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frequent-flyer-bonusesFounded by Patrick Sojka of Calgary Canada, came as an offshoot of, the much renowned travel rewards resource for Canadians. As Rewards Canada only listed bonus offers available to Canadians, it was only natural and easy to expand and create a site where people from around the World could find and access bonus offers for their favorite airline, hotel and credit card programs. You can also follow on twitter, facebook or Google plus

What motivated you to start actually stemmed from my first site: I have bonus offer section and that was seeing lots of traffic from outside of Canada but I only covered offers that Canadians could use so it made sense to launch a site that covers all loyalty promotions from around the globe, hence the launch of in 2005.

Are you an avid traveler yourself?

Absolutely! Some of my travel slowed down when we had kids but that is totally ramping up again.

What advice do you have for someone looking to apply for an airline miles credit card?

Look at both sides of the equation, that is the earning and the redeeming side. Don’t be swayed by a large sign up offer when those points may not be worth much. A good example was here in Canada where a card offered by ATB offered a 100,000 point sign up bonus, which seems huge but in reality that 100k points was only worth a $100 travel credit

As a Canadian do you get jealous of the wide variety of airline credit card offers available to Americans?

Sometimes but the Canadian market seems to offer other benefits on their cards that many U.S. cards don’t. I guess it is a trade off. The U.S. market is tightening its grip on the sign up bonuses and the actual churning of cards and as the U.S. economy improves this will only become more prevalent so I think the days of 75,000+ miles/points offers in the U.S. are numbered (which made us Canucks jealous)

What are your views on the churn and burn tactic where people are mass-applying for credit cards to get the bonuses?

This is starting to be curtailed as I mentioned in the response above, Amex U.S. is the first major to nix the churn and burn and I believe more card issuers will follow suit, especially on the co-brand cards as the churn and burn tactic does not build loyalty for the card’s co-brand partners. For cards that have proprietary programs Chase Ultimate Rewards etc. this may not happen for a while.

With many airlines struggling financially, do you think that they will eventually scale back their rewards card offerings?

Not for U.S. airlines as they miles sold via credit card sign up bonuses help their bottom lines but like I said above the really large offerings of 75,000+ miles will soon be few and far between.

Do you feel that airline credit cards offer superior rewards compared to cash back or other rewards credit cards?

If you want to travel in business or first class they absolutely do. If you are an economy class traveller most cards are pretty equal in terms of your rate of return

Do you have any tips regarding earning more airline miles?

Use bonus mile offers to your advantage, they are an easy way to work your way up to that reward you want to redeem for. Many of the bonus offers require registration and while you may not think you can take advantage of the bonus offer, register anyway. Who knows when your employer may send you to Phoenix for a meeting and you don’t remember or realize that the airline you’re flying on was offering double miles on all flights to or from Phoenix. By registering for an offer when you first see it, you’re making sure you don’t miss out on any bonus opportunities.

Or what about general ways to save on travel beyond credit cards?

I’ll leave this one to the travel deal specialists!

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