How to Plan a Roadtrip

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Plan Roadtrip

A roadtrip across America has become a classic part of the American Dream, whether in RV’s, hatchbacks, or convertibles, we are captivated by the idea of riding towards the sunset, elbow on car door, cigarette in hand, country music blasting on the car stereo. With good reason too, America is vast and diverse, making road the best way to experience it. Before you put keys in the ignition and ride off towards the sunset, consider these tips, they will make your trip unforgettable!

Prepare a realistic budget

Plan roadtrip with expenses in mind. The last thing you want is having to worry about money when you are riding down scenic valleys. Estimate the distances you will be cover and use online calculators to figure mileage and possible gas costs. Factor in food expenses, accommodation and entrance fees to attractions along the way. Keep a separate budget for unexpected events that require money such as accidents, delays and itinerary changes.

Vehicle checkup & Insurance

The major part of a road trip is driving. It would be such a disappointment to start your journey only for the vehicle to break down halfway through. Have your car checked and serviced before you hit the road. The servicing should include an oil change, safety checks on brakes, lights, battery, windshield wipers and tiers. Consider packing a travel emergency kit with a first aid kit, jumper ropes, blankets, lighting, snacks and water.

Its advisable to negotiate your car insurance to include roadside cover. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no one to call when your car breaks down. Plan roadtrip with security in mind.

List places to visit

There is no shortage of places to tour in the US. However, you cannot see all the places in one trip. Take the time to plan your itinerary. List attractions along the road you wish to see. Research interesting places that exist along your route both tourist and local attractions. Ensure your course deviates once in a while from the interstates. There is a lot to be experienced in the interior including local cuisine, culture, customs and ways of life. Set a realistic itinerary – you want to drive with breaks. The point of a road trip is to experience different ways of life across America.

Plan overnight stays

Depending on the length of your trip, you might require to make several stops on the way. While there is no shortage of motels and towns along the interstates, assume that a town listed on the map might not exist in the ground, sometimes its just a post office or a single gas station. Research possible overnight locations and call to confirm their existence and book before hand.

Plan roadtrip aware of rarity of good food on the road. Most of it is junk. Prepare a cooler with some food items before your trip. Include some healthy snacks, drinks and water. En route, its best to try out local restaurants that may serve healthy and delicious local cuisine.

Prepare for the unexpected

The unforeseen will happen. Life throws us curve balls all the time. Whether its bad weather, sudden illnesses, car breakdowns or even the occasional local event that you just can’t pass by. Factor this into your plan. Schedule downtime in your itinerary to deal with crises. Have a trip emergency fund to deal with such occurrences.

Enjoy your road trip

Road trips are a great way to experience the greater America. Planned well they can be a treasure trove of memories and experiences. Bottom line; leave the intestates, experience the hinterlands, take the time to immerse yourself in the local cultures of places you visit, eat local. Enjoy your trip!

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  1. Road trips are best done in California. So many roads there.

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