Non-continental united states

Why You Should Travel to the Non-Continental United States

If you’ve collected airline miles through the use of a credit card with miles perks, you might be trying to come up with a creative way to redeem them. Instead of visiting a state that could be reached by car or bus, consider expanding your sights and focusing on one of the two non continental US states.

The Exotic Beauty of Hawaii

Hawaii is nothing short of a tropical paradise, and millions of tourists breathe the fresh, tangy air of Hawaii while on vacation. There are opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, fishing, and surfing in the state of Hawaii, and there are several islands to choose from when planning your vacation. You can also take up offers with a Hawaiian airlines credit card to maximize your stay in Hawaii.

The Breathtaking Alaskan Experience

Alaska is the largest state, and it represents the last real untamed wilderness region of the United States. Alaska is twice the size of Texas, and it is covered by vast evergreen forests, small islands, glaciers, and enormous tundra. Alaska is filled with wildlife, and most of this state has been untouched by human civilization. If you are interested in viewing the world as it may have appeared thousands of years ago, on the non continental US, Alaska can afford you that opportunity. You can as well deepen the fun and adventure of your flight and stay in this frontier state with Alaska airlines credit cards. You get to enjoy premium flight perks and superb service while accumulating your miles.

Learn a Little U.S. History on Vacation

When you use your credit card airline miles to experience one of the two non continental US states you can prepare for your journey by doing a little research regarding the United States’ decision to acquire these far-away territories and turn them into states. The reasons for acquiring Hawaii and Alaska are quite different. The United States wanted a presence closer to the Asian continent, and this prompted the purchase of Hawaii. On the other hand, the chance to expand the territory of the country by purchasing Alaska, the biggest state in the Union, was one that the government couldn’t afford to pass up.


The United States of America has a unique and varied history, and this is only exceeded by the uniqueness and variations present in the different states of the union. While many people decide to travel in the continental states on vacation, experiencing the drastically different climates and sights of both Hawaii and Alaska is a great alternative. If you plan on visiting these non continental US states, however, it’s important to pay attention to both peak tourism information and climate information. There are specific times when using your credit card airline miles to visit either Alaska or Hawaii will provide you with the best possible vacation.

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