Are Credit Cards Really the Danger That People Claim?

Many consumers have misunderstandings about credit cards and credit companies. Credit companies often receive a bad rap from individuals who have accumulated huge amounts of debt and then have trouble paying off this debt. Financial advisors who deal with irresponsible consumers often suggest that individuals never seek out credit cards because they are dangerous and unpredictable. However, there is a huge population of consumers that uses credit cards responsibly and never experiences any problems with their credit card companies.

Credit cards are tools that must be used with integrity and responsibility. An automobile can be very dangerous when driven by a person who isn’t paying attention or acting responsibly. However, the actions of irresponsible drivers shouldn’t cause us to label all automobiles as dangerous. Here are some common myths associated with credit cards.

Myth: Excessive Debt is Guaranteed with Credit Cards

Many people mistakenly believe that a credit card automatically guarantees excessive and unaffordable debt. This, however, is not the case. Individuals who budget for minimum monthly payments and monitor their debt accumulation responsibly are perfectly capable of paying off a credit card in a timely manner. Some credit cards do have large interest rates, but many credit card companies offer reduced interest rates for responsible behavior and on-time payments.

Myth: Credit Cards Destroy Your Credit Rating

This myth is 100% false, and yet it is held by consumers throughout the world. Having a credit card does not negatively affect your credit rating. Your credit rating is destroyed when consumers with credit cards fail to make on-time payments. In fact, paying a credit card on time each month can actually improve your credit rating over time.

Myth: Credit Card Companies are Dishonest and Greedy

Many consumers assume that credit card companies are greedy and dishonest, but this is not the case. Credit card companies, like most other businesses, provide a service to you in exchange for a profit. Credit card companies don’t want to ruin your life or that of your loved one. They actually hope to develop lifelong customer relationships.

Myth: The Offered Perks are Never Worthwhile

Some consumers believe that the offered perks and rewards that come through credit cards are never worthwhile. However, some credit cards offer airline miles and other benefits that are valuable. It is the customer’s responsibility to read the information about perks and rewards and determine whether or not they will benefit from these offered benefits.

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Trips: Organizing and Scheduling Your Next Vacation

Trips can be taken by consumers with credit cards that have airline mile accumulation benefits. When these individuals spend money using the credit cards, the credit card company awards airline miles, which can be redeemed on almost any airplane journey throughout the world. Sometimes, however, consumers get so caught up in the idea of taking a vacation that they forget to plan effectively for the vacation. Good planning before the vacation will eliminate stress and ensure that a traveler is able to relax and enjoy the tourist attractions and sights he or she will be experiencing.

If you’re planning a relaxing vacation with your credit card airline miles, here are some great tips for organizing and scheduling your vacation. Following these steps will ensure that you don’t get caught off guard or caught unprepared while enjoying your vacation.

Choose Your Destinations

First, you’ll need to choose the destinations you want to visit on your trips. Some people decide to choose a single city or country and explore that country as fully as possible. Other vacationers prefer to cram several different regions or nations into a single vacation in order to experience a wide variety of sights while traveling. Be reasonable when preparing your destination list, and be sure that you can find travel accommodations from one location to the next.

Rank Your Destinations by Importance

Next, it’s important to rank your destinations by importance. Sometimes, unexpected events affect the vacation trips you schedule. You might miss a connecting flight or contract an illness, and these events can prevent you from visiting some of the places on your itinerary. When you rank destinations by importance, you’ll be able to cut out some of the destinations in which you are less interested if this becomes necessary.

Plan Day Trips on the Vacation

Create an itinerary for each day of your vacation trips. Many people want to “play it by ear” while vacationing, but this can actually cause a great deal of stress and waste valuable vacation time. Choose tourist attractions, tours, concerts, theatrical events, museums, and other sites you want to visit, and put these events into a schedule that you can follow during your vacation.

Leave Room for Spontaneity

It’s important, though, to remember to allow yourself the freedom to be spontaneous. When you’ve cashed in your credit card airline miles, you need to reward yourself with the freedom to do the unexpected on your trips. Don’t be afraid to scrap the itinerary if an exciting opportunity presents itself.

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4 Steps for Selecting the Right Airlines for Your Vacation

Traveling via air is one of the most convenient and exciting ways to reach a new destination. People choose air travel for a variety of different reasons. Some people need to travel by air because they have a very short time frame during which they can arrive at their destinations. Business travelers, for example, value efficiency and speed when selecting a travel mode. Others prefer to travel by air because they don’t have to worry about operating a vehicle or changing transportation modes over and over again. Some people choose to travel by air simply because it’s fun and convenient.

One other increasingly popular reason why consumers choose to travel by air is the prevalence of credit cards that offer customers the option to accumulate airline miles as a reward for credit card usage. Essentially, every time a consumer uses the credit card, he or she earns a small amount of airline miles. After these miles have been saved for a specific amount of time, they can be redeemed for either a part of the cost or the entire cost of an airline ticket.

If you plan to travel by air, it’s important to select airlines  for your specific needs. Here is a convenient four-step checklist that will help you narrow your options and choose the right airline for your next vacation.

Consider Your Options

First, you’ll have to consider your options. Not all airlines travel to all destinations, and sometimes airlines do not operate on certain days or at specific times during the day. If you have time constraints that dictate when you can travel, you’ll have to select airlines that offer flights during the necessary window. You may also have to switch airlines several times, especially if you are traveling to a more obscure destination.

Choose Luxury or Economy

When you’ve compiled a list of airlines that offer flights to your destination during the correct time frame, you need to decide whether you are looking for luxury or economy in an airline. Luxurious airlines are more comfortable and service-oriented while economic airlines remove the “extras” and “perks” and simply provide customers with affordable travel. This may depend largely on the number of airline miles you have accumulated. It may also depend on which airlines your credit card works with to provide miles.

Select Airlines on Safety Reputation

Finally, you might want to look at a specific airline’s safety ratings and reputation when you select airlines. The safety ratings of an airline reference specific incidents and safety risks while an airline’s reputation encompasses service, customer satisfaction, and other factors.

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5 Ways Consumers Can Benefit from Credit Cards

A credit card is often described as a frightening or dangerous financial solution with nothing but negative effects on a consumer’s life. While credit cards do have a lot of negative connotations and risks, there are benefits from credit cards usage. The trick, of course, is to use credit cards responsibly. Paying off as much of the credit card as possible each billing cycle will keep consumers from drowning in debt. It’s also important to never borrow more than you can afford to pay back. Here is how you can benefit from credit cards.

Purchase Investment Items and Pay Long-Term

First, a credit card allows consumers to purchase items and spread the payments for those items over a longer period of time. Many consumers use credit cards to purchase expensive items such as appliances or electronic devices. Instead of having to pay the full price upfront, you can charge the item and pay for it over the course of several months.

Have Security in Emergencies

Credit cards can also provide security in emergencies. Injuries, illnesses, damage to homes, accidents, and other emergencies are often quite expensive. With a credit card, you’ll be protected in all circumstances.

Build a Solid Credit Score

If you use a credit card wisely, you can actually build up your credit score.  A high credit score is necessary for purchasing a house, an automobile, or other large items. Regular payments to a credit card company will boost your score. You stand to benefit from credit cards with responsible usage.

Learn Effective Money Management

Credit cards can also help consumers learn the skills associated with effective and responsible money management. Creating a budget and making on-time payments are crucial life skills that will serve you well throughout life.

Earn Bonus Items and Rewards

One of the least-known ways that consumers can benefit from owning a credit card is through the perks and rewards that many credit card companies offer. When you use your credit card to make purchases, many credit card companies give cash back, reward points that can go to further purchases, or even credit card airline miles. You can redeem these miles and fly for free to a destination of your choice.

Benefit From Credit Card

Credit cards must be used responsibly, but they aren’t always negative. Irresponsible credit card users will find themselves overwhelmed by debt, but if you use a credit card effectively, you can actually achieve all of these incredible benefits.


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4 Reasons Why Travel With Friends is a Great Alternative to Traveling Alone

Traveling with friends is advisable, first and foremost, because it is safer and less risky. Most of the dangers of traveling affect tourists who are traveling by themselves. Thieves and other individuals looking to cause harm are less likely to bother a large group of travelers. Also, when you travel with friends, you’ll have more sets of eyes to be on the lookout for dangerous situations. Here are some other benefits of traveling in numbers.

Travel with Friends Lightens Cost Load

When you travel with friends, you’ll save money on your vacation. Teaming up with others to rent lodging for the night requires each person to spend less on a room. When you take a cab, you can split the taxicab fare.

Travel is More Fun in Groups

Travel, quite simply, is more fun with a group of friends. When you are visiting a foreign country, experiencing the strange, new, and unexpected, and expanding your world view, it’s important to have someone you trust alongside you. A vacation with friends heightens the value of the experience.

Create Shared Memories with Friends

One of the best things about travel with friends rather than traveling alone is the ability to create shared memories that will last a lifetime. When you visit a foreign country or an exotic location, the first thing you’ll want to do is tell your friends about your experiences. Showing them photographs and trying to give them a play-by-play of your most exciting moments, though, is a tedious process. Your friends might get bored, and you’ll never feel that you adequately explained the joy of your vacation.

When you travel with friends, however, you’ll all have shared experiences that you can chat to one another for years to come. Each time you get together, you’ll remember the funny stories and interesting events that happened on your group vacation.


If you have a credit card that offers airline miles as a perk for frequent use, you might consider teaming up with friends to get the most out of your vacation. Even though you may not be able to spread the miles out amongst several different people, you can purchase as many tickets as possible using your airline miles and have everyone chip in to cover the cost of the remaining tickets.

You’ll enjoy your vacation so much more when you travel with friends.

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