Weekly Roundup – Why Should You Travel Africa?

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Traveling Africa will give you an expression of what world holds for you. You will get to learn new ideas, new cultures, see splendid Africa’s landscapes, have your time to relax from your obvious day to day routines and having that real life experience you’ve ever imagined.


When the word safari is mentioned, i always think of traversing Africa Continent while riding on a cosy truck. This is a big opportunity to traverse through big African Cities, come in contact with splendid landscapes, socializing with beautiful and generous Africans, taste their foods and learning their cultures.

Get to visit places you’ve only heard off

Traveling Africa you will have opportunity to view exotic places you’ve read or seen on those documentaries. Think about watching Wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara Kenya, Sossulvei Dunes in Namibia, Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and other tourism destinations in Africa. Don’t just think of those places, its time to use your Credit Card Airlines, take the plunge, visit those exotic places.

Try African Food

Forget those Hamburgers and American Pizzas. It’s time to taste different food from different communities in Africa. Taste Ugali in East Africa, Matoke – steamed, green bananas in Uganda, fufu in Ghana and Injera in Ethiopia. Africans mostly eat unprocessed indigenous foods. It’s your time now to have a bite too.

See Historic Sites

African history dates back to the first hominids. Slavery dominated this region during Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. With these rich history, Africa is home to plenty of Historical sites. Visit Slave Lodge in Cape Town and get to know how slave trade was conducted in Africa and the suffering they went through. Other places to visit are Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, the amazing Fort Jesus in Kenya among others. This is your time now, visit Africa and get to learn her rich history.

Watch Africa’s Spectacular Wild Life’s

Are you eager to see The Big Five in an Hours time? Africa is the place to be. You will have an opportunity to interact with the likes of Lions, Buffalo, rhinos and birds for which Africa is known for. Why not use credit card airline miles to land this Africa trip and enjoy watching varieties of wildlife’s.

Take a break from day to day toils

If you are feeling stressed by your daily tasks, it’s time to get a little rest and relax. Africa is the best place to be. Relax on amazing beaches along the vast Africa continent, visit museums, try a safari or take a book and read in those cosy hotels.


These are just a few reasons why you should travel Africa. This Continent has a lot to offer. Redeem your airline miles, visit Africa; explore, learn and relax.

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  3. Africa is on my list but especially West Africa odes not have a lot of flights that you can use on award miles. United even allowed me to go from ABJ to Freetown via Brussel for the same price. I hope that’s gonna change!

    Btw just followed you on Twitter as well – great travel blog you have 🙂 Looking forward to connect!

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