on comparable lodging for the night.

Peak Tourist Season Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Even though your agent wants you traveling during the peak season, the crowds and the higher prices may not be worth your while. Go during the off-season for greater savings and a more pleasant, laid back experience.

 Skip the Paid Tour and Pick up a Guidebook

Paid tours are the traveling agent’s modus operandi. Instead of shelling out big bucks for a paid tour that takes all day, pick up a guidebook with great reviews and visit the city on your own dime.

Cut Down on the Number of Cities You Plan to Visit

Many traveling agents will try to convince you that you can see Paris, Rome, and Athens in just a week of vacation. They’ll explain to you that the close proximity of nations in Europe or other foreign continents means that you can pack more into a single vacation. They’ll discuss the importance of making the most of your vacation by cramming as much sightseeing and travel as possible into a single holiday. What they aren’t telling you, though, is that they are making a higher commission by booking you in different hotels each night, purchasing bus and train tickets for your vacation transportation, and making more money by sending you to a new place every day of your vacation. You will actually save money by cutting down on the number of cities you plan to visit during your vacation. You’ll also dramatically reduce your stress levels and create a more relaxing, and affordable, vacation for you and your family.


Travel agents aren’t trying to rip you off, but they are trying to make a profit. If you’re looking to experience a foreign culture without draining your bank account, these travel secrets will help you out.

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Are Credit Card Companies Out to Get You?

Credit card companies are not out to get you. In fact, most credit card companies are honest and have a great deal of integrity. They offer a service to customers and may even offer valuable rewards like complementary airline miles.

Credit Card Companies are Profitable Businesses

It’s true that credit card companies are profitable businesses, but so are hospitals, dentist offices, grocery stores, banks, investment firms, and even the United States post office. A desire for profit is not a sign of corruption. Credit card firms aren’t trying to milk the economy dry. They are simply made up of executives and shareholders looking to create a successful business.

Credit Card Firms Thrive on Good Customer Relationships

Credit card businesses would not be able to thrive if they relied on wrecking customer lives and leaving them bankrupt. In fact, credit card enterprises make a profit when they establish long-term customer relationships where both parties are satisfied. That’s why so many credit card companies offer valuable perks and rewards to customers like airline miles.

Credit Card Organizations are Often Patient and Flexible

There is a misunderstanding that credit card organizations are cold and inflexible, demanding payment on time, every month, with no exceptions. This could not be further from the truth. Many credit card companies have programs to reward reliable customers. If the unexpected comes up and you need to skip a payment, your credit card company will likely work with you.

Credit Card Companies Will Work With You to Get You Back on Track

If the worst happens and you do fall behind on your credit card payments, the credit card executives aren’t just going to sit back and start laughing about your misfortune. When your credit card is maxed out and you’re no longer able to use it for purchases, the credit card company is actually losing the chance for profits. For this reason, credit card companies will often do their utmost to get you back on track and work with you to create a reasonable payment plan. As long as you stay in communication with your creditors and attempt to make payments on-time, you shouldn’t have any trouble working with your credit card company.


Many consumers think that credit card companies are villains out to steal their money and walk away with massive profits. While credit card companies are profitable businesses, they are actually just trying to provide a service to consumers.

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Vacations To Go: The United States or Abroad?

Vacations to go. This is the number one problem customers experience when they rack up airline miles by using a credit card for every day purchases, The opportunities are endless for air travel, and it’s the customer’s job to choose when and where he or she will travel. Often, the decision comes down to traveling throughout the United States or traveling abroad to experience a foreign country in another part of the world.

There are pros and cons to both traveling abroad and traveling throughout the United States. The decision regarding how to use accumulated credit card airline miles is very personal. Here are some comparisons between vacations to go abroad or within the United States that may help you make up your mind.

Experience More Cultural Variety Abroad

For certain, you’ll be able to experience more cultural variety if you travel abroad. Even though there are cultural epicenters within the United States that vary from state to state, the culture is still pretty much the same. Almost all Americans speak English as their primary language, and there are very few cultural gaps in understanding that will challenge or expand the world view of travelers. Some travelers don’t want to immerse themselves in a foreign culture, of course, because it causes them too much stress. If you are looking to experience something completely new or unfamiliar and discover new cultures with new ideas and values, however, you’ll likely want to travel outside the US.

Vacations To Go In the US Cheaper

Of course, if you want to get more bang for your buck, you might want to consider visiting some of the more obscure tourist locations within the United States. Credit cards that offer travel benefits often offer a specific number of airline miles. If you travel close to home, you’ll be able to use fewer miles and spread out your benefits over a greater number of vacations. If you plan on traveling abroad, you’ll likely use up most of your miles simply crossing the ocean.

Experience the World or Get to Know Your Country?

Consumers who are deciding between vacations to go in the United States and travel abroad need to make one basic decision. Do you want to experience the world or get to know your own country on a more personal level? The United States is one of the biggest countries in the world, and many citizens live their entire lives without having visited every state. Still, traveling abroad is also a valuable experience. Cashing in credit card miles is a tough decision.

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How to Create a Plane Survival Kit

Survival On Flights

Traveling by plane is a great way to get to your destination in a short amount of time and with minimal hassles. However, many adults are terrified of flying. They would rather take a long journey by automobile or public transportation than willingly trap themselves in a steel container thousands of feet above the earth’s surface. What if you are terrified of flying and you earn airline miles with a credit card, though? You may be able to give the miles to a friend or family member, but you will be essentially wasting a valuable perk that you’ve received from your credit card company.

Instead, you can make flying less scary by creating a plane survival kit to use during the journey. This plane survival kit has nothing to do with parachutes and oxygen masks. Instead, you can fill it with things that will help you take your mind off the flight and make the experience more comfortable.

Do Your Research

Before you create your plane survival kit, you might want to do a little research about air travel in general. One thing you will discover is that traveling by plane is one of the safest ways to travel in the world. The percentage of airplanes that experience any problems whatsoever is minute when compared with the percentage of automobiles involved in life-threatening accidents every day. You can even research the safety rating of the airline with which you will be traveling for added encouragement.

Books and Magazines

Reading material is one of the best things to keep in your plane survival kit. Reading actively engages the imagination, so you won’t even be able to focus on your fears and worries while flying. If you have a good book that you’ve been dying to read, an airplane journey gives you the perfect opportunity.

Music and Movies

If you need something more stimulating than a book, an MP3 device with music of movies may be a great option. You can listen to soothing melodies or watch a lighthearted comedy to take your mind off the flight.

Make Your Flight More Comfortable

It’s also a good idea to pack some things that will make you feel more comfortable on the plane. A neck pillow will reduce neck fatigue, and a small blanket can keep you warm if the plane’s interior becomes too chilly. Chewing gum or small beverages can be used to eliminate the inner ear pressure that often occurs during takeoff.

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