Loopholes To Get Unlimited Miles On Travel Tickets

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There are many stories that goes around the globe of how people in once case or another have used loopholes to gain airline travel miles and cheap or free tickets. At times such incidences happens when there occurs human errors or a system failure.

When people realizes such an issue, its a jackpot for them to gain massive mails on low costs or entirely for free! Such beneficially may escape with their tricks while others got themselves in a fixed state when airlines realizes and decides to dishonor their tickets or denies them airline travel miles.

United.com Incident

Last year, Mashable reported visitors to United.com were able to “trick” the site into thinking they had more frequent flier miles than they actually did. By booking a reservation in two different tabs of a browser, customers could game a loophole and redeem unlimited miles.

The loophole allowed customers to purchase tickets at insane prices, with a roundtrip fare from Newark, N.J., to Dublin, for example, coming to just $49.40, the cost of taxes.

International Business Times succeeded in reserving a last-minute roundtrip flight from Newark to London’s Heathrow Airport, normally priced at about $1,278, for virtually no cost.

After an incident sometime later resulted in substantially reduced fares through United.com, the airline decided to honor the tickets, many of which had been sold for between $5 and $10 each. A Wall Street Journal article at the time argued United’s decision to eat the cost of those tickets was a smart move, though the airline could have challenged their validity if it wanted to.

However, subsequent month’s tickets were sold for next to nothing because of human error; specifically, incorrectly entered information!!

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Have you ever had an incident where you earned free miles or at a relatively low cost due to a loophole?

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2 Responses to “Loopholes To Get Unlimited Miles On Travel Tickets”

  1. This is CRAZY! I always hear about these loopholes too late then cure the sky as to why I couldn’t jump on board too!

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