Why Use Airline Credit Cards With Benefits

A credit card that offers the benefit of accumulated airline miles is incredibly powerful for a responsible consumer. Here are just a few of the many ways that consumers can benefit from using these credit cards to make everyday purchases.

Using Airline Miles Credit Cards

Airline miles credit cards can be used just like any other credit card. These credit cards often have similar interest rates to other credit card companies, and they can be used wherever major credit cards are accepted.

Make Big Purchases

Credit cards enable consumers to make large purchases and then spread the payments for those purchases over a longer period of time. Instead of saving to purchase new appliances or new technological devices, for example, you can use a credit card upfront and then pay the balance on the item over the next few months or years.

Save in an Emergency

With a credit card, consumers can be prepared for the unexpected. It’s impossible to foresee the occurrence of accidents, damage to personal property, illness, or injuries. These occurrences, however, can be quite expensive. With a credit card, you’ll always be prepared for these events.

Earn Miles for Exotic Travel and Memorable Experiences

Of course, the major airline credit card benefit is the ability to travel and see the world for a reduced price. Many consumers suggest that they actually aren’t saving any money because they have to spend a considerable amount of money with the credit card in order to receive complementary travel miles.

Airline Credit Card Benefits

However, it’s important to remember that you’ll be spending that money on regular items anyway, so you might as well earn airline miles or travel miles on your purchases. If you pay off the monthly balance of your credit card each month, you won’t even be paying interest charges on your credit card balance. Essentially, you can receive free airline travel simply by purchasing the items you already would have purchased.


Traveling the world is a great way to create new memories, acquire new experiences, and expand your own world view to accommodate different cultures, ideas, and ways of life. Traveling by air can be quite expensive, but it is the most convenient way to travel. It makes sense to save money on airfare by using your airline credit card benefits.

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Why You Should Travel to the Non-Continental United States

If you’ve collected airline miles through the use of a credit card with miles perks, you might be trying to come up with a creative way to redeem them. Instead of visiting a state that could be reached by car or bus, consider expanding your sights and focusing on one of the two non continental US states.

The Exotic Beauty of Hawaii

Hawaii is nothing short of a tropical paradise, and millions of tourists breathe the fresh, tangy air of Hawaii while on vacation. There are opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, fishing, and surfing in the state of Hawaii, and there are several islands to choose from when planning your vacation. You can also take up offers with a Hawaiian airlines credit card to maximize your stay in Hawaii.

The Breathtaking Alaskan Experience

Alaska is the largest state, and it represents the last real untamed wilderness region of the United States. Alaska is twice the size of Texas, and it is covered by vast evergreen forests, small islands, glaciers, and enormous tundra. Alaska is filled with wildlife, and most of this state has been untouched by human civilization. If you are interested in viewing the world as it may have appeared thousands of years ago, on the non continental US, Alaska can afford you that opportunity. You can as well deepen the fun and adventure of your flight and stay in this frontier state with Alaska airlines credit cards. You get to enjoy premium flight perks and superb service while accumulating your miles.

Learn a Little U.S. History on Vacation

When you use your credit card airline miles to experience one of the two non continental US states you can prepare for your journey by doing a little research regarding the United States’ decision to acquire these far-away territories and turn them into states. The reasons for acquiring Hawaii and Alaska are quite different. The United States wanted a presence closer to the Asian continent, and this prompted the purchase of Hawaii. On the other hand, the chance to expand the territory of the country by purchasing Alaska, the biggest state in the Union, was one that the government couldn’t afford to pass up.


The United States of America has a unique and varied history, and this is only exceeded by the uniqueness and variations present in the different states of the union. While many people decide to travel in the continental states on vacation, experiencing the drastically different climates and sights of both Hawaii and Alaska is a great alternative. If you plan on visiting these non continental US states, however, it’s important to pay attention to both peak tourism information and climate information. There are specific times when using your credit card airline miles to visit either Alaska or Hawaii will provide you with the best possible vacation.

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Getting the Most Out of Your West Coast American Tours

There’s no reason to plan an overseas vacation with your credit card airline miles. You can use those miles to explore the beautiful West Coast of the United States. Here are some ways to get the most out of your West Coast American tours.

West Coast American Tours

The cities along the west coast of the United States are quite different from the hectic, bustling cities near the east coast. While there are large urban areas like Seattle and Portland, these cities emphasize the arts and the experience of culture. You can find sprawling bookstores, incredible shops, impressive theater and concert venues, and even exciting sporting events in cities along the West Coast. Many people travel along the edge of the coast from city to city to experience all this region has to offer.

Sampling the Wonders of Nature

While the West Coast is a great place for experiencing the excitement of city life, many travelers use their credit card airline miles to visit natural, forested regions or explore the miles of natural shoreline in this region. The milder temperatures and beautiful weather during the summer months makes this region of the United States a popular tourist destination. Hiking, camping, mountain climbing, white water rafting, canoeing, biking, surfing, boating, and other outdoor destinations are fun ways to experience this area on your west coast American tours.

Shopping and Dining

There are also many opportunities to shop for couture clothing, antiques, and other collectibles on your west coast American tours. Visitors to this region can find incredible dining opportunities, too, by sampling local fare and fresh seafood.


If you’re planning a vacation to the West Coast and you are using accumulated miles from credit card benefits, you may be able to invest some of the money you saved in a classier hotel or more comfortable lodgings. Many people try to save money by staying at large chain motels and hotels while on vacation. However, states like Oregon, Washington, and California have many charming, independently owned hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts that can drastically improve the quality of your vacation.


You don’t have to cross an ocean to experience a beautiful and rejuvenating vacation. A domestic vacation to an undiscovered spot in your own country can be just as eye-opening and memorable. The West Coast of the United States is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. With natural vistas, charming coastal towns, and opportunities for shopping and dining, using your credit card miles on a USA vacation is a great vacation idea.

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The Most Luxurious Airlines in the World: Are They Worth the Price?

What Makes an Airline Luxurious?

If you have credit card airline miles, you might be considering upgrading your travel experience by choosing a luxurious airline for your trip. Here are some of the most luxurious airlines in the world.

Japan Air

Japan Air, like many other airlines operating on the Asian continent, is known for being luxurious and opulent. Beautiful colors on the interior of the cabin are paired with comfortable seats, stunningly attentive service from flight attendants, and a plethora of customizable options that travelers can choose to make their flight more enjoyable. Singapore Air and Thai Air are two other others considered some of the most luxurious airlines in the world.


Even though Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, it’s still managed to achieve a reputation for luxury. Coach class flying on Delta Airlines is all about economy, but there are varying degrees of business class and first class from which travelers can choose. At the topmost level, travelers are escorted through accelerated check-in procedures, baggage checks, and even security checks. They are allowed to wait for the flight in a comfortable lounge area, and they are even provided with seats that fully recline. That’s almost unheard of in the airline industry making Delta one of the most luxurious airlines in the world.

British Airways

British Airways is another great airline choice for individuals planning their next vacation. With a spacious cabin and a host of features such as in-flight movies and high quality menu options, this British airline is making headway in the race to top the industry.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is said to be one of the most luxurious airlines in the world; comfortable, extravagant, and this is probably why this airline has received so many awards and such a great deal of recognition worldwide. This airline travels from the country of New Zealand to other countries in the Pacific, so if you plan on traveling to New Zealand to take in the sights and the culture, you might just be able to book a seat on this beautiful airline. If comfort and quality are what you’re seeking, Air New Zealand is the perfect option.

Luxurious Airlines in the World

For many people, luxury airlines simply aren’t an affordable or realistic option when they are planning a vacation. Because airfare is already quite expensive, many consumers try to find the cheapest possible flights to maximize their vacation potential. When you use credit cards with airline miles benefits, however, you might just be able to splurge on something wonderful.

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Can a Credit Card Be Beneficial to Consumers?

The credit card companies of the world are often vilified by consumers and financial advisors who suggest that owning a credit card is the absolute worst thing that a responsible consumer can do. The reason this myth is perpetuated throughout the world is that many people receive credit card offers in the mail and immediately sign up for a credit card before they have weighed the cost and evaluated their current financial situation. This often happens with individuals who are between the ages of twenty and thirty. During this time period, inexperienced consumers accept a variety of credit card offers, max out their credit cards, and then get slammed with huge monthly payments that they simply cannot afford.

Credit Card Benefits

This is the worst way to use credit cards, and if you pursue this financial route, you will have financial troubles in the near future. However, the fact that this is an issue that affects consumers does not necessarily mean that all credit card offers are dangerous. In fact, credit cards can actually be beneficial to consumers. Not only will consumers be able to pay for expensive items over a longer period of time and boost their credit score with on-time payments, but there are credit card benefits and incredible perks to valued customers. Here are a few examples:

Earn Cash Back on Purchases

Some credit card companies give a percentage of a consumer’s expenditures back to the customer at the end of the month. If, for example, you use a credit card to purchase fuel, clothing, or restaurant food, you can earn cash back, and this cash will show up directly in your credit card account or be sent in the mail via check.

Save Money with Retail Shopping

You can also receive bonus points and gift cards to your favorite retail establishments by using a credit card. Some credit card companies have deals with big name retailers, and these retailers offer hefty discounts for individuals who use a specific credit card when making purchases.

See the World with Free Airline Miles

One of the most valuable credit card benefits is a customer’s ability to earn airplane miles simply by using a credit card to make basic purchases. Each time you buy something with a credit card, you’ll earn travel miles. When you get a certain amount of miles, you can exchange them for a real airline ticket to the destination of your choice.

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