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The Best Family Friendly Resort Towns in the US

If you are wanting to have a family getaway, there are more than likely certain expectations that you will want to be fulfilled by any resort you decide to stay at. Those requirements might include things like cribs and or high chairs being available, water activities for children, dry activities for kids and adults alike, maybe a kids’ club, and dining facilities on site. Whatever it is you are looking for, it is also critical that you don’t forget your own needs. You want to find the complete package – classy resorts and accommodations that come highly recommended, great food, and activities for both kids and adults. That is what you will find in the following paragraphs… a list of the best family friendly resort towns here in the US.

Branson, MO

If you are a fan of mountain scenery, Branson, Missouri is a lovely place to take your family. You might consider staying at one of the premier resorts there. If you go to, you will be able to plan your trip. They offer things like locker rooms, pools and hot tubs both inside and outside with plenty of deck chairs, a water park, live theater entertainment, a game room, mini golf, a fitness center, dining on site, lodges, and hotel accommodations.

Las Vegas

You might not think of this as a family friendly destination, but Las Vegas has more to offer than you might realize. Aside from all of the casinos that are a huge draw for those adult gamblers, there are also things like the Ethel’s Chocolates Factory Tour that are great for the whole family. You can also see live shows at any of the casinos as well as on Freemont Street. Another noteworthy attraction is the Neon Museum. If you are more into outdoor attractions, try the Valley of Fire State Park, which is only a scant hour away.

Martha’s Vineyard

This is another destination that you might not realize is family friendly. However, there are resorts there that are incredibly friendly for families. Some of them offer summer camps for kids, as well as morning drop off programs that will allow the kids to play games, go on treasure hunts, and swim while you sample the adult activities. There are also races for remote control boats, clambakes, and even vintage fire truck rides. Martha’s Vineyard truly has something for everyone.

What to Look For

When you have children and a budget, finding the ideal vacation place can be a bit tricky. There are things that will be necessary for your vacation to be one that is all that it should be. They include things like the resort offering a complimentary breakfast. This can save you money while also taking a third of the meal planning responsibility from your shoulders. You might want to try to book your stay at a place that offers suites… and get one. This can keep your entire family in a single place as opposed to in separate rooms. Pools are an absolute must in the warmer months. Aside from you being able to relax by the side of one, your kids will have a great time playing and swimming. Some resorts also offer a variety of kid friendly activities. Call the ones you are considering to see if they offer any that might not be advertised on their web site. Some of the resorts will also offer DVD players and game systems that you can borrow while you are there. This is a great thing for those rainy days when it is best to stay indoors. One other thing is very important. They need to offer rooms that are childproof. This is fantastic for those of you who have younger children.

Taking a vacation with the family is something that can do so much to rejuvenate your spirit and reduce stress. The key is in finding the ideal family friendly resort for you to get away from it all. Hopefully, you now have some ideas of great places to go as well as what to look for if you are looking at different destinations.

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Which North American Ski Resorts Provide the Best Value?

Skiing vacations are not always the cheapest option but they can be exhilarating and fun. It’s also important to note that there are affordable options when it comes to choosing a ski resort in North America. You need to do your research and make sure that you choose the resort that is going to provide you with the best value for money.

We are going to take a look at five of the best value resorts in North America. Hopefully, the information we provide will help you decide which is the best skiing destination for you.


Copper Mountain, Colorado

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Copper Mountain resort is situated 75 miles from Colorado and it’s an excellent choice of destination if you are looking for plenty of other activities to go alongside a world class skiing experience. If you choose to spend time at Copper Mountain you have access to bars, restaurants and family friendly activities to keep you entertained when you are away from the slopes.

If you want to get the best value from skiing at Copper Mountain you should think about purchasing a season pass. If you purchase a pass for $599 you can enjoy unlimited skiing and riding at the resort as well as several days free skiing at Purgatory, Monarch Mountain, Grand Targhee and Taos Ski Valley.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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If you are looking for a resort that offers good value skiing for intermediate and advanced skiers, then Jackson Hole is a good choice. You will also find good lodging facilities and dining options at the local Teton Village. The resort is also only a twenty minute drive away from all the amenities in the town of Jackson.

If you are thinking of travelling to Jackson Hole the resort offers a selection of affordable ski packages and travel deals including air credits of $200 per person.

Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe, California

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Squaw Valley resort is a hugely popular destination for those wanting to experience skiing for all levels of ability as well as a range of dining, drinking and shopping opportunities. If you are travelling with a group of people who range from beginners to more advanced skiers you can be sure that everyone will be catered for at this resort.

You can purchase a Gold Super Pass for $999 which may seem like a lot of money but which entitles you to unlimited skiing and riding at the resort as well as limited days at  Sierra-at-Tahoe and Sugar Bowl. You also have the peace of mind of knowing that if you do not ski for at least five days during the season you  can claim up to four days credit off a Gold Super Pass for the following season.

Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain, Montana

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This mountain really is big; you can enjoy skiing opportunities across 3,000 acres. If you are new to skiing this resort may be a good choice for you. You can learn to ski without spending an extortionate amount of money if you opt for one of the available learn to ski packages. These packages include lift tickets for two days, equipment rental for two days and two half-day lessons.  You can purchase one of these packages for $79.

Bear Mountain, California

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Bear Mountain guarantees great skiing conditions throughout the season thanks to its snowmaking system. If you are a more experienced skier you can enjoy the half pipes on offer. First timers are also catered for with a vast ski learning area staffed by certified instructors.

If you decide that Bear Mountain is the resort for you then you have a series of options when it comes so season passes. One popular choice is the Bear + Summit Anytime pass. If you purchase this pass for $719 you get great advantages such as four bring a friend tickets and 10% off rental costs.

As you can see there is no shortage of options when it comes to affordable skiing in North America. So make your choice, book your tickets and passes and head off for a great vacation.

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5 Flying for Business Tips

Many business people are viewed as embodiments of success but what you may not know is that constituents of their success stories are not only confined in boardrooms but also in their travel ventures. Flying to close a sale or sign a business deal is not the same as flying for a vacation. Building a reputable company includes mastering the travel responsibilities associated with it as well and you will need the same ingenuity, vigor and energy. We have observed and gotten wind of some of their tips so, sit back and learn one or two:

1. Loyalty to an Airline

Picking and committing yourself to one airline brings about many benefits such as loyalty points and status. Mostly, business flights are frequent and sometimes spontaneous. In this case, having your favorite airline not only saves you money but also adds more prestige. In case of any perks or upgrade, you are most likely to benefit from them before anyone else. However, if there are no rewards, you shouldn’t be tied to the carrier – shopping around can sometimes land you great deals. It’s true not only for flights but also other necessities you might want such as luggage or clothes, for instance with Kohl’s coupons you will be able to get those a lot cheaper.

2. Non-Stop or Direct?

In business, time is a priceless resource. Certainly, you don’t want to lose an important client because you arrived late. Choosing a direct or a non-stop flight can be confusing especially to new travellers. A direct flight can still stop; though you have to stay put on the plane. Clearly, this is not a good option if you want to leverage on time. A long and idle stop at one point can spoil your moods and deprive you of your energy so most business people choose non-stop flights; they are better than direct flights.

3. Tune out

You need freshness and concentration. Any degree of distraction has a bearing on your productivity. So, how do you conceal the noise from the aircraft? A pair of comfortable headphones is often the answer. The moment you are safely seated and your luggage securely put, have them on – you can opt out of the cabin noise by bringing your own entertainment. While other passengers are fixed on various forms of spending time you can as well take the time to keep focus on what awaits you.

4. Get Organized

The way you brace for security checks is also an important matter. Despite your class, the increased incidences of terror attacks globally will necessitate thorough safety measures. Since the checks can be spontaneous and unexpected, your preparedness is critical. Simple tips like wearing slip off shoes and putting all your gadgets in your bag are convenient as it ensures that you have fewer items to be checked. Being disorganized and uneasy causes unnecessary suspicion which ends up wasting time. In case you are pinpointed, you don’t want to imagine how your esteem can be hurt.

5. Tackling Jet Lag

The tiredness resulting from long flights can also be devastating. So, how do business people tackle this? Well, they ensure that the flight is as comfortable as possible. But nothing can really guarantee a flight with zero tiredness so when you get tired, sleep and make sure you set an alarm. Moreover, if the sleep doesn’t seem to come, take a walk try to socialize. Fulfilling your needs such as eating when hungry can as well give your body the required energy to absorb the effects of the flight.

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Top 4 Ways for Making Money Whilst Travelling

Who doesn’t love to travel? Everyone loves it but it undoubtedly requires some money. And thus, many people do not travel much. But what if you can make money while travelling? Yes! You heard it right. You can make money whilst travelling. There are some legit ways to do that. Some of the most interesting ways to do are writing travel blogs, sell your photographers on some reliable sites or even do online trading. You can choose your hobby and do something that you are best in.

Some Ways To Make Money

Here are some of the ways to earn money while travelling:

#1: Freelance Writing

If you have a knack for writing then you can use it for making some money for you. There are many online websites and blogs that are searching some really good writers who can write great articles for them. It has to be 100 % genuine too. Even if you want you can also choose one of the best and reliable online writing services. They are also searching for talented writers who can write about different topic. They pay you on the basis of how many words you write. The payment of course varies from one client to another and also from one article to another. You can also choose the area on which you want to write the articles. Of course when you are travelling and if you have a laptop and a stable internet connection you will be able write some great articles and make some money.

#2: Trading Online

Are you good with the numbers and take special interest on finance markets? Then stock broking, online trading, forex trading, CFDs and Spread betting can be the right thing for you. There are a lot of options for you in this trading market. CMC Markets is one of the most reliable markets online where you can buy and sell stocks, do forex trading and whatever you are good at. The finance market is quite unpredictable and changes often. It can be for various reasons of course. And unless and until you are an expert in analyzing or experienced enough, it is hard to figure out. So, for the newbie traders you can opt for some great software and tools that will help you out to analyze the market and trade in right way. Since this is an online way to make money you can even while you are travelling.

#3: Travel Blogging

When you are travelling, it is not always about spending it can be a way to make some money as well. And nothing can be more exciting and interesting than to start your own travel blogs. If you love travelling and do it often, then you can share your experiences, tips and a lot more with people. Once you start with great informative and interesting contents you will be able to gain a lot of viewers. You can also collaborate with sponsors and also choose affiliates to earn some bucks while travelling and writing. When you are collaborating with someone related to your travel i.e. a cab service, you have to write about their service and mention their name. How they have benefited you and what you think about them. This way you can get a lot.

#4: Sell Your Photographs

This is for all the photographers out there. Do you love travelling and capture some breathtaking pictures in your camera? Well, if yes then it is the time to use those photos of your travel to earn some money. While travelling cause a lot of expenditure, these photos can bring some good money to you. There are some reliable stores online that sell your photos to the clients and give you the money deducting a small amount as their concession. This will differ from one service to another. But make sure you choose a service which is quite reputed and is there in the market for a long period of time.


So, these are the top four interesting ways to make money online. So, sign up to one of the best online sites for selling photographs, trading online and writing articles for clients. These are some of the best and legit ways by which you can make money while spending some in travelling. Thus, travelling will never seem to be expensive or out of budget for you.

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How to Save Money Whilst Backpacking

In a recent Reddit IAmA, Ben of talked about his ongoing backpacking tour across the US, visiting cities and exploring the country all without paying a cent. Through sponsorship, charity donations and clever use of the internet, he is managing to accomplish the dream of cost-free adventure. While not everyone can get a full ride like this, cases like his highlight the fact that backpacking can be done incredibly cheap if a little imagination is put into it.

Limiting Costs

While backpacking means reducing the normal costs associated with travel to a minimum, they still exist. Food, accommodation and insurance for backpacking are essentials that have to be considered. Camping is a great option, but not always feasible, especially in a country with restricted camp-ground rights like England. The explosion of couch surfing websites and apps have become a godsend to thrifty travellers.

Friendly home-owners list their ability to host someone for a short time, usually a night, and after a few e-mails to make sure that neither party is a lunatic arrangements are made for accommodation. This sometimes means a couch, sometimes a bed, and often the chance to meet an interesting person that enriches your travel experience.

Choosing the Place

It seems obvious but it is essential to choose a reasonable destination that fits your budget. Inter-railing around Europe is a common choice that can become financially draining when city visits are factored in, tourist-heavy locations in South Asia have many business designed to extract every last penny possible and urban areas are often nightmares to find a cheap (and legal) place to pitch a tent. South America, for example, while having a reputation for danger, can be a great choice. Many travellers speak of poorer countries being much more open towards backpackers.

Tom Turcich, another backpacker travelling on a charity sponsor currently in South America, speaks of constant offers of food and shelter in Peru and El Salvador from locals. Of course, the most important thing to consider is being safe, but an openness and willingness to interact with locals will always enrich a travel experience and often unlocks new ways of backpacking cheaply, especially in areas that aren’t already heavily tourist focused.

Modern Methods

Like some of the people mentioned, many travellers are using the internet as a tool to help reduce costs. Charity sponsorships can mean a completely free experience, but these are rare and often involve prior work. Exploring other creative options can mean outside support that makes all the difference. Starting a blog about your travel, the reasons behind it and getting some attention may provide business support or individuals reaching out with offers of local assistance.

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Are Travel Agents Really Obsolete in 2016?

The digital world has revolutionised travel booking over the years and turned it into something that anyone with access to the Internet can do. This has led to many people predicting the demise of the traditional travel agent.

This demise has not really happened though. It’s true that the number of travel agents has reduced, due to the number of people booking their own accommodation. It is not true that this demise has been anywhere near complete. Traditional travel agents are still very much in existence and it does not seem as though they are going anywhere.

We are going to take a look at the rise of online travel booking. We are also going to examine why this has not led to all travel agents becoming obsolete.

The digital world and travel

There is no doubt that if you want to find that really cheap holiday one of the best ways to do it is go online. You do not have to visit a high street travel agent, or even pick up a phone to call one. All you have to do is search sites like Expedia for all the best deals and savings. You can book your travel, accommodation and other holiday requirements without leaving your home. It’s something that more and more people have done over the years. After all, being your own travel agent is not that difficult, right?

Why travel agents are here to stay

The answer to that question is one reason that there will always be a need for travel agents. Although it may seem very simple to become your own travel agent this is often not the case. The first thing you will notice is that you have hundreds of potential holiday deals to choose from and you have to go through them all, checking out the fine print. This takes time and you can soon start to lose the enthusiasm for your trip.

Once you have booked you also have to deal with any issues around the holiday, by yourself. You do not have the privilege of being able to pick up a phone and get a travel agent to sort everything out for you. The thing with travel agents is that they are trained to know how best to deal with all eventualities. You can click here to see what sort of training they receive. They may be able to sort out a problem in minutes that it takes you hours, or even days, to deal with.

The number of travel agents in existence has decreased since the emergence of online booking. Many people are prepared to deal with all the hassle themselves in return for booking holidays at a really great price. The interesting thing is that this is not the case for everyone. Although people now have the ability to book their own travel and accommodation many prefer to pay extra and have a travel agent do all the searching for them, and deal with all the problems. This is why travel agents are likely to always be around.

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