Weekly Roundup – Best Airlines in the World

Do you want to get the best Airlines that will make you feel confident, secure and safe? With many upcoming airlines all over the world, it is important for you to choose carefully the airlines that you will trust. Here are just a few of the best airlines in the world.

Emirates Airlines

Emirates is a global airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the largest airline in the Middle East and was ranked among the top 10 carriers worldwide and eighth by Air Transport World. Emirates has been named the best airlines in the world for 2013. The Emirates serves more than 120 destinations across the six continents.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is the state-owned carrier of Qatar. It operates services across Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Far East, South Asia, Middle East, North America, South America and Oceania. It joined the One World Alliance on 30 Octomber2013.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is a five-star airline and Singapore’s flag carrier. It operates from its hub at Changi Airport with its strong presence, mostly visible in the Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia and Kangaroo Route destinations.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is the international flag carrier of Hong Kong. The Airline serves 168 destinations in more than 40 countries across Asia, The Pacific, Africa, Middle East and North America. Cathay Pacific offers up to four cabin classes on its long-haul international flights including First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is United Arab Emirates Flag carrier airline. Etihad was awarded the world’s leading airline for four consecutive years (2009 to 2012) by The Travel Awards. Etihad serves in all the six inhabited continents.

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Is Air Travel Really the Safest Way to Get to Your Destination?

Traveling by airplane has a bad reputation that isn’t entirely earned. Yes, there are stories of dangerous airplane crashes and even heartbreaking terrorist events that cause passengers to be injured or even killed. These stories, though, represent a minute percentage of travelers. If you’ve received complimentary airline miles from a credit card, there is no reason not to redeem those miles and take advantage of the savings. Air travel really is the safest way to get to your destination.

Considering the Statistics

If you still aren’t convinced, simply consider the statistics. When you compile the measured results of automobile accidents, public transportation incidents, boating accidents, and even accidents sustained while walking, you’ll notice that all of these events are higher than the number of airplane accidents that occur each year.

No Contact with Other Drivers

When you fly in a plane, you don’t have to worry about negligent or dangerous drivers. There is virtually no chance of an in-air collision because airplane courses are meticulously plotted to eliminate these risks. Also, travelers won’t have to worry about fatigue or exhaustion causing them to be reckless. Unless they have pilot’s licenses, they won’t be flying the plane.

Air Travel Hassle Free

In addition to being one of the safest ways to travel to your intended destination, air travel is also one of the most convenient travel methods. Take, for instance, a journey, from the Midwest region of the United States to the West Coast. By car, this journey would take nearly thirty hours. This means you would have to stop several times along the way, pay money for overnight lodging, and waste a huge chunk of your vacation time in a cramped vehicle. Traveling this distance by public transportation such as a bus would take even longer. In a plane, however, this journey will not take more than four hours of your time. If you consider the travel to and from the airport, you might be investing six hours of your vacation in transit time.


If you truly want to get the most out of your vacation experience, traveling by plane is the way to go. Many consumers rack up airline miles through the use of a credit card, and this means that they can save even more money on vacation travel. When you consider the incredible safety ratings of air travel along with the convenience of shortening travel time, it’s no wonder that air travel is becoming more and more popular.


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How Has Air Travel Changed in the Past Decade?

The air travel industry has changed dramatically in the past decade, and it’s important for travelers to be made aware of these changes before showing up at the airport.

Improved Security Standards

One change travelers will have noticed in the air travel industry is the improvements in safety standards that exist both on airplanes and in airports. Security checks are more thorough and comprehensive, new rules and guidelines dictating how far friends and family members can go within the airport have been created, and new rules about luggage and accessories for passengers have been implemented. These changes, while sometimes inconvenient, have all been developed to protect the safety of air travelers.

The Air Marshal

One change that has been implemented in the air travel industry that most travelers won’t even recognize is the presence of licensed air marshals on many commercial flights. An air marshal is kind of like a policeman in the sky. These armed and trained individuals purchase passenger tickets on airplanes. They are there to monitor passenger safety and intervene if something goes wrong on the plane.

Increased Air Travel Costs

One of the only negative changes to affect the airline industry in the past decade is the presence of constantly rising costs. Air travel today is incredibly more expensive than it was ten years ago, and there are a few reasons for these cost hikes. First, the fuel used to power the airplane engines themselves has increased in price. Huge airline companies have to purchase massive amounts of fuel, and when they are required to pay more “at the pump,” they have to pass those price increases on to customers in order to continue guaranteeing a profit. Airports are also charging airline companies higher fees because of the need for added personnel at the airport. Someone has to pay for increased security measures, and the person who ends up paying is usually the traveler.


In spite of the increase in air travel costs, most of the changes that have affected the air travel industry have been implemented to protect and serve the needs of the traveler. In spite of past airline tragedies, the airplane is still the safest method of transportation around. So, if you have collected a vast amount of credit card airline miles, it’s time to put your concerns aside, recognize the vast improvements that have been made, and schedule that dream vacation you’ve been longing for.

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5 Ways Airlines Go Above and Beyond as Service Providers

Choosing the right airline involves different factors for different people. One way to choose the best airline for your next trip is to consider airlines that go above and beyond as service providers. Here are five ways that airlines can offer great service .

Helping Families or Underage Travelers

One way that many airlines go above and beyond when offering services to customers is making special arrangements for family travelers or underage travelers. Children traveling on planes often become discomfited or stressed because of the changes in cabin air pressure and the necessity of sitting in a narrow space for long periods of time. When children travel alone, they are often scared to be by themselves. A good airline will pair a flight attendant with an unattended child passenger, and this flight attendant will be personally responsible for seeing to the child’s needs and checking in with them during the flight. The flight attendant will also help guide the child to the individuals’ waiting to receive him or her at the destination.

Helping Passengers with Disabilities

Most flights are required, by law, to assist passengers with disabilities. Passengers who use wheelchairs or walkers to get around may be allowed to board the plane before other passengers. This is a safety issue for the disabled passenger and for other passengers. A high quality airline, however, will take disabled passenger accommodations to the next level by simply checking in with passengers to ensure that they are comfortable.

Assisting Business Travelers and Their Specific Needs

Business travelers have a variety of specific needs, and they often choose airlines that see specifically to these needs. A business section in a service-oriented airline may feature fully reclining seats and dimmable cabin lights for resting, convenient outlets and charging stations for electronic devices, and other personal luxuries that help weary business travelers relax while on a flight.

Increased Variety in Meals or Beverages

Another way that airlines can increase their service level is to provide a wider choice of meals or beverages to customers. Some airlines have stopped offering alcoholic beverages to customers in order to save money. An airline concerned more with meeting passenger needs rather than cutting costs is a worthwhile airline.

In-Flight Airlines Entertainment

Another added service that a quality airline will offer is in-flight entertainment such as music or movies. These added services can make a flight seem much shorter and more comfortable.

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How to Create a Plane Survival Kit

Survival On Flights

Traveling by plane is a great way to get to your destination in a short amount of time and with minimal hassles. However, many adults are terrified of flying. They would rather take a long journey by automobile or public transportation than willingly trap themselves in a steel container thousands of feet above the earth’s surface. What if you are terrified of flying and you earn airline miles with a credit card, though? You may be able to give the miles to a friend or family member, but you will be essentially wasting a valuable perk that you’ve received from your credit card company.

Instead, you can make flying less scary by creating a plane survival kit to use during the journey. This plane survival kit has nothing to do with parachutes and oxygen masks. Instead, you can fill it with things that will help you take your mind off the flight and make the experience more comfortable.

Do Your Research

Before you create your plane survival kit, you might want to do a little research about air travel in general. One thing you will discover is that traveling by plane is one of the safest ways to travel in the world. The percentage of airplanes that experience any problems whatsoever is minute when compared with the percentage of automobiles involved in life-threatening accidents every day. You can even research the safety rating of the airline with which you will be traveling for added encouragement.

Books and Magazines

Reading material is one of the best things to keep in your plane survival kit. Reading actively engages the imagination, so you won’t even be able to focus on your fears and worries while flying. If you have a good book that you’ve been dying to read, an airplane journey gives you the perfect opportunity.

Music and Movies

If you need something more stimulating than a book, an MP3 device with music of movies may be a great option. You can listen to soothing melodies or watch a lighthearted comedy to take your mind off the flight.

Make Your Flight More Comfortable

It’s also a good idea to pack some things that will make you feel more comfortable on the plane. A neck pillow will reduce neck fatigue, and a small blanket can keep you warm if the plane’s interior becomes too chilly. Chewing gum or small beverages can be used to eliminate the inner ear pressure that often occurs during takeoff.

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4 Steps for Selecting the Right Airlines for Your Vacation

Traveling via air is one of the most convenient and exciting ways to reach a new destination. People choose air travel for a variety of different reasons. Some people need to travel by air because they have a very short time frame during which they can arrive at their destinations. Business travelers, for example, value efficiency and speed when selecting a travel mode. Others prefer to travel by air because they don’t have to worry about operating a vehicle or changing transportation modes over and over again. Some people choose to travel by air simply because it’s fun and convenient.

One other increasingly popular reason why consumers choose to travel by air is the prevalence of credit cards that offer customers the option to accumulate airline miles as a reward for credit card usage. Essentially, every time a consumer uses the credit card, he or she earns a small amount of airline miles. After these miles have been saved for a specific amount of time, they can be redeemed for either a part of the cost or the entire cost of an airline ticket.

If you plan to travel by air, it’s important to select airlines  for your specific needs. Here is a convenient four-step checklist that will help you narrow your options and choose the right airline for your next vacation.

Consider Your Options

First, you’ll have to consider your options. Not all airlines travel to all destinations, and sometimes airlines do not operate on certain days or at specific times during the day. If you have time constraints that dictate when you can travel, you’ll have to select airlines that offer flights during the necessary window. You may also have to switch airlines several times, especially if you are traveling to a more obscure destination.

Choose Luxury or Economy

When you’ve compiled a list of airlines that offer flights to your destination during the correct time frame, you need to decide whether you are looking for luxury or economy in an airline. Luxurious airlines are more comfortable and service-oriented while economic airlines remove the “extras” and “perks” and simply provide customers with affordable travel. This may depend largely on the number of airline miles you have accumulated. It may also depend on which airlines your credit card works with to provide miles.

Select Airlines on Safety Reputation

Finally, you might want to look at a specific airline’s safety ratings and reputation when you select airlines. The safety ratings of an airline reference specific incidents and safety risks while an airline’s reputation encompasses service, customer satisfaction, and other factors.

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