Vacation on a Budget: Cutting Cost Doesn’t Mean Cutting Fun

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You can vacation on a budget and still enjoy yourself. Many people think that a good vacation is one where they are able to throw caution to the wind and spend money with reckless abandon. They assume that vacationing on a budget involves a lot of penny-pinching and sitting on the sidelines while other tourists enjoy foreign cities the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

This is simply not true. In fact, when you know that you are saving quite a bit of money on your vacation, you may even find that you’re enjoying yourself more because you don’t have to panic about money.

Experience Local Fare at a Farmer’s Market

Instead of dining at an expensive four star restaurant, you can still sample local cuisine and experience something new by shopping at a farmer’s market or picking something up from a street vendor. The fare offered at these kiosk-style eateries is just as cultural and unique as the cuisine offered in a restaurant. In fact, eating local “fast food” fare may be a better way to experience the real everyday lives of members of a different culture.

Make a List of Three Attractions and Choose One

Instead of trying to do every single touristy thing in a city, vacation on a budget by making a list of your top three attractions and choose a single attraction that costs money. Then, fill out the rest of your day with sightseeing, hikes, strolls through the city park, and people watching: events that don’t cost money. This way, you’ll only be spending money on the one tourist attraction that you’ve been dying to see.

Take an Off-Hour Flight

One great way to vacation on a budget, and make your accumulated credit card airline miles go a bit further, is to choose a flight during the off-hours. Flights during the peak hours of the day are often priced more expensively than flights late at night or very early in the morning. You may have to wake up before the sunrise to catch your flight, but if you can save a hundred bucks on the airfare, setting your alarm clock earlier will be well worth the hassle.

Enjoy Vacation on a Budget

You don’t have to sacrifice fun on your next vacation just to save a little money. These simple tips will let you vacation on a budget, keep entertained without resulting in a “freak out” moment, when you return home and check the balance of your bank account.

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