Tech Tips For The Budget Traveler

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Can you live without your smart phone?

It’s a communication tool between you, family, friends and business associates. It’s how you get your daily dose of news. Get social media updates. Get directions, restaurant recommendations, calendar reminders and a whole sleuth information. The smart phone and technology generally has permeated our lives. And for the best. How is this good for your as a traveler? It makes your travel experiences easier, richer and saves you money!

Travel Tech Tips

So how do you take advantage of the available technologies to get the best out of your travel trips? And what warnings do you need to keep at the back of your mind about tech? Find out as we explore the top travel tech tips below!

Back Up Your Data Before Travel

You have heard this countless times. From your tech guy or gal, your office policy has it too. Back ups are a life saver. Technology has a way of failing us when we least expect it. As a traveler, the dangers to your data are much bigger. You have to contend with the possibilities of losing your electronic gadgets. They might be stolen or get lost with your luggage. The experience of losing prized photos in your smart phone is not a pretty one. Use the myriad cloud and file storage services to back up your data. Dropbox, Box and Mega come immediately to mind. Alternatively you can back your data up on hard drives at home.

Collect all Your Travel Information in One Place.

Travel comes with a lot of information that needs management. From flight data and seats to hotel details and directions. The bigger your itinerary the larger the amount of data you have to manage. Tech is your savior here! With an app like TripIt, you can aggregate all your travel information in one easily accessible place. Its beauty is that it seamlessly integrates with your phone calendar allowing you to view your itinerary neatly organized on a calendar. You never miss a beat.

TripIt has free apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry platforms. Save yourself the hassle. Get your travel information organized.

Check In From Your Phone

No more queuing and papers trying to check in at the last minute. You can easily check in from your phone, at home or on your way to the airport. Most airlines have apps for that. Delta for example has a smooth app that you just log into, tap check in on the screen. The app already knows which flight you are scheduled to take. You receive a QR code and voila, you are done. Once at the airport, just show your boarding pass and ID, put your phone on a QR scanner and it’s as simple as that.

Why should you even consider checking in through your phone?

  • Convenience
  • In case you lose your boarding pass
  • As a frequent flier you might get upgrades to first class if space is available
  • Less paper and trash. Doing your part to save Mother Earth 🙂

There Is An App For That!

There is an app for almost everything you might require on your trip! And it will make your life a whole lot easier. You can find airline apps, restaurant recommendation apps, directions, translations, deals, discount shopping and offers. Install the apps prior to traveling. Get destination specific apps as they have more accurate information. Apps can be free or require a purchase. Even when traveling on a budget, whats $20 for a bunch of apps that will significantly improve the quality of your trip? It’s simply a small investment for the time of your life.

Find A Laptop Friendly Airline

You might travel with your laptop on your trips to get work done, keep in touch with friends back home, or even blog about your experiences. Getting a laptop friendly airline gives you the convenience of working on your projects in flight. Get a head start or just catch up on your favorite series.

Most cross country flights provide Wifi and Power sockets for travelers. You can check and compare on airlines before booking. SeatGuru offers information on laptop friendly airlines as well as comparisons of different airlines. The following airlines for example have Wifi on cross country flights: Alaska, American, Virgin, Delta, Frontier, US Airways & United.


Technology continues to make life easier on all fronts of life. You can get more from your travel by installing a few apps that will change the way you interact with your destination enviroment. Or utilize technology to land deals that will save you money and open new opportunities. All you have to do is research around for what is available and take advantage of it.

Perhaps just a soft reminder. Technology is a tool to better your life. Remember  to “Look Up” from all your gadgetry and immerse yourself in true experiences!

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