Weekly Roundup – Common Air Travel Myths

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Air travel is a common  and mysterious mode of transport. Riding on a plane is enjoyable but it can be scary especially if you have wrong information about the whole concept of flying. I hereby share with you a few  and common air travel myths believed by so many people across the world.

Planes Dump Human waste While in Air

I can’t believe i was a victim of this myth. In real sense, planes use vacuum system which suctions the waste when the toilet is used and stored on-board in a sewage tank. Waste can drip out of tank due to a breakage or leakage resulting to a “Blue Ice“-Frozen sewage material leaked mid-flight from commercial aircraft lavatory waste systems, a bio-waste mixture of human waste and liquid disinfectant that freezes at a high altitude. Blue ice will always melt and evaporate before hitting the ground.

Modern Commercial Jets fly themselves, Pilots serves as a backup in case of trouble

Ever since i was young, people around me used to claim Modern Commercial Jets fly themselves. Pilots served as  a back up in case of an arising problem. This is totally untrue, though airline computers and electronic control systems allow pilot to fly hands off  immediately after takeoff, through out the flight route. That doesn’t mean the plane fly itself, the pilot is always there to tell it what to do, how to do it and when to do it or rather to control it.

Recirculated Air in Planes do Spread Disease

Most Commercial planes use recirculated air. The myth claims that recirculated air spread disease which is untrue. Air in those planes is filtered by True High Efficiency Filters that eliminate bacteria, fungi and dust thus the air pumped into the cabin is free from disease.

People Get Drunk Fast While in the Air

This is another beautiful myth where people tend to believe the lack of oxygen in an airplane makes alcohol get to brain more easily. This is untrue because according to research, there is no significant difference when drinking in a bar or up in the sky.

Do you believe in myths? Share with us those air travel myths you have ever heard.

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