Tips for Traveling via Plane on Your Next Vacation

Air Travel Tips

If you’ve racked up airline miles through credit card perks and rewards, you may be able to schedule an incredible vacation at very little cost. Airplanes are the most convenient travel method because a traveler isn’t required to do anything but sit and enjoy the ride. Air travel is quite safe. In fact, it’s safer to travel by air than it is to travel by automobile. Also, air travel is incredibly efficient. You’ll arrive at your destination in a fraction of the time that it would take to travel by car, boat, or train. If you’ve exchanged your accumulated credit card airline miles for a ticket, here are some air travel tips for your next trip.

Get to the Airport Early

First, be sure to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare before your flight. Most experts suggest arriving at the airport at least an hour early. If you are traveling during peak hours, usually the mornings or the beginning of the weekend, you may want to arrive up to two hours before your flight.

Minimize Baggage

It’s also important to minimize the baggage that you’ll be bringing on your journey. If you can survive with just a carry-on for all your belongings, you’ll save a lot of time and money. Many people who are going on extended vacations must check their baggage into the storage compartment of the plane. Try your best to pack light and consolidate your belongings into a single checked suitcase.

Bring the Necessary Documentation

Be sure to bring the necessary documentation before you arrive at the airport. To be safe, you’ll need two different forms of identification as well as your boarding pass information or airline ticket information. You may also need credit card information in case something goes wrong at the ticket counter.

Prepare for the Security Check

Airline security is notoriously strict, so be sure to follow all air travel guidelines. Pay attention to signage in the security check line, and do your best to have everything in order before you step up the scanners.

Things to Bring on a Flight

You may also want to bring some magazines, portable DVD players, MP3 devices, or books on the flight to keep you entertained during your journey. Dry snacks are also recommended. Most airlines won’t allow you to bring liquids onto the plane for security reasons.


Following these air travel tips will make your next flight much smoother.

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Maximizing the Airline Miles You Receive from a Credit Card

Credit cards are small rectangles of plastic that have a great deal of power, which is why they must be used responsibly by consumers. A credit card can be a great financial solution, but it can just as easily represent huge financial problems or spell financial disaster for an irresponsible consumer.

If an individual uses a credit card to pay off regular monthly expenses and bills, it may be difficult to make minimum monthly payments in the future. Similarly, if a consumer acquires multiple credit cards and maxes each credit card out within a very short time frame, the minimum monthly payments for each credit card may be quite high.

Credit Cards With Miles

On the other hand, responsibly using a credit card can be quite convenient. Consumers can purchase expensive items like new clothing, modern appliances, or even home renovations without having to save for months in order to afford the purchase. Consumers can also use credit cards as a backup in the event of a serious emergency. Also, credit cards that offer benefits and perks may be able to save customers even more money on special things like airline travel. Credit cards with miles can be incredibly beneficial to customers if they know a few tricks for maximizing air travel mile accumulation. Here are some tips that may help you.

Use Your Credit Card Frequently

First, start using your credit cards with miles to pay for everything that you would normally use your debit card for. Don’t exceed the amount of money that you have within your bank account, but trade out your credit card for your checkbook every time. This ensures that you are racking up as many airline miles as possible. Be sure that you are using your credit cards with miles at approved mile accumulation locations, as some credit card companies only add miles for purchases at retail stores, gas stations, or restaurants.

Pay off the Balance Each Month and Save Your Miles

In order to prevent interest charges from canceling out the money you save on air travel, it’s important to pay off the entire balance of your credit cards with miles each month. If you end up paying excessive interest amounts, you would have been better off simply buying an airline ticket in the first place.


Also, it’s a good idea to save your airline miles and use them all at once. Many credit card companies offer increasingly valuable benefits the longer you hold off on redeeming your airline miles. When you responsibly use your credit cards with miles, you enjoy benefits that will help you travel to exotic destinations for close to nothing.


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4 Common Credit Card Dangers and How to Avoid Them

Credit Card Dangers

A credit card is an attractive idea for many individuals. You can pay for the items you need or want without actually having the money in the bank. While credit cards are convenient and beneficial, they can also be problematic if used irresponsibly. Here are some common credit card dangers and steps to avoiding them.

Maxed Out in a Hurry

Maxing out your credit cards within a few short months may result in a massive monthly payment that you simply can’t afford. It’s a good idea to use your credit card slowly and methodically. Some people set personal limits well below their credit card limit, and they may even decide to pay off the balance completely before using it again.

Multiple Credit Card Problems

Opening multiple credit cards can also be problematic for the inexperienced credit card user. Too many credit cards can get confusing and complicate the repayment process.

Missed Payments and Late Fees

Missing payments is one of the most common credit card danger consumers fall into. Every time you miss a payment, you’ll be penalized with late fees and hidden charges. These charges may even be added to the principal amount of your credit card. If you rack up excessive late charges, any perks such as airline miles may be removed from your account as well.

Sudden Jumps in Interest Rates

Another credit card danger that often catches consumers unaware is a sudden increase in one’s interest rate. Interest rates are very important in determining how much money you will be required to pay your creditor each month. Many people pay more in interest than they originally charged to the credit card. If your interest is advertised as quite low, you might think you’re getting a great deal on a line of credit.

However, the fine print may reveal that this low interest rate only applies to the first few months of service. After this trial period expires, and after you’ve accumulated a great deal of debt on the card, the interest rate can spike and you’ll be slammed with payments you simply cannot afford.


A credit card doesn’t have to be the kiss of death for your bank account. You don’t have to struggle to make payments or flounder in a pool of overwhelming debt. If you use credit cards responsibly and avoid these common credit card dangers, you can have a line of credit that will actually improve your financial outlook and add to your sense of financial security.


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Are You Qualified for a Credit Card with Airline Miles Benefits?

Credit cards are quite popular amongst consumers simply because they make purchasing larger items or preparing for emergencies more convenient. With a credit card, you can purchase expensive items without having to save up for the total price of the item. Essentially, a credit card has the potential to ease the financial burden of big purchases.

Airline Miles Benefits

Credit cards can also be beneficial because they provide consumers with additional perks and benefits. For example, some credit cards allow you to accumulate airline miles benefits with every purchase made using the card. A customer can save up these airline miles benefits and exchange them for an airline ticket to the destination of his or her choice.

Airline credit cards are some of the most popular credit cards on the market today. Many consumers want these credit cards because they are looking for ways to save money on travel. Before you can get a credit card, though, you must make sure that you are qualified for a line of credit. Here are a few things that will help you determine whether or not you are qualified.

Qualification Involves More than Your Credit Score

First, it’s important to understand that qualification for a credit card involves much more than just your credit score. A credit card company will issue credit cards to consumers with credit scores in a specific range, but you need to perform your own qualification check to ensure that you are personally ready to accept and manage a line of credit.

Are You Financially Stable?

In order to determine whether or not you are personally qualified to have an airline mile benefits credit card, you need to evaluate your current financial situation. Financial stability involves a steady job and the ability to make regular monthly payments for recurring bills. If you cannot afford your bills from month to month, you probably aren’t qualified to have a credit card.

Have you Created a Budget?

Creating a budget and practicing good financial management is another important step in determining whether or not you are qualified to have a line of credit. Individuals who pay very little attention to their own finances or who haven’t practiced creating a budget and sticking to that budget are far more likely to exceed their means and create a bad debt situation for themselves.


Evaluating these factors will help you determine whether or not you are qualified for an airline mile benefits credit card.

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5 Ways To Save Money On Vacation

Going on a vacation doesn’t have to be a pricey event that completely empties your bank account. There are some great ways to save money on vacation simply by making a few subtle changes to your itinerary and your plans.

Avoid the Peak Tourist Seasons

If you want to save money on hotel expenses, travel expenses, and even ticket prices at popular tourist attractions, consider planning your vacation during the off-season. The prices of attractions change dramatically in the winter months when tourist numbers are down.

Use Complementary Airline Miles Credit Cards

If you have an airline miles credit card, with continued use of the card, you can save those miles and exchange them for a huge discount on the cost of airfare. Air travel is extremely convenient, but it’s also one of the most expensive ways to travel. Any discount can make a huge difference.

Visit a Grocery Store for Some Meals

Dining out for every meal can quickly become expensive while on vacation. If you are planning a long vacation, you might consider stopping at a local grocery store to pick up some snack foods and easy meal items. Substituting just a few restaurant meals for cheap groceries is a great way to save money on your next vacation.

Choose Free Attractions

It may be tempting to pay big bucks to see live concerts, catch a theatrical show, visit a high cost museum, or shell out cash for yet another expensive tourist attraction. However, these aren’t the only options for vacationing. Most tourist locations have free tourist attractions that are just as exciting and culturally interesting as paid attractions. Instead, of riding an escalator to the top of the Eiffel Tower, for example, you can walk around the base and take beautiful snapshots of the structure.

Opt for the Low-Cost Transportation Option

If you are visiting a big city like New York City or London, you might be tempted to give your feet a rest and take public transportation or hail a cab. However, the fees required to access these modes of transportation can add up quickly. You can save money, in fact you can spend nothing at all, by choosing to walk to your next destination rather than catch a ride. You’ll get some great exercise, and you’ll also be more likely to take in the everyday sights of these bustling metropolises.


Your next vacation doesn’t have to be expensive, there are a myriad ways to save money on vacation. You just have to get creative, do your research and compare deals before you buy.

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