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Top 10 Summer Travel Destinations In The U.S.

What are your plans this summer?

After the long brutal winter and the so-so spring, it’s time to paint the U.S Red (or Blue depending 🙂 ) And you are not alone. A recent survey by TripAdvisor shows that almost 89% of Americans are planning some travel this summer. Of those, more will be traveling within the U.S. Why is that you ask? The World Cup in Brazil, The Golden Jubilee in the U.K and the summer Olympics have pushed global airfares up (ruining the fun for lots of people!). No worries though, you don’t have to leave U.S to catch all the fun. In fact, this summer might be the one you pack in most of the fun right here on U.S. soil. Today we explore some of the best summer travel destinations that are pocket friendly and offer unforgettable experiences.

Wipe out the sulk on your face! Get out there, soak up some sun and unforgettable memories!

Here Are The Top 10 Summer Travel Destinations

#1. Grand Canyon, Arizona

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You have to see the Grand Canyon with your own eyes to believe it. It’s awe-inspiring! Located in the Northwest corner of Arizona, the Canyon is the perfect destination for your summer travel. Enjoy a view of the mile deep valley from the edges, or take a trail into the belly of the beast! The Bright Angel Trail is just one of the routes down the Canyon. It’s equipped with restrooms, water and shade making it perfect for the average hiker.

Additionally, you can enjoy a cool evening watching the sunset from the edge of the Canyon. It’s one experience that will forever transform your perspective of mother earth!

#2. Yosemite National Park, California

After temporary closure back in 2013 due to Government budget cut backs, Yosemite is back and running. Located in the Eastern portion of California, Yosemite offers 47,956 acres of pure fun and exploration. With spectacular granite cliffs, streams, waterfalls and a biodiversity unmatched in most National Parks. Take your camping and hiking gear and enjoy breathtaking trails in the meadows of Yosemite. A visit to this National Park isn’t complete without a visit to the Yosemite Falls, the fifth tallest in the World.

#3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Need I say more? 🙂 It’s always happening in Las Vegas! Recent drops in per capita gambling and gaming expenditure has seen Las Vegas scramble to attract a new crowd of tourists. This has seen the rise of budget accommodations and a variety of attractions that will rock your summer travel. From vibrant art hubs to adrenalin parked indoor skydiving, Las Vegas will give you an unforgettable time. And you can still indulge in a hand of Blackjack or roll the dice and try your summer luck! Don’t break the bank though, there are still more amazing places to visit!

#4. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Summer marked the birth of the new nation! What better way to celebrate and capture that than Mt Rushmore? Located in South Dakota, Mt. Rushmore is a sculpture of the nations founding fathers in granite! Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy? looking upon the nation. Enjoy a panoramic view from the Grand Terrace or take the Presidential trail to the base of the monument.

#5. Washington, D.C


The nation’s capital is steeped in history making it a nice summer travel destination. From the White House, to the Lincoln memorial, Washington D.C. has no shortage of fun, educative places to visit. Enjoy a picnic in the National Mall, almost 2 miles of park stretching from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. Take in the amazing views of the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials at night. They are beautifully lit and the crowds are smaller at night. Washington summers are often pretty hot, stay hydrated and close to your destinations.

#6. San Francisco, California

San Francisco enjoys cool, breezy summers with temperatures in the 70 degrees range. Enjoy relaxed picnics, walks along the beautiful streets. Take a bay cruise to Alcatraz, a maximum security prison that once housed mobster Al Capone. Stroll across the Golden Gate bridge and catch a sunset there. Tour the city by the famous cable cars, or even drive Lombard Street – “the crookedest street in the world “. It has some of the sharpest turns and an incredibly steep incline. You thought cars couldn’t fly, think again 🙂

#7. Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, Idaho, Montana)

Founded in 1872 and shared by three states; Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, Yellowstone is a 2.2 million acres of forest and wilderness! It has over 300 geysers shooting hot boiling water into the sky. Cool, right. The best known is the Old Faithful, it shoots 8400 gallons of hot boiling water 150 feet in the air, every 90 minutes. Pack your picnic lunch, enjoy the view time and again. You can also camp or take early morning hikes and get to see animals as they go to water!

#8. Ocean City, MaryLand

Two words: Stunning Beach! Located in Worcester County Maryland, Ocean City is an Atlantic Resort town with a lot to offer for your summer travel. Meander the 3 mile Boardwalk beach. Sample treats long the way. Dip into the salty waters. Summer brings with it special concerts and bonfires that will make your stay in Ocean City and unforgettable one.

#9. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Located in the East Coast of the U.S in Horry County, South Carolina, Myrtle Beach an endless supply of fun budget activities to keep you and your family engaged this summer. Relax on the beach and soak up some sun. Attend open air concerts. Indulge yourself in a game of golf on the splendid golf courses. Mini golf is available too! Enjoy some fireworks over Lake Broadway every Tuesday and most Friday’s all summer long!

#10. Orlando, Florida

Famed for its exquisite theme parks, Orlando Florida has distinguished itself as a major summer travel destination among North Americans. Located in Central Florida, Orlando has something for every traveler. Take your kids to Disney World, Resort Universal, Seaworld Universal or a myriad other interesting themed parks. Enjoy a rich culture with street performances, open air concerts or take a day to relax at the spas. Your fun in Orlando is only limited by your imagination!

#Bonus: Cancun, Mexico

Why Cancun? I’ll tell you why. It’s one of the most searched for destinations this year according to TripAdvisor! Located on the northeast coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Cancun is world renowned tourist destination for its splendid beaches and clear, sparkly blue waters (well, among other…uuummm…things)! Tour the Cancum Underwater Museum, swim with the dolphins and enjoy the vibrant Cancum nightlife.


You don’t have to break the bank to have an unforgettable summer. There are remarkable destinations a flight or drive away that will spice up your summer. Get out there, soak up some sun and have fun!

What are your plans this summer? Where have you visited or planning to visit?

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How to Plan a Roadtrip

Plan Roadtrip

A roadtrip across America has become a classic part of the American Dream, whether in RV’s, hatchbacks, or convertibles, we are captivated by the idea of riding towards the sunset, elbow on car door, cigarette in hand, country music blasting on the car stereo. With good reason too, America is vast and diverse, making road the best way to experience it. Before you put keys in the ignition and ride off towards the sunset, consider these tips, they will make your trip unforgettable!

Prepare a realistic budget

Plan roadtrip with expenses in mind. The last thing you want is having to worry about money when you are riding down scenic valleys. Estimate the distances you will be cover and use online calculators to figure mileage and possible gas costs. Factor in food expenses, accommodation and entrance fees to attractions along the way. Keep a separate budget for unexpected events that require money such as accidents, delays and itinerary changes.

Vehicle checkup & Insurance

The major part of a road trip is driving. It would be such a disappointment to start your journey only for the vehicle to break down halfway through. Have your car checked and serviced before you hit the road. The servicing should include an oil change, safety checks on brakes, lights, battery, windshield wipers and tiers. Consider packing a travel emergency kit with a first aid kit, jumper ropes, blankets, lighting, snacks and water.

Its advisable to negotiate your car insurance to include roadside cover. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no one to call when your car breaks down. Plan roadtrip with security in mind.

List places to visit

There is no shortage of places to tour in the US. However, you cannot see all the places in one trip. Take the time to plan your itinerary. List attractions along the road you wish to see. Research interesting places that exist along your route both tourist and local attractions. Ensure your course deviates once in a while from the interstates. There is a lot to be experienced in the interior including local cuisine, culture, customs and ways of life. Set a realistic itinerary – you want to drive with breaks. The point of a road trip is to experience different ways of life across America.

Plan overnight stays

Depending on the length of your trip, you might require to make several stops on the way. While there is no shortage of motels and towns along the interstates, assume that a town listed on the map might not exist in the ground, sometimes its just a post office or a single gas station. Research possible overnight locations and call to confirm their existence and book before hand.

Plan roadtrip aware of rarity of good food on the road. Most of it is junk. Prepare a cooler with some food items before your trip. Include some healthy snacks, drinks and water. En route, its best to try out local restaurants that may serve healthy and delicious local cuisine.

Prepare for the unexpected

The unforeseen will happen. Life throws us curve balls all the time. Whether its bad weather, sudden illnesses, car breakdowns or even the occasional local event that you just can’t pass by. Factor this into your plan. Schedule downtime in your itinerary to deal with crises. Have a trip emergency fund to deal with such occurrences.

Enjoy your road trip

Road trips are a great way to experience the greater America. Planned well they can be a treasure trove of memories and experiences. Bottom line; leave the intestates, experience the hinterlands, take the time to immerse yourself in the local cultures of places you visit, eat local. Enjoy your trip!

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Getting the Most Out of Your West Coast American Tours

There’s no reason to plan an overseas vacation with your credit card airline miles. You can use those miles to explore the beautiful West Coast of the United States. Here are some ways to get the most out of your West Coast American tours.

West Coast American Tours

The cities along the west coast of the United States are quite different from the hectic, bustling cities near the east coast. While there are large urban areas like Seattle and Portland, these cities emphasize the arts and the experience of culture. You can find sprawling bookstores, incredible shops, impressive theater and concert venues, and even exciting sporting events in cities along the West Coast. Many people travel along the edge of the coast from city to city to experience all this region has to offer.

Sampling the Wonders of Nature

While the West Coast is a great place for experiencing the excitement of city life, many travelers use their credit card airline miles to visit natural, forested regions or explore the miles of natural shoreline in this region. The milder temperatures and beautiful weather during the summer months makes this region of the United States a popular tourist destination. Hiking, camping, mountain climbing, white water rafting, canoeing, biking, surfing, boating, and other outdoor destinations are fun ways to experience this area on your west coast American tours.

Shopping and Dining

There are also many opportunities to shop for couture clothing, antiques, and other collectibles on your west coast American tours. Visitors to this region can find incredible dining opportunities, too, by sampling local fare and fresh seafood.


If you’re planning a vacation to the West Coast and you are using accumulated miles from credit card benefits, you may be able to invest some of the money you saved in a classier hotel or more comfortable lodgings. Many people try to save money by staying at large chain motels and hotels while on vacation. However, states like Oregon, Washington, and California have many charming, independently owned hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts that can drastically improve the quality of your vacation.


You don’t have to cross an ocean to experience a beautiful and rejuvenating vacation. A domestic vacation to an undiscovered spot in your own country can be just as eye-opening and memorable. The West Coast of the United States is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. With natural vistas, charming coastal towns, and opportunities for shopping and dining, using your credit card miles on a USA vacation is a great vacation idea.

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