Travel Perks of Owning a Credit Card

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Credit cards are usually stereotyped as a bad thing. From overspending to late fees and consequent bury in debt, many have nightmares when it comes to handling their credit cards. Yes, this is true. In fact, they can be your convenient enemies.

Credit cards, however, have advantages. So long as you pay your bill timely, you will appreciate that they’re free short term loan. They enable you to track your spending easier than cash. More than that, if you are a traveler, you are entitled to enjoy impressive travel perks.

Whether you already have your credit card or planning to get one, learn more how you can take advantage of the special deals that credit card companies provide.

 Airline Miles

Airline miles are rewards that you can get from your credit cards. The more you spend, the more points you earn. Accordingly, the more points you make, the more airline miles you have the chance to redeem for flight tickets, booking discounts, seat upgrades, hotel and vacation packages, and other travel-related expenses.

Automatic Car Rental Insurance

You don’t need to waste money on insurance whenever you rent a car on your travels. Your credit card company provides secondary coverage against theft and collision. So, decline the rental car company’s waiver insurance for loss, damages and collision; charge your car rental to your card and enjoy this particular advantage.

Concierge Staff Assistance

To simplify your life, your credit card company provides a 24-hour concierge staff to assist your personal travel needs. This includes event ticket purchases, dinner reservations, business arrangements and coordination, and more.

Price and Purchase Protection

When you purchase an item using your card, you have the privilege to get a refund from an item that you see advertised for less in prints within 60 days. This excludes online purchases and certain indicated items. Also, you are protected against theft, accidental breakage and fire within 90 days from the purchase date.

Lost Luggage Coverage

There are credit card companies that cover your lost luggage costs whenever you charge your entire carrier fare to your card. This credit card benefit covers damaged, stolen or permanently lost baggage. Thus, you travel secured and insured.

Trip Interruption or Cancellation Coverage

Perhaps you get sick before your scheduled holiday trip or you get yourself into an emergency. If the trip you booked using your credit card is interrupted or cancelled, you receive a certain amount to, at least, reimburse any cancellation fee.

Automatic Extended Warranty

When you buy an item using your credit card, you automatically have extended warranty of up to one year from the date of purchase.
If you are not yet getting freebies from your credit card, know that you should be. Always remember that your credit card success lies in proper management. So, squeeze out everything that your credit card is worth and enjoy your travel.

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