Money Saving Tips When on a vacation

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While on vacation, many are the times we find ourselves in tight budget. However, you don’t have to break a bank to have that extra money.

With your budget, can can accommodate all your family needs and maybe be left with some extra bucks.

There are many ways you can handle you budget with and still be left with enough for your vacation.

Here are some of the easily attainable ways of saving money on your next vacation.

Save on Travel

1)Make your own reservations.

Make your reservations in advance. There are a lot of many hotels and airlines which offer discounts on online bookings. Doing a good research about the hotels and airlines can help you have a good list of variety of services you may want to get from them and compare the discounts being given.

2) Use a rental car.

It is fairly cheaper to consider renting a car rather than using the airport shuttle. This has an added advantage of having a flexible and available transportation. Renting a car is also cheaper as compared to using a personal car. It evades the extra wear and tear cost on your own car.

3) Carry light luggage.

Airlines are known to charge if you have two or more bags. Try to keep at most one bag per person. It can be great too if you all keep the bags packed up so as to minimize the number of bags being carried.

Save On Food

1) Make cooking for yourself fun.

Cooking while on family vacations can be a great fun.Considering the new experience of having yourself cooked meals  Though not many people do this while on vacation, it is a plus on your budget since you avoid paying for the same quality of food at that expensive restaurant .

2) Bring along individual refillable water bottles. 

As water is a basic need, we cannot avoid having some while on vacation for whatever use. It is much expensive to keep buying water from supermarkets, while you could have just carried some in a bottle which can be refilled from the available water fountains.

3) Have some meals away from the hotels.

There are high chances that there are other food joints near some hotels which are much cheaper. If you don’t mind a quick ride away, you can save several bucks and even enjoy a moment away from the hotel.

Save On Accommodation

1) Locate Vacation homes.

If you are traveling with your family for some days, its is advisable to stay in a vacational home rather than staying in a hotel all through. They will be probably cheaper, less expensive and more comfortable for your family.

2) Stay in a nearby towns

If you are going to a new country, consider staying in towns that are not far from the airport, could be a 15 minutes drive. This may tun to be relatively cheap.

3) Find friend living near your touring destination.

Friends or family members living near or at your travel destination can offer you cheap or free accommodation. So next time you are planning to go on vacation, look whether there might be someone you know living in that area.

Reader Question.

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4 Responses to “Money Saving Tips When on a vacation”

  1. Whenever I plan to go to have a vacation, the first thing that I do is to search for a promo flight and also the place that I’m going to stay. I also carry light luggage with me and I make sure that I bring a refillable water bottle.

  2. Some great tips here. I find that just knowing how much you have to spend and keeping an eye on how much you’re spending can make a massive difference.

  3. Great tips! Cooking your own meals is one of the main ways we save while traveling.

  4. Mike Bran says:

    These are some awesome tips. Especially the 1st about cooking your own meals. This saves a ton of money when traveling (and i enjoy my own cooking more than eating out 🙂

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