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There’s nothing like a vacation to get you refreshed and back on track. And when summer hits, it doesn’t take long before most of us start dreaming of a long, exotic vacation featuring lots of time on the beach getting in a whole year’s worth of relaxation. But if vacation is so great, how come fewer and fewer Americans are actually taking time off to pamper themselves and travel the world? A recent study showed that 55 percent of Americans don’t, or simply can’t afford to, use their full amount of vacation days to go on a proper trip. This doesn’t just mean that over half of all Americans aren’t giving themselves the vacation they need and deserve. It means they’re most likely overworking themselves with no time off to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labors. Fortunately, Royal Holiday can help whether it’s a family vacation to Mexico or a trip to California they have you covered globally. If you’re ready to take full advantage of your vacation time, here are a few ways we can help you get your leisure life back on track.


Choose the Right Destination


Getting the most out of your vacation requires taking on a mindset that’s different from the one you use at work or even at home. In order to plan a truly spectacular Royal Holiday vacation, you need to know exactly what you want. That means finding a place that’s going to provide the perfect setting for relaxation. If you’re someone who loves the tropics, choosing Royal Holiday’s Park Royal properties located in some of the most stunning coastal cities in Mexico, including Acapulco, Cancun, and Ixtapa, will give you a front row seat to some of the most beautiful beaches and tropical vibes on offer. If you prefer something a bit less outdoorsy, choose one of Royal Holiday’s first-class European hotels and resorts, such as the Citadines Les Halles in Paris or the Palazzo al Velabro in Rome. Perhaps you’d prefer to stay a bit closer to home. Royal Holiday has tons of properties based all around the United States from San Francisco to New York City that can help you fall in love with some of America’s most stunning cityscapes all over again. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re opting for the location that’s going to give you the most pleasure and cultural enrichment.


Don’t Over-Plan


Once you book your vacation, you’re going to get very ambitious about planning everything out in detail. Even if you only have two weeks to spend in a place, you’re going to want to squeeze in all the high points and tourist destinations before leaving. But take a breath first: Think about making the most out of your vacation. If the bulk of your time is spent traveling on public transportation just so you can spend a few minutes seeing the actual sites, you’re going to feel disappointed and rushed afterward. Take a moment to really plan out what you need to see, versus what you can live without. Remember, vacation is about relaxation, not cramming everything in at once.


Hit the High Spots


Planning beforehand is crucial if you want to design the best possible vacation. When planning, think about what’s really important to you and work from there. For instance, are you someone who prefers museums to beaches? Are you all about the fine dining and nightlife? Are you only interested in hiking, biking, and keeping active? Whatever your interests are, don’t try to diversify during your two-week vacation. Play to your strengths, and be sure to choose a Royal Holiday property that places you squarely at the center of the action. If you’re interested in going sightseeing in Barcelona, check out centrally-located Guitart Grand Passage for easy travel and maximized cultural possibilities. If you want to plan an island getaway with plenty of sun and surfing, check out Mauna Kai on Hawaii’s Kauai island.


Keep Your Work Personality in Check


Remember, you’re here to relax. You’re not here to answer work emails and get stressed out over work problems. The key to a truly great vacation is knowing when to turn your work personality off, or at least put it on pause. If you’re not able to be present in the moment, your vacation can easily turn into just another stressful thing in your life. Don’t allow that to happen. Take joy in planning out your trip, and make sure you prepare by letting yourself put down your phone and actually take a few moments to relax. Give yourself free license to not think about your day-to-day stresses for a while and simply enjoy the moment.

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