First Rule of Borrowing: Keep Your Word

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Once you qualify for a loan with 800LoanMart, it is important to use your money wisely and pay it back on time. Although many borrowers do not see this as a major means of establishing a credit record, dishonoring your commitment could have negative repercussions. Those who borrow often do so because their options of borrowing from traditional financial institutions is limited. They either have negative credit incidents in their personal history or have no record of revolving credit for lenders to approve. This can be quite limiting, and non-traditional loan firms help to give borrowers with these type of credit histories some more options.

It is important to use the loan for the purpose you tell the lender you are borrowing money. This not only helps to establish you as creditworthy, but it also ensures you are trustworthy in a lender’s eyes. If you do not honor what you say, it becomes difficult to do business with you in the future. Honest can lead to bigger lending opportunities in the future, but this is where you begin to lay the groundwork for those opportunities.

Paying back the money you borrow when you say you are going to pay it is equally important. It, too, builds trustworthiness. Even is something comes up like the loss of a job, it is important to stay in communication with your lenders and let them know your situation. Even if you cannot pay the entire amount when it is due, if you can pay something, it lets the lender know you are making a good faith effort to keep your word.

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Four Reasons to Purchase a Leather Bag for Your New Job

Did you just get a new job? Congratulations. This is an exciting time in your life. Although you are probably just focusing on showing up to work on time and getting the job done correcting, it is important to fine-tune your image before you show up. Presentation is half the battle in the workplace. When you show up looking presentable, you will make the transition to a new job that much easier. One accessory to invest in is a leather bag. You can choose a simple briefcase or consider something more fashionable like a leather attaché case for women. Regardless of the style, the bag will help you succeed for the following four reasons.

 1 – You Will Look Like You Care

When you show up to work with work related accessories, you look like you care. Sure you can bring a typical purse or nothing at all. However, a leather briefcase or a laptop case indicates that you are serious about performing well on the job. These accessories also enable you to have a more professional image when you are walking into the office. First impressions are everything. You will make a great one with the right bag in hand.

 2 – Easier Time Transporting Work to and From the Office

At most jobs, people have to work from home or on the road. When this happens, they need a functional bag that allows them to transport their work. A basic purse will not do the job, nor will a suitcase. Instead, women will need a suitable briefcase that looks feminine and appropriate. Men will need a bag that protects their laptop and other belongings. When they have this bag, life is easy on the go.

 3 – Protect Your Work Life

Another reason to use a leather bag at work is because it can help your protect your actual work life. For example, if you have documents that you need to transport to a client, a briefcase will protect them from damage. Laptop cases and tablet covers also protect portable devices as you transport them to and from the offices. These devices probably have important work documents on them. They are also needed to get your work done. With a cover, you can ensure that you can use them when you need to.

 4 – Longer Lifespan

Leather bags also have a longer lifespan than traditional bags. This way you will not need to invest in a new briefcase in a few months. Instead, you can have the bag for the duration of your job. You might simply decide to purchase a new briefcase because you need a change. However, as you use the bag, you will appreciate the durability of the bag. It will hold up to various weather conditions, heavy objects, and other abuse. The durability is probably one of the main reasons people prefer leather to other fabrics. Leather is also easier to clean, and it has been known to look better as it ages.

Before you head to your new job, consider investing in a great leather bag. These are just four reasons why it is worth the investment. You will be glad you invested in your new career.

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The Construction of Kinkaku-ji: The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

Architecture, buildings, living spaces. These are things that are common throughout all of human civilization. Whether it is a sprawling farm house with a craftsman door, or a well thought out machiya with sliding screens, a home is a home and that is a beautiful thing. However, some are just frankly more beautiful than others.

The Temple of the Golden Pavilion, named Kinkaku-ji is found in Kyoto, Japan. It is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist attractions in the country, drawing millions to see its stunning architecture and artistic landscape. The temple has an interesting and ancient history, dating to the 1300s. A statesman named Saionji Kintsune built it for his private use. In 1397, Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu purchased the building; and at his death in 1408, his son converted it into a Zen temple. From that time forward, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion has been a dearly-loved feature of Kyoto. The rebuilding projects and design of Kinkaku-ji are instructive.

1. Rebuilding

The pavilion and other small buildings have burnt down and been rebuilt two notable times. The Onin War, which lasted from 1467 to 1477, left most of the complex burnt to the ground. Luckily, both the pavilion and the gardens were spared. The minor buildings were rebuilt, and the temple was restored to its magnificence.

In 1950, however, a monk named Hayashi Yoken burnt down the pavilion in a failed suicide attempt. He was arrested for the damage and, following his trial, received a seven-year prison sentence. However, Yoken was released after only five years when his mental illness was determined to be the cause of his attempted suicide. In 1955, the most recent reconstruction project was completed and, other than a couple restoration projects that keep the building in good repair, it stands as it was rebuilt in that year.

2. Design

Each of the three pavilion floors has a unique meaning and style. They work to complement each other and create a new, distinctive design. Few buildings in the world show such separate architectural designs in parts of one building, but it has been done masterfully in Kinkaku-ji. The three styles are:

  • Shinden- The first floor uses the shinden style. The floor is named The Chamber of Dharma Waters. It reminds visitors of the eleventh century palaces, with unpainted wood and open space. White plaster takes emphasis away from the building itself and magnifies the natural beauty of the landscape and gardens. The walls on this level are mainly shutters that open to bring in light and a magnificent view.
  • Samurai- The second floor is named The Tower of Sound Waves. It is styled reminiscent of the samurais, who were aristocratic warriors. The sliding doors are intended to suggest a temporary home. On the same floor, the temple houses a shrine to Kannon, the goddess of mercy.
  • Zen- The top floor is named the Cupola of the Ultimate. It is filled with gilded gold, representing the beauty of death. Gold was meant to purify the mind to free it of the negative connotations naturally associated with death.


Surrounding this magnificent building are beautiful gardens. The entire building is reflected in a pond named Kyoko-chi, the translation being Mirror Pond. The pond is adequately named, because its glassy surface reflects the building with pristine crispness. The gardens are landscaped with meaning, directing the mind to harmony and peace between life and death. The placement of rocks and other structures point to major features of Japanese and Chinese literature, such as four stones in a pond that represent sailboats from the Chinese mythology about boats headed to the Isle of Eternal Life.

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