Why Use Airline Credit Cards With Benefits

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A credit card that offers the benefit of accumulated airline miles is incredibly powerful for a responsible consumer. Here are just a few of the many ways that consumers can benefit from using these credit cards to make everyday purchases.

Using Airline Miles Credit Cards

Airline miles credit cards can be used just like any other credit card. These credit cards often have similar interest rates to other credit card companies, and they can be used wherever major credit cards are accepted.

Make Big Purchases

Credit cards enable consumers to make large purchases and then spread the payments for those purchases over a longer period of time. Instead of saving to purchase new appliances or new technological devices, for example, you can use a credit card upfront and then pay the balance on the item over the next few months or years.

Save in an Emergency

With a credit card, consumers can be prepared for the unexpected. It’s impossible to foresee the occurrence of accidents, damage to personal property, illness, or injuries. These occurrences, however, can be quite expensive. With a credit card, you’ll always be prepared for these events.

Earn Miles for Exotic Travel and Memorable Experiences

Of course, the major airline credit card benefit is the ability to travel and see the world for a reduced price. Many consumers suggest that they actually aren’t saving any money because they have to spend a considerable amount of money with the credit card in order to receive complementary travel miles.

Airline Credit Card Benefits

However, it’s important to remember that you’ll be spending that money on regular items anyway, so you might as well earn airline miles or travel miles on your purchases. If you pay off the monthly balance of your credit card each month, you won’t even be paying interest charges on your credit card balance. Essentially, you can receive free airline travel simply by purchasing the items you already would have purchased.


Traveling the world is a great way to create new memories, acquire new experiences, and expand your own world view to accommodate different cultures, ideas, and ways of life. Traveling by air can be quite expensive, but it is the most convenient way to travel. It makes sense to save money on airfare by using your airline credit card benefits.

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4 Responses to “Why Use Airline Credit Cards With Benefits”

  1. I used to charge very few things on my credit card until I got one with an airline loyalty programme. Now I charge as much as I can. Even things like groceries or dinners out really add up. I even pay some of my utility bills by credit card. If you pay for an airline ticket with your credit card, it’s like a double whammy because you collect miles twice: once for the miles, and once for the price of the ticket. I’ve found that I rack up enough miles every year for a round trip ticket from Hong Kong to Bali! But I have to plan ahead, sometimes booking the ticket one year in advance.

    • Phew…a whole year in advance! Thats what I would call extreme planning 🙂 But if you are accumulating double the miles then I think its totally worth the wait. With a good card, I also tend to charge most of my expenses too and let the points rack up…at the end of the day…its win win!

  2. From cash backs to know airline miles I guess I am just sooooo behind. I have heard of people ending up with so many miles that trips and hotels are free. I guess the key is finding the right card to take care of multiple needs. Traveling by air is the best but with a family of five it gets expensive.

    • Haha…no you are not behind at all. I imagine airline miles is just another form of rewards just like cashbacks. And I can totally agree with you…travelling air with a big family can be hectic and expensive. It requires some bit of serious planning and shopping around for the best deals.

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