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Traveling on the Cheap: 4 Secrets Travel Agents Don’t Want You to Know About

Many travelers use professional traveling agents to book their trips from start to finish. Some travelers may have accumulated airline miles through a credit card program. Because they want to make sure they use these free miles wisely, they employ the services of a professional agent. However, there are some travel secrets that agents don’t want you to know about. You can use these trade secrets to make your vacation more affordable and more enjoyable.

Traveling Out of Town for Lodging

Skip the city center for your lodging and head out of town. You’ll be able to get dramatically reduced pricing on comparable lodging for the night.

Peak Tourist Season Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Even though your agent wants you traveling during the peak season, the crowds and the higher prices may not be worth your while. Go during the off-season for greater savings and a more pleasant, laid back experience.

 Skip the Paid Tour and Pick up a Guidebook

Paid tours are the traveling agent’s modus operandi. Instead of shelling out big bucks for a paid tour that takes all day, pick up a guidebook with great reviews and visit the city on your own dime.

Cut Down on the Number of Cities You Plan to Visit

Many traveling agents will try to convince you that you can see Paris, Rome, and Athens in just a week of vacation. They’ll explain to you that the close proximity of nations in Europe or other foreign continents means that you can pack more into a single vacation. They’ll discuss the importance of making the most of your vacation by cramming as much sightseeing and travel as possible into a single holiday. What they aren’t telling you, though, is that they are making a higher commission by booking you in different hotels each night, purchasing bus and train tickets for your vacation transportation, and making more money by sending you to a new place every day of your vacation. You will actually save money by cutting down on the number of cities you plan to visit during your vacation. You’ll also dramatically reduce your stress levels and create a more relaxing, and affordable, vacation for you and your family.


Travel agents aren’t trying to rip you off, but they are trying to make a profit. If you’re looking to experience a foreign culture without draining your bank account, these travel secrets will help you out.

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Weekly Roundup – Travel Tips

Travel Tips

1. Have sound knowledge on where you want to visit. The place should be known or you can do research concerning the place. Inquire through the phone or make a pre-visit.

2. Make sure you know how bookings and payments are done. Do they take couples, families, group of people? Which age and how long you intend to stay? Other recreational activities too, like swimming so you carry a swimming kit.

3. Just in case you are traveling to a strange place for the first time, ensure you know the climatic conditions. This way you can pack suitable attire; if it is cold, carry warm clothes and if its warm carry light clothes.

4. Is the place near a market? Can you buy necessities whenever in need? If it’s far you should buy everything you need to use in advance.

5. Ask about basic necessities e.g, food and whether they cater to special dietary needs.

6. Carry extra money in case of an unforeseen event. Things don’t always work out as planned when you hit the road

7. Set your own clear rules in case you are traveling as a group. Ensure fellow travelers are aware of and respect them.

8. Carry a simple medical kit. In case of minor accidents you can give first aid to the casualties before rushing them to hospital.

9. Thoroughly research the destination, and its neighboring places. Are they friendly? What is the mode of transportation?

With those travel tips, plan your vacation and enjoy!


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Trips: Organizing and Scheduling Your Next Vacation

Trips can be taken by consumers with credit cards that have airline mile accumulation benefits. When these individuals spend money using the credit cards, the credit card company awards airline miles, which can be redeemed on almost any airplane journey throughout the world. Sometimes, however, consumers get so caught up in the idea of taking a vacation that they forget to plan effectively for the vacation. Good planning before the vacation will eliminate stress and ensure that a traveler is able to relax and enjoy the tourist attractions and sights he or she will be experiencing.

If you’re planning a relaxing vacation with your credit card airline miles, here are some great tips for organizing and scheduling your vacation. Following these steps will ensure that you don’t get caught off guard or caught unprepared while enjoying your vacation.

Choose Your Destinations

First, you’ll need to choose the destinations you want to visit on your trips. Some people decide to choose a single city or country and explore that country as fully as possible. Other vacationers prefer to cram several different regions or nations into a single vacation in order to experience a wide variety of sights while traveling. Be reasonable when preparing your destination list, and be sure that you can find travel accommodations from one location to the next.

Rank Your Destinations by Importance

Next, it’s important to rank your destinations by importance. Sometimes, unexpected events affect the vacation trips you schedule. You might miss a connecting flight or contract an illness, and these events can prevent you from visiting some of the places on your itinerary. When you rank destinations by importance, you’ll be able to cut out some of the destinations in which you are less interested if this becomes necessary.

Plan Day Trips on the Vacation

Create an itinerary for each day of your vacation trips. Many people want to “play it by ear” while vacationing, but this can actually cause a great deal of stress and waste valuable vacation time. Choose tourist attractions, tours, concerts, theatrical events, museums, and other sites you want to visit, and put these events into a schedule that you can follow during your vacation.

Leave Room for Spontaneity

It’s important, though, to remember to allow yourself the freedom to be spontaneous. When you’ve cashed in your credit card airline miles, you need to reward yourself with the freedom to do the unexpected on your trips. Don’t be afraid to scrap the itinerary if an exciting opportunity presents itself.

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4 Reasons Why Travel With Friends is a Great Alternative to Traveling Alone

Traveling with friends is advisable, first and foremost, because it is safer and less risky. Most of the dangers of traveling affect tourists who are traveling by themselves. Thieves and other individuals looking to cause harm are less likely to bother a large group of travelers. Also, when you travel with friends, you’ll have more sets of eyes to be on the lookout for dangerous situations. Here are some other benefits of traveling in numbers.

Travel with Friends Lightens Cost Load

When you travel with friends, you’ll save money on your vacation. Teaming up with others to rent lodging for the night requires each person to spend less on a room. When you take a cab, you can split the taxicab fare.

Travel is More Fun in Groups

Travel, quite simply, is more fun with a group of friends. When you are visiting a foreign country, experiencing the strange, new, and unexpected, and expanding your world view, it’s important to have someone you trust alongside you. A vacation with friends heightens the value of the experience.

Create Shared Memories with Friends

One of the best things about travel with friends rather than traveling alone is the ability to create shared memories that will last a lifetime. When you visit a foreign country or an exotic location, the first thing you’ll want to do is tell your friends about your experiences. Showing them photographs and trying to give them a play-by-play of your most exciting moments, though, is a tedious process. Your friends might get bored, and you’ll never feel that you adequately explained the joy of your vacation.

When you travel with friends, however, you’ll all have shared experiences that you can chat to one another for years to come. Each time you get together, you’ll remember the funny stories and interesting events that happened on your group vacation.


If you have a credit card that offers airline miles as a perk for frequent use, you might consider teaming up with friends to get the most out of your vacation. Even though you may not be able to spread the miles out amongst several different people, you can purchase as many tickets as possible using your airline miles and have everyone chip in to cover the cost of the remaining tickets.

You’ll enjoy your vacation so much more when you travel with friends.

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Making Vacations More Affordable for Families

Scheduling a family vacation is a great way for families to share in a life-changing experience. However, many families simply cannot afford to go to the places they most want to visit. Vacations are quite expensive when parents and children must have airfare, accommodations, meals, and other expenses. Credit cards that offer airfare perks, however, can go a long way in making vacations affordable for families. What can you do with those savings? There are a variety of ways to put the money you save to good use.

Enjoy More at Your Destination

When you save money on your airfare by using accumulated credit card airline miles, you can enjoy more at your destination. Many families have to severely cut back on the sights they see and the things they experience simply because getting to the destination was so expensive. If you save money on airfare, though, you can spend that money on making the vacation more worthwhile.

Upgrade Your Accommodations

Families can also use the money they save on airfare to upgrade their accommodations. Improved accommodations can dramatically increase the overall quality of the vacation. Many families have horrible vacation experiences that are caused by poor accommodations with minimal amenities. By upgrading your hotel or motel, you’ll be more likely to enjoy your next family vacation. A high quality hotel can make a world of difference.

Save Money for Your Next Vacation

When you use credit card airline miles to fund your next vacation, you’ll be able to save a great deal of money on the vacation as a whole. For many families, the cost of airfare is the most expensive part of the vacation. Families that want to travel by plane in order to experience more exotic locations often have to limit their vacations to once every few years. When you save money on airfare through credit card perks, however, you can schedule more frequent vacations. You can also apply the savings you earned on this vacation to fund your next vacation. These savings will snowball, and you’ll be going on vacation for a shockingly low price in the near future.

Making Vacations Affordable

Family vacations are an important part of the family experience. Vacations create family togetherness, engineer shared experiences, and bring family members closer together. There’s no reason to schedule a family vacation that practically breaks the bank. When you use credit card perks to save money on airfare, you are making vacations affordable and can plan a family holiday that won’t stress your pocketbook.

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Tips for Traveling via Plane on Your Next Vacation

Air Travel Tips

If you’ve racked up airline miles through credit card perks and rewards, you may be able to schedule an incredible vacation at very little cost. Airplanes are the most convenient travel method because a traveler isn’t required to do anything but sit and enjoy the ride. Air travel is quite safe. In fact, it’s safer to travel by air than it is to travel by automobile. Also, air travel is incredibly efficient. You’ll arrive at your destination in a fraction of the time that it would take to travel by car, boat, or train. If you’ve exchanged your accumulated credit card airline miles for a ticket, here are some air travel tips for your next trip.

Get to the Airport Early

First, be sure to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare before your flight. Most experts suggest arriving at the airport at least an hour early. If you are traveling during peak hours, usually the mornings or the beginning of the weekend, you may want to arrive up to two hours before your flight.

Minimize Baggage

It’s also important to minimize the baggage that you’ll be bringing on your journey. If you can survive with just a carry-on for all your belongings, you’ll save a lot of time and money. Many people who are going on extended vacations must check their baggage into the storage compartment of the plane. Try your best to pack light and consolidate your belongings into a single checked suitcase.

Bring the Necessary Documentation

Be sure to bring the necessary documentation before you arrive at the airport. To be safe, you’ll need two different forms of identification as well as your boarding pass information or airline ticket information. You may also need credit card information in case something goes wrong at the ticket counter.

Prepare for the Security Check

Airline security is notoriously strict, so be sure to follow all air travel guidelines. Pay attention to signage in the security check line, and do your best to have everything in order before you step up the scanners.

Things to Bring on a Flight

You may also want to bring some magazines, portable DVD players, MP3 devices, or books on the flight to keep you entertained during your journey. Dry snacks are also recommended. Most airlines won’t allow you to bring liquids onto the plane for security reasons.


Following these air travel tips will make your next flight much smoother.

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