4 Vacation Packing Strategies – Pack Lighter, Enjoy More

Using credit card airline miles to get free or reduced-price airline tickets is a great way to enjoy new sights and experiences on a vacation. Instead of driving to the same destination you visit every single year, you can experience something different by redeeming credit card miles and exploring the far reaches of the world.

Vacation Packing Strategies

If you plan on visiting an exotic location or taking an extended vacation, however, you need to know a few vacation packing strategies. Efficiency and organization are key elements of suitcase packing. Without organization, you may find yourself in a foreign country without a much-needed item. Tourist shops and supply stores in other countries often grossly overcharge for common travel products simply because they know tourists will be forced to pay high prices to replace a forgotten item.

If you are planning a tour and need to pack a suitcase, here are four great vacation packing strategies that will help you travel compactly and efficiently. Remember, the fewer suitcases you have, the less money you will have to pay to transport suitcases on an airplane. Many airlines are hiking up extra-bag charges to make up for reduced airline ticket fare.

Roll Clothes, Don’t Fold Them

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them into small bundles. Rolled clothes fit more effectively in a suitcase, and you’ll be able to access your clothes without difficulty while you are traveling.

Include an Adapter

If you are traveling to a foreign country, be sure to include a power adapter so that your electronic devices will work overseas. Different countries have different types of electric current, and if you use a device without an adapter, you will ruin the device.

Pack Light

You might be tempted to pack a heavy winter coat if you’re traveling during the winter months or a clunky hair dryer or curling iron, but the weight of these items can translate into added cost at the airport scale. Choose light clothing items, and keep the heavy electronic devices and appliances at home.

Be Reasonable

Always be reasonable when packing your suitcase for vacation travel. While you may be tempted to pack your entire collection of music or several books for reading while vacationing, you need to think critically about what you will actually use while on vacation. If in doubt, leave it at home. The lighter and less crowded your suitcases are, the more efficient your travel experience will be.


Keeping those vacation packing strategies in mind will help you pack lighter and efficiently and save you money, whether at the airport or at your vacation destination. You will have the necessary items you need to enjoy yourself.

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Vacation Tips that Will Keep You Stress Free

Here are some stress free vacation tips that will help you get the most out of your holiday.

Give Yourself Room to be Late

First, be sure and give yourself room to be late while on vacation. Many people try to create a detailed itinerary with specific times at which they need to arrive at various destinations. This, however, isn’t necessary. If you show up to a museum or tourist attraction an hour later than you intended, that’s not a problem. If you get stuck in traffic in a foreign city, chalk it up to memory-making and experience. Permitting yourself to be free while on vacation will help to reduce a lot of stress.

Make Lists, Lots of Lists

Planning a vacation can be a tough job, so list-making may be your best option. When you make lists, you won’t have to remember a million different tasks, to-do’s, and items to pack before your vacation. Keep your lists organized and in an easily accessible place, because the last thing you want to do is forget your list.

Budget for your Vacation

Often, one of the most stressful things about a vacation is the money that must be spent on lodgings, attractions, events, dining, travel expenses, and the purchase of souvenirs. There is no reason to stress out about money on a vacation, however, if you create a detailed budget that will help guide you through the spending process on your vacation. Travelers who budget for their vacations are less likely to overspend, and this means they avoid buyer’s remorse when their vacation ends and they realize they’ve exceeded their own limits. Decided in advance how much money you can afford to spend on vacation. Determine how much travel and accommodations will cost you, as these are the most expensive parts of a vacation. When you’ve determined how much money you have left over, you can distribute this money into various spending categories.

Track Vacation Spending

While on vacation, keep your receipts and document every penny that you spend. Enter these amounts into your budget, so you’ll know exactly how much you have left to spend on eating out, visiting tourist attractions, or buying gifts for your loved ones at home.

Enjoy A Stress Free Vacation

Vacationing is intended to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Too often, though, travelers let the worries and stress of a vacation affect their ability to let loose and relax. These simple tips can help you have a stress free vacation holiday.

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The Best Airports in the World for the Eager Traveler

Airports are bustling centers of business, commerce, pleasure, family visits, reunions, and new experiences. People come from miles around to access the air travel offered at an airport. One of the most entertaining ways to pass the time while waiting for a flight is simply to sit and watch the wide variety of people who pass through an airport’s facilities. People from foreign cultures and countries, people of different ages, and people with different agendas all congregate in one location during a single day.

Best Airports in the World

While there are hundreds and thousands of airports throughout the world, the experienced traveler has likely experienced some airports with better reputations than others. A traveler who is eager to view the world and experience new opportunities and sights will love to visit the following reputable airports around the world.

Chicago Airport

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States. Situated at the top of the state of Illinois, Chicago is located right along the shore of Lake Michigan. O’Hare Airport, the biggest airport in Chicago, is home to hundreds of businesses and airlines that all function in tandem to connect millions of travelers with their desired destination. If you are looking for a place to catch a connecting flight to just about anywhere in the world, then Chicago airport has got you covered.

London Airport

While the United Kingdom is home to several different airports, Heathrow Airport in London is certainly its most famous. Fans of the movie Love, Actually will recognize Heathrow Airport as the location for the last scene of the film. Traveling through Heathrow is an exciting experience because there is so much to see and do while waiting on a flight. This airport is more comparable to a shopping mall because it is filled with dining and shopping opportunities for tourists.

New York City Airport

JFK Airport, named for the famous United States president, is one of the most-visited airports in the world. If you are looking for an airport that is absolutely packed with people from all over the globe, JFK is the destination for you. Many people schedule their connecting flights at JFK with an extended layover simply because there is so much to see and experience in this airport.


These are just a few of the famed airports that you can experience when you use an airline miles credit card to rack up free travel miles around the world.

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Why Should You Travel the World?

Traveling the world with the best mileage credit cards is an impressively beneficial experience. Here are a few reasons why you should travel the world.

World travel, above all else, exposes an individual to new ideas and cultures. Expanding one’s world view can help an individual become a more experienced and interesting person. You’ll be able to express your ideas about the world more effectively when you have real life experience to back up your personal views.

View the Places You’ve Only Read About

When you travel the world you get the opportunity to view the exotic places they’ve only read about in history books or story books. You’ve heard of exciting places like Mount Everest, the Amazon Rainforest, and the Pyramids of Egypt. Instead of simply imagining them in your mind’s eye, why not use credit card airline miles to land the trip of a lifetime without spending a single penny?

See Historic Places Before they Disappear in Urban Sprawl

Another important reason to travel the world is to make sure you see historical places with your own eyes before they are completely overtaken by urban sprawl and development. Some of the most historical sites in the world are being crowded by urban development. In Greece, for example, grand temples and beautiful ancient architecture is being destroyed by acid rain and harmful fumes in the air generated by automobiles. In Athens, the historical elements are completely overshadowed by the bustling and hectic business community. Many experts believe that some of the most impressive historical sites in Greece will have forever disappeared in just a few decades. Traveling the world to see these historical sites will ensure that you get to witness history before it is drowned by modernism.

Take a Break from the Daily Grind

Travel the world for peace of mind and emotional health. Psychological studies have revealed that travel helps individuals shed the worries associated with work or family and rediscover the joy of living. If you’re feeling stressed out or bogged down by mindless daily tasks, you might benefit from traveling the world for a little rest and relaxation. Using credit card airline miles can get you incredible discounts on airfare, so you won’t even have to stress about money during your travels.

Travel the World

These are just a few of the reasons why its beneficial to travel the world. Everyone should experience a foreign part of the world at least once in their lives.

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Launch of Airline Miles Experts

When navigating the confusing world of airline miles credit cards,
it pays to have the help of experts.

Credit card issuers seem to go out of their way to complicate their rewards programs with vague references to points or miles. Somehow consumers are supposed to be able to figure out what these numbers even mean when they are so arbitrary. Then once you figure out how much their points or miles actually translates to, you have to dig through fine print to see when the points can be redeemed and what other restrictions exist. They sure don’t make it easy to get free flights.

Why Airline Miles Experts?

So instead of blindly trying to figure out the whole airline miles credit card game, follow along with Airline Miles Experts as they uncover the airline credit card industry. Learn how to properly compare cards and how to get the most out of your airline credit cards. Find out what the credit card issuers don’t want you to know. Instead of being taken advantage by the issuers, it’s time to take the power back and use these credit cards to your advantage.

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