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Money Saving Tips When on a vacation

While on vacation, many are the times we find ourselves in tight budget. However, you don’t have to break a bank to have that extra money.

With your budget, can can accommodate all your family needs and maybe be left with some extra bucks.

There are many ways you can handle you budget with and still be left with enough for your vacation.

Here are some of the easily attainable ways of saving money on your next vacation.

Save on Travel

1)Make your own reservations.

Make your reservations in advance. There are a lot of many hotels and airlines which offer discounts on online bookings. Doing a good research about the hotels and airlines can help you have a good list of variety of services you may want to get from them and compare the discounts being given.

2) Use a rental car.

It is fairly cheaper to consider renting a car rather than using the airport shuttle. This has an added advantage of having a flexible and available transportation. Renting a car is also cheaper as compared to using a personal car. It evades the extra wear and tear cost on your own car.

3) Carry light luggage.

Airlines are known to charge if you have two or more bags. Try to keep at most one bag per person. It can be great too if you all keep the bags packed up so as to minimize the number of bags being carried.

Save On Food

1) Make cooking for yourself fun.

Cooking while on family vacations can be a great fun.Considering the new experience of having yourself cooked meals  Though not many people do this while on vacation, it is a plus on your budget since you avoid paying for the same quality of food at that expensive restaurant .

2) Bring along individual refillable water bottles. 

As water is a basic need, we cannot avoid having some while on vacation for whatever use. It is much expensive to keep buying water from supermarkets, while you could have just carried some in a bottle which can be refilled from the available water fountains.

3) Have some meals away from the hotels.

There are high chances that there are other food joints near some hotels which are much cheaper. If you don’t mind a quick ride away, you can save several bucks and even enjoy a moment away from the hotel.

Save On Accommodation

1) Locate Vacation homes.

If you are traveling with your family for some days, its is advisable to stay in a vacational home rather than staying in a hotel all through. They will be probably cheaper, less expensive and more comfortable for your family.

2) Stay in a nearby towns

If you are going to a new country, consider staying in towns that are not far from the airport, could be a 15 minutes drive. This may tun to be relatively cheap.

3) Find friend living near your touring destination.

Friends or family members living near or at your travel destination can offer you cheap or free accommodation. So next time you are planning to go on vacation, look whether there might be someone you know living in that area.

Reader Question.

What other money saving tips do you use while on vocation? Please leave your reply on the comment box below.

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Insuring Against Travel Headaches

Last-minute airline delays, canceled hotel reservations or even natural occurrences like tropical storms can ruin your vacation. Taking steps to identify any potential problems beforehand can help you plan a foolproof vacation that won’t end up leaving you sitting at the airport. From travel insurance to planning what to pack, planning and research can help you have the vacation you have been dreaming of.

Getting travel insurance is one of the most effective ways to protect the investment of airline tickets, hotel reservations and other expenses that you need to pay up front. You can purchase travel insurance from your local Greensboro NC travel agency if you are planning a trip. You should also check your personal health insurance policy to determine whether illnesses or injuries are covered if you plan on traveling internationally. Some health insurance plans won’t cover hospitalizations and other costs that are incurred overseas. Purchasing additional health insurance is a wise idea, especially if you are planning on visiting a foreign country for an extended period of time.

Your destination is a big consideration when you are planning a vacation. Researching the weather in the area you are visiting will let you know what to expect and whether there may be a delay in your plans. For instance, hurricane season lasts from June until the end of November and can cause flight delays and other problems when you are vacationing in the tropical regions of the Atlantic. If you are visiting an international destination, you will need to know the average temperature so that you can pack accordingly. A light sweater and a hat are necessities that can keep you warm in regions where nights or summers are cooler than you expect.

Along with a sweater, you will also need to bring along some basics from home. Medical information, a copy of your passport and a copy of your itinerary are all must-haves on vacation. You will also need to make arrangements for home and pet care while you are away. A house sitter is the best plan if you will be gone for more than a few days since the service includes watering plants and caring for animals. You can also arrange to have your walk shoveled as needed and have your newspapers and mail picked up. These services will make your home look occupied and help deter potential break-ins while you are on vacation.

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Top Attractions in Birmingham

Though it has a rich, varied and significant history, vibrant culture and central location, Birmingham is often unfairly overlooked by holidaymakers in favour of cities further north or the bright lights of London.

As a result, it’s a city that is ripe for discovery with fantastic restaurants, great shopping facilities and world-class attractions. Though Birmingham has long vied to for title of Britain’s second city with nearby Manchester, the new energy, investment and optimism palpable in the city seems to be swinging the pendulum in the West Midland’s favour.

So if you’re planning a visit to Birmingham anytime soon, you’re sure to find a flight as Birmingham airport connects to the world. You can travel with Flybe for instance, that offers cheap flights to any UK destinations. Here are some not-to-be-missed Brummie attractions.

The Bull Ring

With its distinctive architecture and central location, the Bull Ring has been an important feature of Birmingham city life since the Middle Ages when a market was established on the site.

Shopaholics will be in heaven as the centre houses one of only four Selfridges department stores in the country as well as the fourth largest Debenhams in the UK.

The latest shopping centre on the site was opened in 2003 and in its first year saw over 35 million people walk through its doors.

 Cadbury World

If you’re a chocoholic, this is one attraction that is not to be missed during your Brummie adventure.

Cadbury World is made up of 14 zones that visitors can explore to learn all about the history and the making of chocolate. There are also interactive displays, demonstrations and activities, including the chance to create a chocolate of your very own.

Birmingham Back to Backs

 Like many cities in the Midlands, Birmingham has a strong industrial history and the 19th century saw hundreds of homes built to house local workers.

The Birmingham Back to Backs, located at 50-54 Inge Street, is home to the last surviving back-to-back homes in the city and offers a fascinating insight into life over the last 200 years.

Now owned by the National Trust, the houses have been transformed into a museum that vividly brings the past to life and makes a great day out for kids and grown-ups alike.

With much to see and do, Birmingham is a great destination for a weekend away and it’s easy to reach this central metropolis whether you’re coming from London, Manchester or worldwide.


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Weekly Roundup – Spine Chilling Places in the World

Spine Chilling Places in the World

What an amazing world we have, from its splendid landscapes, wonderful people to its creepy haunted places. There are spine chilling places you need to know, explore or visit. Here is a list of few creepy places you may not want to visit.
The Sedlec Ossuary -Sedlec, Czech Republic

Sedlec ossuary also known “Bone Church” is a small chapel located in Sedlec Czech Republic. Abbot Henry brought back a jar of soil from Grave of the Lord of Jerusalem, Golgotha and scattered the soil accross the Sedlec cemetery. Soon people from the place and the surrounding countries desired to be buried in Sedlec Cemetery that was now believed to be a holly land. The number of burials outgrew the space available thus exhuming old remains and stored them in the Chapel.

Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Hill of Crosses is located about 12 kilometers from the city of Siauliai northern Lithuania People began leaving crosses on the side of an old fort in commemoration and remembrance of those killed fighting for the independence in Lithuania. Over 10,000 crosses are crowded together in huge piles across the entire hillside.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara Forest also Known as “Suicide Forest” is located Northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan. It is believed over 100 people commit suicide in this forest every year. Government of Japan has been laying uplifting sign boards messages like ‘think of your family’ or ‘life is precious! please reconsider’ all over the forest. I believe here is scary especially the view of hanging bodies on trees across the forest.

Devil’s Kettle – Minnesota’s Judge Magney State Park, USA

Devils is located in Judge Magney State Park, Minnesota. Brule River splits twice down the fall with one section of the river down streaming normally while the other section vanished into a deep hole known as Devil’s Kettle. No one has ever discovered where the whole ends or water goes.

Island of Dolls, Mexico

The Island of Dolls is located in the Xochimilco Canal, near Mexico City. It has strange and terrifying dolls hanging on trees and also scattered along its floor. According to legend, a young girl drowned in canal and a man by name Julian Barrera found her doll floating in the nearby water. In memory of her, he tied the doll on a tree. He thereafter decorated the whole island with dolls which he collected from rubbish tips and around the canal as a memorial to the girl.

Have you ever visited strange, unusual, scariest place around the world? Share with us your experiences by leaving a comment.

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Things to Know About International Travel, Passports, and Customs

International Travel

International travel is very different from domestic travel. You’ll be required to have different documentation, jump through different hoops before entering and leaving a country, and deal with cultural barriers and even uncomfortable situations while traveling. The more prepared you are, the better equipped you will be to handle the unexpected while traveling abroad.

Acquiring a Passport

International travel requires a passport. A passport is a form of photo identification issued by your home country. It’s important to apply for passports well before your date of departure, as the process can take several weeks or even months.

Going Through Customs

When you enter and depart from a foreign country, you’ll be required to fill out customs information. Customs is a department in a country that monitors what items are being brought into and taken out of the country. You’ll get forms, either on the plane or in the airport, that allow you to itemize all of the items you purchased within the country.

Some items, like live animals, food products, and alcohol, are strictly regulated with regard to international transport. Be sure that your home country allows items from various countries to be transported across the border before you make a big purchase overseas. Most people, however, have no trouble getting through customs.

Avoid the Ugly American Scenario

There is a term often applied to American tourists who show little regard to foreign customs. “Ugly American” is a slang phrase used to describe a tourist who expects the foreign cultures of the world to accommodate his or her own personal world view. Foreign cultures are just that: foreign. This means that you should expect things to run a little differently when you are visiting a different culture.

Your food may not be prepared the way you’re used to. You might have to deal with language barriers, shopping differences, and even lodgings that aren’t up to your standards. Instead of fussing and stressing about these adjustments, you should do your best to remember that you are a guest in another country. Try to learn about a foreign culture and absorb the differences, and allow travel to broaden your world view.


International travel can be an incredible and educating experience. Many people assert that they hadn’t yet begun to live until they witnessed the daily lives of people in other cultures throughout the world. If you have credit card airline miles, using them to plan an overseas vacation is a great decision.


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Weekly Roundup – Stunning Tourism Spots in Africa

Stunning Tourism Destinations in Africa

With its splendid landscape, wild animals and diverse cultural heritage, the world’s second-biggest continent, Africa, has some of the best tourism spots. Here are few places I love, you may consider them too.

Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of Egypt’s top tourist attractions. Also known as Pyramid of Khufu, its one of famous Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still stands. It has three chambers; Lowest chamber, Queen’s Chamber and King’s Chamber.

Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe Border

Victoria Falls is located in Southern Africa on the Zambezi River between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The fall is also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya (The Smoke That Thunders) by locals, its one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. The Victoria Falls is classified as the largest based on width of 1,708 meters (5, 604ft) and height of 108 meters(354ft)

Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia

Situated in the Southern part of the Namibia Desert in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, the dunes are most spectacular sights in Namibia. Sunrise and sunset are definitely the best times to see this beautiful landscapes.

Omo River Region, Ethiopia

Located in Africa’s Great Rift Valley, the region is known for its culture and diversity. It is home to more than 50 different tribes. If you love African culture, you should definitely visit this region due to its huge cultural heritage.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa and the world highest free standing structure at an attitude of 5,896 meters (19,336ft) above the sea level. It has three amazing peaks; Mawenzi, Shira and Kibo the highest.

The Virunga Mountains

Famous for its over 700 Mountain Gorillas, Virunga Mountains are located along the Northern border of Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda. The Mountain range consist of eight major Volcanic Peaks. You want to hunt Gorillas! This is the tourism place to be.


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