Weekly Roundup – 4 Main Challenges Facing Airline Industry

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Airline industry faces many challenges that handcuff its daily operations. Insecurity, fuel cost, staff shortage are among the main challenges facing this industry. I hereby share with just a few main challenges.

Escalating Oil Prices

High oil prices is reflecting in airline tickets thus passengers tend to balk at high airfares affecting the profit of airlines. This can lower level of operation, merging different airline companies to one or leading to closure of some airlines.

Stiff Competition

Airlines compete in airfares, frequency and efficiency, customer service, passengers amenities, frequent flyer miles and cargo services. Airfare reduction due to competition affects revenue generating and level of operation thus a huge challenge to airline industry.


Security is one of the main challenges facing airline industry. It has been a challenge to keep passengers safe in airports and while flying. September 11 attacks hijackers managed to pass through all checkpoints, boarded airplanes unnoticed. Such incidences shows air security is still a challenge to this industry.

Availability of Best Cabin Crew

It has been difficult to find and train up pilots by many airlines. Those already in industry are old and retiring causing real headache to management.

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One Response to “Weekly Roundup – 4 Main Challenges Facing Airline Industry”

  1. Interesting post. I suppose it’s very true that as well as the security issues there is a fall in demand for an airline career, especially for pilots. In years gone by it was deemed the pinnacle of a high status job. Young people are now looking to different careers, like those in science and engineering.

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