Weekly Roundup – 5 Most Common Airlines Complaints

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5 Most Common Airlines Complaints

One way to choose the best airline for a trip is to consider their services. Many are times, travelers complain about poor airlines services. Today i share with you most common airlines complaints.

Flight Problems

Problems like flight cancellation, delays are common thus affecting air travel reliability. Such problems are likely to happen due to poor weather conditions or the volcano disruptions. If no communication or proper guidance, customers are destined to complain.


This has become a trend to many airlines; loosing your luggage, delayed, damaged or excess baggage charges. It has become even difficult to claim your lost baggage as there is no set of rules as how the airline will deal with your problem. Such incidences can be frustrating.

Customer Services

Poor customer services can negatively impact your business in many ways. Poor cabin services, use of informal language to passengers, unclean in-flight toilets or miss-handling of disability will not only raise complains but loosing your most valuable customers in the process.

Over sales/Overbooking

Nothing can be frustrating like passing through security heading to the gate only to find out you won’t make it onto your flight due to overbooking. Airlines tends to book more customers just in-case a customer doesn’t show up, the plane will still be full. It can be tricky when all customer turns up forcing other passengers to be left stranded.


Air travel can be pricy. Travelers might be dissatisfied by high airline fares, excess baggage charges, over charges or incomplete information about fares thus Express their complaints.

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2 Responses to “Weekly Roundup – 5 Most Common Airlines Complaints”

  1. I think if I were to list my airline complaints, they would start with baggage (I hate not being sure about whether my bags will be there when I get off the plane), flight problems (one time, my flight was cancelled and it was a connecting flight. It caused a whole bunch of problems) and uncomfortable seats/not enough room in coach. I can’t justify paying for business seats, but they sure make some seats uncomfortable.

  2. Expensive fare is OK if it satisfies the needs of the people on board.

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