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3 Days Rome Itinerary

It is simply impossible to cover history, culture, and food of the Eternal City, Rome in three days. After all, there is so much to do, see and experience and it can sure get overwhelming to fit everything within a couple of days. Yet, there are tourists who are here for just three day vacation and want to see it all. The vibrant city is full of attractions, and there are reminders of its past everywhere, in its ancient sites, buildings and fountains and those great museums.

Here is an itinerary to explore wonders of Rome in 3 days!

Day 1 – Explore the Christian Rome

Start the tour with a visit to the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and grandiose church of St. Peter’s Basilica. This is a half day walking tour and you get amazing sights inside those buildings and panoramic view of the city. Spend the morning exploring the artistic wonders of Rome.

During afternoon, make your way towards Trastevere district. You are sure to get hungry by now and can stop for lunch at Da Giovanni on the way. Once in Trastevere, explore the famous churches such as Santa Maria and Santa Cecilia.

It would be evening time by now, and you can just relax or wander through the cobblestone alleyways. You are sure to come across a good eating place for a nice dinner as Trastevere boasts of the highest number of some good restaurants in Rome.

Day 2 – Explore the ancient Rome

After a busy yesterday and relaxed night, it is time to make the most of your second day in Rome. Begin your morning with the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria that is known for its fabulous Bernini sculptures. Later check out of Piazza Della Repubblica and Santa Maria degli Angeli. Continue moving southeast and spend some time looking at the antiquities of the Museo Nazionale Romano. Once you are done, head through Piazza dei Cinquecento and Cavour/Annibaldi. A tunnel like street will lead you to the famous church of San Pietro in Vincoli, where you get to see the famous Michelangelo’s Moses.

Continue down Via Cavour, and it is lunch time by now. Arrive at the Roman Forum where you can spend some time wandering the ruins the imperial palaces on the Palatine Hill. Forum’s southeast entrance will lead you to the Colosseum and next to it is the Arch of Constantine. Walk around the back of the Colosseum if you are not too tired. Have a look at the ancient sculptures and Renaissance and baroque paintings in Capitoline Museums. Make sure to reach central building on Piazza del Campidoglio before sunset.

Day 3 Explore the heart of Rome

Take a tour of the heart of the city – Villa Borghese park, the Tiber Bend area and Tridente/Spanish Steps. You get to see the fabulous antiquities and frescoed Renaissance villa. Works by Caravaggio and Raphael can be viewed inside the church of Sant’Agostino. Later, enjoy the most famous cappuccino in Rome at the Caffé Sant’Eustachio. Later, visit the Pantheon, which is the only ancient Roman temple that has survived. Ice cream fans love the area around the Pantheon where they get to try some gelato.

It would be lunch time by now and later you could head north towards the ancient Roman Column of Marcus Aurelius and the Villa Borghese park. Spend the evening along Rome’s Via del Corso followed by a well-deserved dinner in the Old City.

Before you turn in for the night, take a last minute drive to the famous Trevi Fountain and toss a few coins. For a reliable and affordable transfer service, get in touch with KiwiTaxi, who are professional and world famous. This is surely the best, safest, easiest and most reliable transfers in the historical mecca of Rome.

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Travelling to Vanuatu? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Vanuatu is arguably one of the best destinations in the Pacific. With its pristine beaches and serene environment, Vanuatu can be the perfect place to spend your holiday this year. For those planning to visit Vanuatu, here’s what you need to know:

Best Time to Travel to Vanuatu

The busiest season in Vanuatu is from April to October because of the pleasant weather. Airfares during this time of the year are also the most expensive. They are cheapest from November to March because weather is humid and water temperatures are not so ideal for swimming. February and earlier are a little slow, which means that there may be some fantastic deals available. However, there may be fewer people to meet or locals to make friends with during this time of the year. Depending on the season, you can take advantage of travel deals and discounts when you booking online. ­

While the changes in climate are not so drastic in Vanuatu and you can actually travel there any time of the year, choosing the date of travel will really depend on what you want to do during your trip.

What to See and Do

In Vanuatu, you can go scuba diving, go on a village tour, roam around Port Vila, go hiking to the Mele Cascade, visit Chief Roi Mata and the National Museum and Cultural Center, fly to the “Mystery Island” where you can hike and swim in the beaches, go boating, soak in the hot spring or go fishing. Vanuatu offers landscapes, rainforests, diving/fishing spots, and stunning island views you will truly enjoy.

Shop for a Holiday Package

Vacation packages are not difficult to find if you know where and how to look for excellent travel deals. It is possible to find all-inclusive vacation packages with discounted prices on hotels, car rentals and even flights. Save yourself some money by taking advantage of holiday packages to Vanuatu.

One thing you need to realize is that not every holiday package is the same. Some may look like a great deal when it actually doubles the actual price. Ultimately, you can save tons of money by choosing among great holiday packages to Vanuatu than booking everything one by one starting from your hotel room to your airfare. It can save you time and money—guaranteed. The trick is that travel companies are aware of the best airfares and hotel rates better than you do. Also, they buy in bulk so their offered rates that are much lower than the rates offered to you when booking everything individually.

Money Saving Tips

For those exchanging money, Port Vila (capital of Vanuatu) offers the best rates. If riding the bus, save huge amounts by getting one heading to the Cascades for only 500 VUV and 2,500 VUV for entry price. For those on a budget, avoid the resorts if at all possible. Resorts tend to overcharge for everything from services to food. Opt for a local hotel and pay for a fraction of the price. While prices in Vanuatu are relatively lower than in other more well-known destinations in the Pacific, saving even more money from a vacation is always good.

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Benefits of Booking Vacations Around the World

Whether you consider yourself passionate about seeing the world around you or if you are an avid explorer, consider booking vacations around the globe right from the comfort of your own home. Understanding the benefits of booking multiple vacations and getaways from one location is a way for you to make the most of your time while also having the ability to save on costs and expenses.

Planning Your Trip Ahead of Time

When you want to plan a trip to vacation around the world, doing so by preparing ahead of time is highly recommended. Take time to research different travel methods, countries you want to visit as well as estimated costs of your vacation to ensure you are able to visit any destination you have in mind for your travels. Working together with a travel agency that is credible and trustworthy is also a way for you to move forward with your travel plans whether you are visiting just one country or if you have a world adventure planned for yourself and your family. Planning a vacation or getaway months or even a year in advance is a way to guarantee it is possible to afford your travel without risking the availability of hotel rooms and airfare. For instance, if you are traveling to Maui you should look at different Maui Rentals and see which location fits your needs the most. Planning in advance and making sure it’s what you need will maximize the joyfulness of your trip.

Researching Destinations Before Booking Your Vacation

Any time you are thinking of traveling to different destinations around the world it is essential to research each location you plan to stop in individually. Gathering as much information as possible about your travel destination is a way to learn more about tourist hotspots, attractions and even local shops and restaurants that are must see spots. Be sure to research the most expensive and most affordable areas of the destinations you have in mind before traveling to ensure you are able to stick to any budget. When you spend the time researching different locations you want to visit it is also much easier to find a service for travel booking that is capable of meeting your needs financially as well as any schedule you have in mind.

Booking With the Right Service

Working with a service such as Royal Holiday is a way to review all of the destinations that are most appealing to you regardless of the budget you are on or have set in place for your getaway. Choosing to work with a company that is trustworthy, reliable and credible is a way to get peace of mind while discovering all that the world has to offer around you. Having a professional service by your side throughout the planning, reserving and booking process of your traveling is a way to completely create an itinerary that is accessible and works with any schedule you have available. With the assistance of a professional company who specializes in international and national travel it is much easier to find lower rates when seeking hotels, airfare and even tourist attractions and events to attend.

Utilizing the right service to find the best getaways and vacation locations is a way to ensure you are maximizing your saving abilities while giving you the opportunity to see the world. Whether you want to travel to one central location or if you are interested in seeing the sights around the world in different countries, working with the right service is a way to get you there on any budget.

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Five Incredible Places to Visit in the Philippines



Looking for a destination to add in your bucket list? You might want to consider visiting the Philippines next. Here are some of the great places that tell you why…




Located at the northernmost tip of the Philippines, Batanes is an island province in the Cagayan Valley region which is frequently ravaged by typhoon. Moreover, it has stood the test of time becoming more breathtaking as it was before. Batanes is a home of the Basco Lighthouse, stocky stone houses, endless rolling hills, white-sand beaches and stunning coasts where waves gracefully crash. You can rent a bike around the ancient villages that display the Spanish rule or just sit in one of those hills getting lost while viewing the dramatic scenery in front of you. Batanes has unique culture to discover and you should not miss it. A piece of heaven, it definitely is.

Underground River, Palawan

Underground River, Palawan

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River or Underground Rives is a UNSECO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. It is said to be the longest navigable river in the world covering a distance of 8.2 kilometers. The river passes through St. Paul Underground River Cave and underneath a mountain range. There are also other islands in Palawan that is known for their gorgeous white sand beaches and snorkeling areas. Island hopping at Honda Bay, Coron and El Nido is also a must-try.

Boracay Island

Boracay Island

Crystal clear waters, fine white sand, fun water activities, romantic sunsets and amusing nightlife– these are the reasons why Boracay is one of the top destinations in the Philippines. With four kilometers of powder white sand, anyone would enjoy bathing under the heat of the sun. Because a lot of tourists across the globe visit the island every year, Boracay has variety of food choices that people can enjoy ranging from American, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, French, Swiss, Italian and Moroccan food. Various resorts are also sprouting in the island and whether you are a budget traveler or a luxury one, you would find a place that you can afford. Budget accommodation starts US $17 and you can go all the way to US $300 per person at primary resorts.

Heritage City of Vigan

Heritage City of Vigan

Vigan is one of the top 21 finalists for the New 7 Wonders- Cities in the World. It has been one of the top tourist destinations in the country because of its Spanish-era architectural structure and rich culture. There are many things to do in the city which includes exploring Calle Crisologo, visiting Father Burgo’s House and the Syquia Mansion, cruising the Mestizo River, tasting local foods, climbing up the Bell Tower and riding the carriage which is a primary mode of transportation in Vigan. Learn more about how Vigan came to be by paying a visit to this place in your next travel.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol


Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Just hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last year, Bohol remains to be a top destination in the Philippines. One of Bohol’s highlights is the Chocolate Hills in Carmen. This tourist spot covers more than 1, 268 grass-covered limestone domes that looks green in rainy season and turns chocolate brown during dry season. You can also tour the hills riding an ATV. Now, there are extreme adventures that people can enjoy in the site as well, including zip line and bike on air passing through the hills. Bohol is also the home of the smallest primate in the world, the tarsiers.

These are just 5 of the many travel destinations in the Philippines that you can discover, explore and enjoy. Indeed, true to what the country’s tourism industry promotes, “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.

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Weekly Roundup – Jobs That Allow You to Travel The World

You do want to explore this universe but you lacks the means and resources. Worry no more. There are plenty of employment opportunities that requires you to travel across the globe. I urge you to go out there and grab them. Here i share with you just a few of those jobs that allow you to travel the world and at the same time earning some good cash.

English Teacher

You are a native English speaker and probably you have a college degree. Then, this is your opportunity to travel the world. English being one of the world’s spoken language, almost everyone all over the world is in need to learn it. This is the best opportunity to go to a foreign country, teach, interact, explore and at the same time get paid. Why waste your time while you could be in Japan passing your skills to them and at the same time exploring her beautiful nature! Grab this opportunity.

Travel Writer

This another great opportunity for you to grab. There are several travel companies and magazines out there willing to pay as long as you can travel and write quality articles. The company may cater all travel expensive though you have to produce quality work. Travel writing needs dedication, hard work and of all being creative. So, are you a good writer, creative and ready to travel? Then, this is your opportunity

Travel Nurse

In the four corners of the world, we do need nurse services. That said , there is shortage of nurses thus high demand. The shortage can be the opportunity to travel the world while still pursuing your career. Nurses are now required to travel from point to the other, hospital to the other in caring for many people in different cities as well as different countries.

Tour Guide

If you love or you’d like to travel the world then Tour Guide is the career for you. Where else will you explore beautiful Paris or Athens and get paid for it?

To be a tour guide you need to relate well to people, have rich history of the place, its secrets and its amazing culture. If you’re a multilingual that’s an added advantage.


Being a commercial airline pilot it’s another way to see and explore the world and you get a good salary on top of that. Here you get the chance to travel and see biggest cities of the world.

For you to become a commercial airline pilot you need to have the qualifications, that is, a degree in piloting and other requirements may be needed depending with Airline company.

Flight Attendant

You need to have a specialized degree to become a flight attendant while other airlines require customer service experience and certification.

Being a flight attendant you enjoy cruising across many and big cities of the globe.

Which other jobs you feel I’ve omitted and they should be included in this post? Feel free to add them in comment box below

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Your Favorite Places You’ve Visited and Why?

Today we’ll be starting a new series on Airline Miles Experts. In this series we’ll be asking some of our favorite bloggers their opinion or advice on a specific question. This way instead of just getting our thoughts on the topic, you can read a diverse range of views from some great bloggers.

If you’re a travel blogger and would like to take part in this series in the future, please contact us.

This week the question we asked bloggers was:

Of all the places you have visited, what is your all time favorite and why?

Stephen Lioy at MonkBoughtLunch

I really really love Hong Kong. It has literally everything I want in a city, and a whole lot besides. There are beautiful hiking trails and awesome beaches to get out and enjoy nature a bit, but at the same time you can get back to town in time to have a nice dinner out at a fancy restaurant or grab a drink in Wan Chai. The fact that it ALSO serves as a huge flight hub for both traditional alliance carrier and Asian LCCs means you can get to anywhere in the world without too many hassles.

Audrey Bergner at That Back Packer

It’s hard to choose favourites, but my recent trip to Prague completely blew me away! The first thing that struck me about this city was its beauty; picture Art Nouveau and Baroque facades painted in cheerful pastel colours. The average European city will have a charming Old Town Square while the rest of the city has a decidedly modern feel, however, in Prague even the residential areas further removed from the city centre had plenty of beauty to boast. I also liked that Prague had a mixture of historical sites (like castles and ancient fortifications) alongside fun activities (like room escape games and absinthe bars). This is a city I’d be happy to revisit.

Norbert Figueroa at Globo Treks

Thailand. It is the first country I backpacked solo, so it holds a special place in my heart. In addition, Thailand is a great country by itself. It offers everything from budget to luxury, adventures and culture, mountains and gorgeous beaches, and everything in between. I think it is a great place to start traveling if you’re curious about visiting Asia.

Auston Matta at Two Bad Tourists

David and I traveled to Madrid in June 2012. We immediately fell in love with the culture and our desire to learn Spanish really made it one of our favorite places we visited on our round the world trip. And even though we were applying for a long term French Visa when we decided to move to Europe, we quickly made Madrid our home over France. We love the pace of life, the energy of the people, the weather and the location, making it perfect to travel easily across Europe and beyond.

Jan Ross at Wanderlust Wonder

The Hawaiian Islands, without a doubt. The islands are a great vacation destination for families, couples, and groups of friends because they are so versatile and offer such a variety of activities for all ages and all types of adventure. Each of the islands is unique and travelers should make an effort to check out what each to offer. Our favorite activity in all of our many travels was flying in a helicopter over the active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Jacob and Vanessa at Cash Cow Couple

My family took a vacation every year when I was young. We never went back to the same place, because we always experienced everything the destination had to offer. Although I loved exploring new places, I always begged my mom to plan another road trip to Maine. When I was 14 we drove there from Missouri, and we stopped at destinations, bed and breakfast inns, and mom and pop restaurants along the way.
On the way to our way to our destination of Bar Harbor, Maine, over 24+ hours away, we stopped at Hershey Park and Niagara Falls before arriving in Maine. Once we were in Maine, we kayaked, went on whale watches, puffin tours, lighthouse tours, and ate the best seafood I’ve ever experienced.
This trip not only stood out because everything we did was fun, thanks to my mom’s meticulous research methods, but also because of the execution strategy of the road trip. A lot of people would have driven 24 hours in 2 days to get to their destination in Maine. But my family did it differently. What made it so memorable and enjoyable is that we truly took joy in getting there. Some of our mini destinations were a little out of the way, but that was ok. Most of the fun was getting there.
I’ve carried the memories of this trip with me throughout my lifetime, and I believe the same execution strategy should be applied to one’s life. Don’t be so focused on your destination that you miss out on the joys of getting there. That’s where the true memories lie, and what you’ll look back on as the best moments of your life.

Susan Shain at Travel Junkette

This is always the hardest question to answer! I’ll give you three: Italy for the oh-so-amazing food and wine, Colombia for the friendly people and vibrant culture, and Alaska for the gorgeous scenery and abundant wildlife.

April D. Thompson at The Absolute Travel Addict

That’s always a difficult question because I honestly have so many positive memories from every place I’ve visited. If I have to pick just 1, I’d go with South Africa. It was my first time on the African continent. It’s also the first place that I was able to spend an extended period of time as an adult exploring a foreign land somewhat on my own — from Durban to Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Umtata, through the Garden route and many more cities and townships in between. I was there for research, studying engineering education reform programs, visiting schools of all levels and learning about the history of the country. But what left the biggest impression (which is the case everywhere I go) were the people. And as cliche as it sounds, it truly felt like home.

This June, I had the opportunity to travel back to South Africa, specifically Durban. Nearly 9 years later, and yes, lots of things have changed, but my feelings being there hadn’t. It still felt like home. I look forward to returning again in the near future for a 3 month (or longer) stay.

Annette at Bucket List Journey

Traveling to Tanzania, Africa was one of my most memorable experiences because of how it changed my perception of such a foreign land. My prior knowledge of this continent had only been through magazines and television, so it was incredible to witness a portion of the land first hand.

During my time there, I was able to take a four day safari, go glamping in Serengeti, eat a traditional Ugali meal at a local restaurant, spend time at an orphanage in Arusha and visit the most amazing children in a private school.

I know you guys have traversed the globe. There is that place you felt in love with and you feel this is the favorite place you’ve ever been. Share with us in comment box below that place and the reason it’s your favorite.

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